BDReader Boasts Panel Detection For Comic Enthusiasts [Windows]

I still remember the sheer excitement of comic books back in the 80s when kids would usually spend their lunch money, if they had to, to get a glimpse of their favorite Marvel character. But that time is long gone, and now we have a multitude of high-tech ways to store and read thousands of comic books on our computer without paying a dime. BDReader aims to do just this by letting you read comics stored in PDF, CBR and CBZ formats. The open source application supports a dead simple user interface and hotkeys for easy navigation. But what really makes it standout from the crowd is the Panel mode, which automatically detects panels in a page and display them in the right reading order.Read More

Read & Manage Your Digital Comics On iPhone & iPad With YACReader

Comics and iOS devices have been companions for a long time, with apps like ComiMix for browsing through your favorite strips without much effort. Having said that, any app that taps into an online collection to bring you comics can only provide you with a limited number of choices. You might already have a decent collection of digital comics on your computers, and it seems like a terrible waste if there isn't a way of importing that collection to your iDevice. Thankfully, we have cross-platform comic readers like YACReader, which is capable of handling almost all popular comic formats. The app has been around for all major desktop platforms for quite a while, and it is nice to see it finally making a mobile presence. The newly released iOS app doesn't disappoint at all, as it offers a clever way of scrolling through strips, lets you import files from various sources and has a customizable interface. Read More

Comic Seer: Easily Access Extensive Comic Book Collections

When dealing with huge collections of your favorite comic books, you may get annoyed by sluggish performance or cluttered viewing space. In such scenarios, the excitement level is usually downplayed by such weaknesses inherent within the viewer application. Comic Seer is an easy-to-use application based on quick response features and flexible viewing panels, making it possible to organize, manage and access extensive collections of comic books in ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR formats for your satisfaction. Although we have covered some amazing comic book readers, like the lightweight Jomics for Mac OS X, the format-friendly Comix for Linux and the powerful ComicRack for Windows, Comic Seer allows you to directly access eComics and browse between collections in a multi-tabbed display with preview panel according to the user complexity level for a fast yet comprehensive outlook to your imagination supporting Windows and Linux platforms.Read More

myManga: Manga Reader With Automatic Downloads For New Episodes

The Anime and Manga art has a huge fan following. Popular manga series, such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece have also been aired on TV, while some of them, like Death Note, are so popular that full length movies have been created based on the manga series. Just like some people like to watch movies and TV shows, manga series also has a very huge fan following, and a lot of people like to read their favorite comics on a regular basis. In the past, we have covered manga readers including CoView (reviewed here) and MComix (reviewed here), both of which require you to have the manga comic books to read them. There are a lot of sources on the internet that allow you to download manga comics, but if you are looking for an application that allows you to download as well as read manga comics, look no further than myManga. It is an open source application for Windows that allows you to download and read your favorite manga comics. myManga can automatically download the next available episode/ chapter as soon as you finish reading the chapter or episode. Keep reading to find out more about myManga.Read More

pViewer: A Fast & Minimalistic Image, Manga & Comics Viewer For Windows

Want to view those mesmerizing snaps that you took during your vacation in Sydney, but don't want to fiddle with plethora of menus and other on-screen controls blocking your way? If you're one of those people who adore minimalistic app designs, then you're probably gonna love pViewer, an open-source minimalistic application that allows you to view your pictures as well as read comics, under one hood. If you're wondering where the minimalism is, it lies in the app's interface. The UI has specifically been developed to let you view your photos and read comic books in a clutter-free environment. Although it’s a small application, it sports numerous features (which feel as if they are mocking its own design) such as viewing files as slideshows, read EXIF data of images, adding basic effects to images via a built-in image editor, keyboard shortcuts to navigate through comic book sections/pages and more. The integrated comic book reader supports comic books in ZIP, CBR and CBZ formats, and offers separate reading modes for Manga and comics.Read More

GonVisor: Viewer For Images, E-Books, Comics And Compressed File Formats

GonVisor is a Windows application that supports viewing pictures, comics, magazines, content of compressed archives and e-books from various formats, including CBR, CBZ, CBA, CB7, ZIP, RAR, ACE and 7ZIP. With the help of this application, you can create a group of selected images, order/reorder them, add a description (such as the author’s name, date, comment etc), and password protect them. Details past the break.Read More

Drag & Drop To Read Comics And View Plain Images With MComix

Reading comics is a good way to take your mind off work and have fun. Everybody has a different hobby, some like to play games on their computer, some people watch movies and listen to music, while other read comics for fun. However, to enjoy whatever you want to do requires you to the right tools. For example, if you trying to watch a movie, you need to have the right video player with the correct codecs installed on your computer, otherwise the video file will not work correctly on your computer. In the same way, a good comic reader is a major requirement for enjoying reading your favorite comics. Previously, we have covered comic readers such as ComicRack, CBR and  WPF Comics Book Reader, which let you read comic books available in different formats. Today we bring to you MComix, an open source comic reader that lets you read and manage your comics. It provides you with all the basic options to control and customize your comic reading experience. Other than serving as a comic reader for archives compiled in ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP and TAR formats, it can also open plain images. Preferences can be changed for default settings of the application, such as background color, page numbers, scrolling options, display properties and language selection. The application allows you to maintain bookmarks to easily resume reading your favorite comics!Read More

