Convert, Transfer & Host Documents Online With CometDocs

If you want to store a file online to be able to access it from any device, you have over a dozen web services to choose from. On Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Ubuntu, you get one cloud storage service integrated into the OS itself, and then there are the already established names like Dropbox and Google Drive. For newer services trying to compete with these giants, this means beating the competition out with additional features. CometDocs is a web service that offers a myriad of features for files uploaded to it. It provides you 1 GB of storage space that you can use to upload and host files. You can also convert documents between different formats, and share them easily with others. The service offers a very clean interface and supports a reasonable number of formats that you can convert to and from.Read More

Bitcasa Sheds Beta Tag; Comes To iOS With Automatic Camera Uploads

Despite being in beta for the past few months, Bitcasa has already gained considerable popularity. Infinite cloud storage might be nothing more than an illusion, but this service comes closest to making it a reality. Bitcasa gives its users 10GB of free cloud storage, with two ways of expanding this limit. You can subscribe to an unlimited package for $10/month, or get 1GB of free space for each new user you bring to Bitcasa. Apps for the service have already been around for Windows and Android, and now its iOS app has made its way to the App Store as well. The app lets you access your Bitcasa content and view a variety of file types on your iPhone. There is also an automatic upload feature similar to the one offered by Dropbox and Google+ on Android, which allows you to connect your camera roll with Bitcasa so that your photos and videos are always kept backed up on the cloud. As before, all data you upload to the cloud service is kept secure using encryption. Read More

Cloud Management & Collaboration App BusyFlow Comes To Android & iOS

The online nature of several modern-day business models has freed workforces from geographical constraints, allowing them to collaboratively work on projects from any part of the world using the internet. However, with documents, files, calendars and all other required work tools spread across multiple online services, you might feel the need to access them from under one roof, which is exactly what the previously-reviewed web service BusyFlow has to offer. Following the success of the BusyFlow web app, the company has recently launched its companion apps for iOS and Android. Available in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for free, the official mobile app of BusyFlow helps you stay connected with your most frequently-used online collaboration and cloud services through a single interface. As of now, BusyFlow supports fetching updated content – notifications and changes – from Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Basecamp, GitHub, Google Tasks, and Pivotal Tracker.Read More

Attach To Gmail From Cloud, Image Hosting Services & Facebook [Chrome]

Google Drive has been integrated in Gmail so that you can attach a file to a new email directly from your Google Drive cloud storage. The feature is very handy for Google Drive users, but it’s of no use to those of us who primarily use some other cloud storage service. Cloudy is a Chrome extension that lets you attach files to your emails from a large number of cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Github, FTP, Evernote, and more. Furthermore, it can also connect with your computer’s webcam and record a video or take a picture to directly attach with your email. The extension also gives you the option to upload files from your computer, pick attachments from other emails in your account, and search & attach images from Wikipedia, Flickr, and Google Image Search. The best thing about the extension is that it works flawlessly with Gmail’s new Compose view.Read More

ShadowDrive Social Cloud Storage & Sharing Service Comes To Android

Relatively fresh to the scene, ShadowDrive is an attempt to provide mobile, web and desktop users with a true ‘social cloud drive’ service that is not just capable of handling your online data backups, but also lets you share files with utmost ease. ShadowDrive offers each registered user an initial free cloud storage space of 1GB that can be used to store your files, with options to share any of your stored files with anyone using public links, or privately with your specific social media contacts only. Past the break, we'll be taking a look at ShadowDrive's Android app that has recently been released in the Play Store with almost all the features that the web app of the service has to offer.Read More

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos For Android Adds Instant Upload & More

