Instagrille For Pokki: A Compact, Elegant Instagram Viewer For Windows

These days, photo sharing seems to be the craze. The ability to instantly share photos with each other has been a major reason for the success of a number of applications and web services. However, the image sharing and hosting applications are not the only ones to share this success; a lot of apps for modifying and enhancing the images have also popped up on the scene. Instragram, recently acquired by Facebook, is one of the most famous apps available for capturing images with a mobile, applying different effect filters on them and sharing them with your friends and other people. Instagrille is, in essence, a desktop client for photo-sharing giant Instagram. It is an app for Pokki that provides users with a quick way to view their Instagram feeds directly from within Windows, without having to open a browser and navigate to an online viewer. For those who are yet unfamiliar with Pokki, it is (as explained in a previous article) an application built on the Chromium framework, which enables developers to build web applications that can be pinned and executed from the Windows taskbar. The application lets you sign in with your account and view popular Instagram images from all around the world, as well as those uploaded by you or your friends. The application supports both Grid and List views for feeds, and allows you to add photos to favorites and comment on them. More on the app after the break.Read More

MetroTwit Updated: Windows 8 Support With Filters, Undo Tweet Options

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking services out there. It allows you to keep yourself updated and get to know about events in real time. A lot of Twitter users prefer to use desktop clients rather than the web app because the desktop clients, such as TweekDeck, Seesmic, Sobees etc, provide much better viewing and management options than the web app itself. Back in June 2011, Usman covered a Metro UI based Twitter client for Windows called MetroTwit. At that time, the application was in beta, and lacked certain features as well as possessing bugs. Now, however, the first stable version of MetroTwit has been released, with Windows 8 support as the major highlight. The developers have introduced some very useful and much needed changes in the client, including Multiple account support (paid version only), filter support and undo tweet functionality. Keep reading to find out more about the changes included in the latest version.Read More

Syrinx: Twitter Client With Keyboard Shortcuts & Tweet Filters [Mac]

Just a couple of days ago, we covered Itsy, a simple Twitter client with a clean interface and growl notification support. Syrinx is a Twitter client for Mac that doesn’t have as great an interface as Itsy, but supports keyboard shortcuts and allows you to filter out tweets that contain a particular word. The app lets you edit tweets before retweeting them, show the number of unread tweets on the Dock icon, bookmark new tweets, favorite them, send and view messages, change the text, row and background color and enable Growl notifications for new tweets. You can choose to either bookmark or open a new tweet when you click its Growl notification.Read More

Network Sorcerer Is One-Stop Client PC Control Utility For Small Networks

Network administrators of small scale networks, ranging from 10-50 systems connected to one server, often require a standalone network suite that can automatically administer all the connected systems. There are many network tools available to control the client operations such as system shutdown, restart, hibernate, wake-on-LAN, send critical messages and more, but what if you don’t want to switch between network utilities to perform required network tasks. If you’re using a variety of tools to control each aspect of the deployed network, check out Network Sorcerer. It’s a comprehensive application that has been specifically designed to handle small networks. Providing a unified administration console, it lets you perform client PC-related tasks right from system tray, including ping hosts, shutdown, suspend, restart, and hibernate, and send direct messages. Moreover, these options are highly configurable; you can select the options you want to access from system tray. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

OneLouder Apps Brings Reddit App BaconReader To Android Market

Whenever OneLouder Apps, the dev team behind FriendCaster, TweetCaster and ChannelCaster released a new app to the Android Market, you know that you’re going to get something exceptional. Now, if you happen to be an avid Reddit user, you'd be excited to know that the company has acquired BaconReader - a comprehensive Reddit app for Android - and released the final build to the Android Market. In case you don't know, BaconReader is not new to Android. We reviewed it a few months back while it was in its closed alpha stage.  Numerous buggy alpha and beta iterations of the app have been released on a frequent basis but now, it seems that users can finally enjoy a stable, fully-functional version of the app.Read More

Official BitTorrent Remote Client Debuts On The Android Market

When talking of popular Peer-To-Peer (P2P) file sharing media that allow users to download large chunks of data onto their computers, it is hard to look beyond the pioneering services of BitTorrent. The company recently introduced BitTorrent Remote, a web service that provides you secure remote access to your BitTorrent data over the internet, and now, that service has made its way to Android. The official BitTorrent Remote client for Android is now available in the Market for free. Using the app, users can enjoy total remote control of torrent downloads in progress on their PCs via their devices. Not only does the client let you view your BitTorrent downloads, labels and RSS feeds, it can also be used to add, pause or resume a download, remove a torrent file from the list, sort torrents by name, size, date or completion status, get detailed info about each torrent (such as the file size, download status, ratio, upload/download speed, seeds and peers), view content included within the download package and access downloaded content right on your device.Read More