YACReader Is An Open Source, Cross-Platform Comic Reader

Every person has their own way of relaxing, and for some people, reading comics is one great way. Interesting stories about adventures of common people, or exciting battles of superheroes, every type of comic have their own fan following. Stories of many of the famous comic book characters, including Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man, The X-Men, The Transformers and a lot more, have been made into feature films, all with a huge fan following. However, for some people, reading the comics is still the best way to enjoy the story and its characters. YACReader is a comic reader that lets you read comics, rotate images, create bookmarks and read comics in double page mode, if you have a large enough screen. It supports CBZ, CBR, ZIP, TAR, ARJ and RAR formats, and can save a particular page of the comic as JPG image. The application sports a preview pane, full screen view and a zoom option to view those complex drawings. YACReader allows you to create multiple bookmarks in a comic to resume reading without having to manually search where you left. More on the features after the jump.Read More

DrawnStrips Reader Is Comic Reader With Mac Lion Multi Gesture Support [Paid]

Supporting Mac OS X Lion Full-Screen feature. DrawnStrips Reader is a freshly launched comic book reader that supports both widely used comics format – CBZ and CBR. The application not only offers a minimalist user interface, but also supports Mac OS X Lion multi-touch gestures, which make it easy to navigate through comic book. You no longer have to use keyboard shortcuts to control the comic book; using the Mac OS X Lion touch gestures including swipe, pinch and scroll gestures, you can flip through pages, zoom in/out and scroll up and down the page. Moreover, it puts a thumbnail bar at the bottom of comic page to let you easily jump to your favorite section.Read More

CoView Allows Easy Navigation Through Comics Using Hotkeys

Comic reading is a relaxing activity for people who are in the habit of following manga series. There are lots of famous manga, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note etc, that have a huge fan following. Some of these comics get so famous that animated series and even movies and made based on their stories. However, some hardcore fans like to enjoy them in their original form, i-e comics. To enjoy a comic you need to have a proper comic reader that allows you to access several formats of files, easily switch between the pages, and provides you with other options to read the comic. CoView is a comic reader for Windows that supports numerous hotkeys to navigate through the comics, zoom in/out, open comics file, flip the pages and much more. It supports a number of comics formats, including CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, DIB and WMF. If you don’t want to flip the pages yourself, you can set the application to automatic mode which will automatically flip pages after a defined time interval. You can choose between a conventional page-flip view or a scroll-down style continuous view. When you close CoView, it remembers your last opened comic and the page you were on, so you can quickly resume reading.Read More

Official DC Comics Android App Lets You Download & Read Your Favorite Issues On The Go

Prep your utility belts and don your capes, DC fans, for the official mobile client for DC Comics is now available on the Android Market. Developed by comiXology, the app comes packed the same Guided View technology and roughly the same interface that governs Comics for Android – comiXology’s acclaimed comics reader. The app lets you browse through, purchase and read all the latest DC Comics right on your Android device. Prices range from $0.99 to $4.99. Additionally, the app features a host of digital comics that can be downloaded for free. Contrary to what one would expect, the reading isn’t awkward at all, courtesy of the aforementioned Guided View feature that allows you to shift from one scene or speech bubble in a comic to the next simply by swiping across the screen and caches your progress through each comic, allowing you to pick up from where you left off every time to reopen them.Read More

Comix Is Brilliant Comic Reader For Ubuntu Linux

Recently we reviewed QManga, which is a portable Manga Comics reader for Windows-based operating systems. A similar application for Linux users is Comix. It is specifically designed as a comic reader, however, it also supports generic images. It can read comics from ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, supports CBZ, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, ICO, XBM and many other formats. There are various options to enhance user's readability and viewing including,  full screen mode, double page mode, fit image to window width and height, and magnifying glass. Comix provides image enhancements, bookmarking , archive creation/editing, comic book library creation options and much more.Read More

QManga Is Simple Yet Customizable Manga Reader

The term Manga implies the Japanese word for comics. Since a long time Manga style comics have enjoyed cult following among a niche group of fans. It is considered an artistic form of storytelling that includes Japanese and non-Japanese works. Last time we reviewed Manga Downloader, which as the name suggests, is a software for downloading Manga files. Recently we discovered QManga, which is a portable application for reading Manga and Anime comics. It has the ability to open a large array of files, supporting, .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .ZIP, .RAR, .CBZ, and .CBR . Users can also add custom hotkeys to easily switch between different pages.Read More