Amazon debuted Cloud Drive Photos in November last year to provide Android users with a dedicated cloud storage service and visually-rich gallery for images. As mentioned in our review, the initial release of the app lacked several basic features that most rival companies had been offering for quite long. It seems Amazon has eventually realized the significance of most of the missing features, and included them in the latest update of the app. To begin with, the much-awaited instant, automatic photo upload feature has been added to the mix, meaning your Amazon Cloud Drive is now capable of handling your online photo backups in a much better and automated manner. If your device is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, you can now snap fresh images right from the app using the new camera mode. Continue reading past the break to find out more details regarding the update.Read More

Official MediaFire Android App Makes Its Way To The Play Store

If you’re a regular web surfer, you must have come across or used the file hosting services of MediaFire at some point in time. The service rolled out its companion app for iOS users back in September last year, and now, the official Android variant has been released to the Play Store with more or less the same feature set that the iOS version has to offer. Available for free, the Android app is laced with some basic file management, uploading, downloading and media streaming tools. In addition, it lets you instantly preview your MediaFire document files (Word documents, presentations & spreadsheets), search for required files, create new folders to better organize your cloud storage, capture and upload media, generate download links for files and manage your personal data privacy on the move.Read More

Bitcasa & Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Come To Android, Windows 8 / RT [Review]

Bitcasa is a relatively new cloud storage service that first appeared on the scene in July with its dedicated desktop client and a mind-boggling offer of virtually unlimited cloud storage for your data backup needs. Basically, the service offers 10GB of free cloud storage to each registered member, who can then subscribe to a $10 per month plan or simply refer the app to friends to get their hands on limitless storage. Adding to its repository of cross-platform clients that till now included a Chrome extension and a Windows app, the service has just released dedicated Windows 8/RT and Android apps to help you easily browse and share your Bitcasa content from your desktop PC as well as mobile device. However, it won’t be till January next year that iOS and Mac users will be able to play around with a Bitcasa clients on their respective platforms. Past the break, we’ll take a closer look at the various features that the newly-released Windows 8 / RT and Android apps of Bitcasa have to offer.Read More

Backup, Share & Sync Data Securely Across Platforms With Norton Zone

With the likes of Bitdefender, Acronis, Comodo and numerous other renowned system and internet security providers already having released their dedicated cloud storage solutions, it was about time that Symantec came up with a solution of its own. Available as a free (limited) beta, Norton Zone Cloud Sharing is a cross-platform online data backup and sharing tool for web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS laced with quite a few sought-after features. As with several already existing services, Norton Zone Cloud Sharing is offering an initial 5GB of free cloud storage to each registered member, which can be further expanded by subscribing to various paid plans. In addition to the conventional online file backup, restoration & sharing tools, the app also offers stringent data protection mechanism through patent-pending encryption key management, complete control over shared folders, multi-account online collaboration, universal file format support, on-the-fly malware scanner integration, and the luxury to track, browse & restore file versions dating back as far as 3 months.Read More

Jottacloud Releases Android Cloud Backup App With 15GB Of Free Storage

Besides being an exceptional cross-platform cloud storage service, Jottacloud specializes in the way it keeps your personal data organized by type and the device that it has been synced from. Be it from your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device, Jottacloud takes care of all your online data backup and restoration needs, and lets you remotely access contents of one device from the other. Not only that; it also lets you retrieve accidentally deleted files from cloud.Same goes for its official Android client that has just been released to the Google Play Store. In addition to the initial 5GB of cloud storage that each user gets upon registering, the service is offering an additional 10GB to the early adopters of the Android client, making it a grand total of 15GB of free online storage space. All that, combined with the prospect of having your valued mobile data automatically synced with the cloud makes Jottacloud a contender worthy of a try.Read More

Yandex Disk Brings Cloud File Management & Sharing To Windows 8

Yandex Disk needs no introduction in the world of cloud computing. Earlier, we posted our in-depth review of the service itself, highlighting features like cross-platform support, 10GB free cloud space and user-friendly synching capabilities. The Russian search engine giant has now released a Windows 8 app labeled Yandex Disk. The Modern UI-styled app doesn’t seem very polished when compared to the classic desktop and mobile versions, but it does provide a handsome overall experience in case you want to stay within the new interface. You can easily access your Yandex account as well as upload and download files to and from the cloud. Manage files and folders, as well as move unused junk to the trash. What’s more, you may share files with your friends by sending the shared file URL to them. Read on to find how it fares against its other variants.Read More

