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QManga Is Simple Yet Customizable Manga Reader

The term Manga implies the Japanese word for comics. Since a long time Manga style comics have enjoyed cult following among a niche group of fans. It is considered an artistic form of storytelling that includes Japanese and non-Japanese works. Last time we reviewed Manga Downloader, which as the name suggests, is a software for downloading Manga files. Recently we discovered QManga, which is a portable application for reading Manga and Anime comics. It has the ability to open a large array of files, supporting, .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .ZIP, .RAR, .CBZ, and .CBR . Users can also add custom hotkeys to easily switch between different pages.

Manga File

Manga files may not automatically open with QManga for the first time. Therefore, you might have to associate it as the default application for opening them. To do that choose Open With (via right-click context menu), tick “Always use the selected program…” checbox, select QManaga and click OK. Alternatively, click on the File menu and choose Open and select the appropriate file from its location to load it.

Open with

To switch to the next page, click (left click) on the page. The same can also be done from the View menu, which has options for switching to full screen view, the next, previous or last page and rotating image. The menu also shows some hotkeys that can be used to perform these functions.


In case you wish to change the hotkeys or other settings, go to Options from Edit menu. The Interface tab contains customization options for viewing the page, such as, changing the visibility of the menu and scroll bar, image size (fit to window, fit to width, fit to height, etc), layout (whether to view one or two page), as well as management of  scroll and auto sensitivity levels.


The Hotkeys tab allows changing or adding custom hotkeys for switching between different pages.


Further customization options can be accessed from the Mouse tab which allows assigning/changing roles for mouse buttons and wheel.

Mouse Gestures

It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download QManga


    • Modern versions can view without downloading – but fullscreening and cutting all the banners n crap (well never even loading them, it goes straight to the images without online readers’ bulky crap)

      Also, it’ll make searching easier, even across multiple sites

      Ditto saving progress, keeping track of hundreds pf mangas read

      AND there’s even a new chapter update notification!

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