Official Washington Post App Now Available In The Android Market

The Washington Post is unarguably one of the oldest, most trusted news service that has its followers not only in the United States but all across the globe. The official Washington Post client for iOS (better known as Wash Post) was released on the iTunes App Store a couple of months earlier while an Android variant of said client has just made its way into the Android Market. Apart from providing comprehensive news coverage of local as well as global events, the mobile client adds several other handy features including in-depth analysis of local events, editorials, push notifications for breaking news alerts, photo journalism (galleries & essays), extensive blogs, opinions, traffic/ Metro alerts, detailed weather forecast and alerts with satellite images and plenty of entertaining stuff to keep you informed at all times.Read More

Official Hotmail Client Debuts On The Android Market

Another major player shifts its gaze to Android.  Microsoft has just released its Hotmail client to the Android Market with several handy features such as push mail, option to sync calendar/contacts and send/receive attachments with mails. The app supports syncing mails from multiple Hotmail accounts and lets you forward your mails to folders/sub-folders. In addition, users can avail extensive search options (for contacts) and customize the app to their liking by modifying the general settings and/or the settings for a particular mail account. There’s also an option to secure the app using a pincode.Read More

Perform Network Throughput Test On Wired And Wireless Networks

Network throughput is measured as the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. The data may be delivered over a link, or pass through a certain network node and is usually measured in bits per second, data packets per second or data packets per time slot.TamoSoft Throughput Test is an application for performing network throughput test on wired and wireless networks. The test is performed using a client server setup which requires at least two machines (physical or virtual, the former being more reliable for testing). The client connects to the server and sends TCP and UDP data streams while computing important metrics, such as upstream and downstream throughput values, packet loss, and round-trip time. The results are displayed in numeric and 3D chart formats. The available information can be saved as a bitmap or copied to clipboard for further review. Another good feature of this application is that it supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections and can evaluate network performance based on the Quality of Service (QoS) settings.Read More

baconreader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android

Announced in mid of March, baconreader reddit app for Android has begun to roll out, starting with yesterday’s Alpha release. We’ve received a copy of the Alpha version and in what follows, will be walking you through each of the app’s features. Feature rich, simple to use and with a sleek UI that may make you want to access reddit from your Android device much more than from the web, baconreader is an app to look forward to, especially for avid redditors. Join us after the jump for more.Read More

Install And Use Thunderbird In Ubuntu Linux

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source, cross-platform desktop email client software. It offers very rich set of features to help you manage your emails, among them include message tagging, searching, and message filtering. Applying rules on your incoming emails in Mozilla Thunderbird is quite easy. Over the past few years, it had gained quite an attention of a large number of professionals and home users alike, and continues to do so till this day.Read More

ClicksAndWhistles Is A Free Light-Weight Compact IRC Chat Client

With the advent of latest technologies, people are moving to newer forms of communication. But when it comes to group or private discussions, seeking help, or just being part of the community, nothing beats IRC. IRC, which stands for, Internet Relay Chat is a popular form of real-time text communication. One of the most important IRC chat client is mIRC, but it is not free.

ClicksAndWhistles is a free light-weight and compact IRC chat client for Windows that supports various forms of customizations and is clutter-free as a whole. It supports multiple identities and server connections. You can customize the background(by adding custom .jpg images), change themes and fonts easily. Once you are connected to the server, you can select the channel that you would like to join.

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How To Upload Files To Your Server With Web Based FTP Client

Okay so what’s the need  of web based FTP server after all? This is the only question coming in everybody’s mind at the moment. If you travel a lot and receive a lot of emails with important files, you can upload these files with web-based ftp client more quickly rather than wasting time with desktop based ftp clients. net2ftp is a free web based ftp client that is both stable and faster than it’s competitors. Unlike other web based ftp clients which are build on Java requiring you to download Java Runtime Environment, this website is made on PHP allowing you to run it from any computer and the best thing, it supports SSL.

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Access All Your Email Accounts From Gmail

Do you want to manage all your email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc from Gmail? Instead of checking different email accounts on their websites respectively,  you can now manage all your email accounts from Gmail. All you need is to enable POP3 from your Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other account, POP 3 is a protocol that enables your emails to be accessed through any email client like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

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Easiest Way To Set Gmail As Default Firefox 3 Mail Client

Does email clients such as Microsoft Window Mail or Microsoft Outlook Express prompt up everytime you click on an email link?. If you are a Firefox 3 user and use Gmail frequently, then you can configure and set Gmail as a default email client. The latest Firefox 3 comes with support of YahooMail as default email client. For Gmail users, some setting needs to be done to edit the mailto application handler.Read More