Official Android App For Managing Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Now Available

If you feel that your Android device has room for the companion app of yet another cloud storage service, and your memory can slot an additional login ID, a pretty-looking app is up for grabs. Just released to the Google Play Store by Amazon, Cloud Drive Photos is a dedicated photo backup solution and gallery for images on your Android device's local storage, as well as those stored on Amazon’s very own Cloud Drive. Signing up with the service earns you a maximum of 5GB free cloud storage. The mobile app then lets you view your local and online photos in beautiful layouts. Using the app, you can also save online images directly to your device, upload Gallery photos to the cloud itself, and share them with friends. Users interested in getting their hands on additional space can avail a $10 per year 20GB storage package.Read More

Manage Multiple Cloud Services, WebDAV, IMAP & FTP Servers With CarotDAV

If you have been following AddictiveTips for a while, you may know that previously we covered an exquisite cloud manager, Joukuu - a handy application to manage and control multiple cloud accounts from a single interface. Even though it had an alluring design, the application would only allow users to manage Dropbox, Google Docs and services, which means users of, SkyDrive, for instance, were left in the dust. Thankfully, CarotDAV has come to the rescue. This simple looking application doesn’t only support the aforementioned services, but also enables you to manage and synchronize SkyDrive and SugarSync, as well as WebDAV, IMAP and FTP servers. In addition, it’s very easy to configure, and provides a simple file explorer to easily navigate between folders to sync with required cloud storage service.Read More

Jotta: Cloud Storage That Lets You Recover Accidentally Deleted Data

Backing up your important files is more important than most people think. For instance, one's Outlook can crash anytime, media files can go missing in an instant and those confidential documents always ask for some place safer. One of the most common things most people do whenever doing backups, is to store the data on local storage medium. However, the fact is that cloud services are not only safer, but often cheaper, too. No longer you need to carry thumb drives, optical media or moving plates to keep tabs on backup copies, when you can already store data to online locations with instantaneous remote access. Jotta is a cloud based online backup service that might help you in keeping your personal files safe and secure. Akin to most cloud services, such as Dropbox or SkyDrive, Jotta offers multiple subscription plans, including a free user account with 5GB of cloud storage. The service’s client application is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as a Web API.Read More

Play Music From Your Personal Cloud On The Go With Style Jukebox For Android

Style Jukebox is a popular cross-platform media player for Windows, web and Android that allows real-time syncing of your personal media (music and video) files, playlists and settings across multiple devices via its dedicated cloud service. It requires just a valid Style Jukebox account and, of course, internet connectivity to get yourself connect you to your cloud storage, and automatically have all your preferred content synced across various connected devices. The desktop app of Style Jukebox has been around for quite some time now, and as our review indicates, it was initially available as a gorgeous-looking media player only. However, the official Android app of Style Jukebox has just been released to the Play Store, bringing with it the option to access and manage your personal cloud content on-the-go (Update: Now available for iOS as well). In addition, the app happens to be one slick music player that lets users listen to local music tracks, create custom playlists, manage cloud syncing & storage preferences, sift through their music library in multiple ways, and enjoy hours of seamless local and online music playback on their Android.Read More

Maxxo: Yet Another Cloud Storage Service With Private & Secure File Sharing

Whenever I come across a cloud storage service now, the feelings inside me stay quite placid. One of the reasons maybe – as there are now numerous of them at disposal – there is nothing to get excited about, really. For all my cloud storage and file sharing needs, Dropbox or SkyDrive pretty much suffice the job. And of course, I never needed to upgrade beyond their free plans (even 5 gigs do for me). So, in order to leave that flabbergasting impression on users, companies are trying to approach with new ideas and thoughts, to win a share of your wallet. One serious effort has been made by Maxxo. It isn’t your another Google Drive inspired cloud storage clone (the concept isn’t something unique, though), but the service mainly focuses on making file sharing a lucid experience among your peers, friends, clienteles etc, meanwhile keeping everything private and secure. Maxxo is still in its initial stages and currently invitation only (more of a public Beta, I’d say), so it might take sometime before you get an account activation email, as their servers are currently flooded with requests. I received my approval within a couple of days and proceeded to give it a try.Read More

Otixo’s Collaboration Spaces Let Users Work Across Multiple Cloud Services [Web]

Last summer, we reviewed Otixo, a web service that allows you to connect multiple cloud storage services and view files you have stored across them in a single place. At the time it was reviewed, Otixo was young and supported Dropbox, Google Docs,, MobileMe and FTP servers. Over the past year, the people behind Otixo have been hard at work adding new features and improving the ones that existed back then. Of the many changes at Otixo, the recent introduction of Collaboration Spaces has been noteworthy. Given that you’ve connected one or more of your cloud storage services, it only makes sense that you would want to be able to share them easily. While cloud services allow you to share files, Otixo gives you that same feature with the flexibility of sharing files from one service to another.Read More

Syncbox: Make Your Own Personal Cloud Storage Network On Your Hard Disk

When I talk to people about cloud storage, I usually get skeptical glances. Some people don’t use it because they simply don’t need it, while others remain silent, probably because they don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about. And then a few keep complaining about limited free cloud space at disposal and that companies should find a way to provide them with more. Bigger is always better, they say. Obviously, you can opt for paid subscriptions if free account doesn’t satiate your storage appetite, and all the major cloud services, including Dropbox, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive or Google Drive, offer paid storage plans. However, if you own a large hard drive and just want to access files placed on that drive from any place with internet connectivity, then Syncbox is a feasible solution. Contrary to other cloud services, it lets you create your own cloud – a server or central computer from where you are able to access and sync content using your notebook, Mac, Android or iOS devices. The procedure to setup the server and client is also straightforward, and the application provides two way syncing, as well.Read More

Cloud Storage Service ‘Box’ Releases Its Official Windows Phone Client

Although many people might be under the impression that due to its integration with SkyDrive, Windows Phone is not a good platform to be on for fans of other cloud storage services, like Dropbox and Box. Fortunately, the folks over at Microsoft are trying everything in their power to lure more users to the Mango platform, and for that reason, they have welcomed the official app for Box with open arms, despite it being a rival of their very own offering, SkyDrive. After taking the new official Box client for a spin, we have to say that the app bests the SkyDrive client for WP7 by quite a huge margin. Almost all the options that are available in the web version of Box are there in the WP7 app as well. You can upload files, view all the data stored in your Box, and manage everything related to files, folders, comments and collaborators.Read More

Yandex.Disk: Cross-Platform Cloud Service With 10GB Free Space

Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive – all these cloud services have gained popularity among the masses. The internet juggernaut Yandex has recently found its interest in cloud computing as well, with the launch of Yandex.Disk. Capturing about sixty percent market share, Yandex is the largest internet search engine company in Russia and number 5th, worldwide. Their cross-platform cloud service promises to give Dropbox and SkyDrive a run for their money, by offering 10 GB of free cloud space to its users, which they can use to upload documents, music, photos, videos or any personal files. The files can be accessed from any internet enabled device, including iOS and Android phones. The desktop client is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Regardless of which platform you’re using it on, you can both access and upload the files, and everything is instantly synced. Albeit free for anyone to use, Yandex.Disk is currently invitation only, and it may take a week or two before you’re offered an account after the initial sign up. Nevertheless, I got my invite within a day, and quickly hopped in to see whether it stands a chance.Read More