NorthBright CHM Tool Can Convert Windows Help CHM Files To HTML Format

CHM (Compiled HTML Help) is a format of help files, which is developed by Microsoft for publishing help manuals with their software and application releases. CHM is a compiled file which consists of hyperlinked table of contents referring towards corresponding main content. As it is a compiled HTML help file, users are unable to publish/extract single page or multiple pages from a CHM file. NorthBright CHM Tool is a decompiler which is built especially to let user extract either specific page(s) from the CHM file or decompile all the included content. Read More

Quickly Edit And Convert Routes With Route Converter

If you travel a lot or simply like to keep tab on all routes, then RouteConverter is for you. It is a free cross-platform tool developed on Java that allows you to easily convert and edit routes. So what’s the use you ask? If you carry a GPS device and have marked every positions, then such a service will come useful if you want to convert the routes to other formats or simply want to edit out the routes that are not needed. Another use for such a tool is when you want to mark down a route and then save it in your GPS device, in this way things work out much quicker. Read More

Scan A Multi-Page Document, Convert It To PDF, And Burn It To Disk. All With A Single Click

Suppose you have a hardcopy of a document with 20 or 100 pages, you want to convert them to a PDF file and burn it to a disk, what will you do? The most common way would be to first scan the document page by page, then convert the images to PDF format one by one, join them using PDFSam, and finally burn them to a disk. Such a long method can take forever with a 100 pages or more document.
Update: Try using the new proper guide here.
If you have an ADF(Automatic Document Feed) Scanner, then there is an easier way to do it. ADF Scanner is a type of scanner where you insert pages of any document and it will scan them one after one automatically. QQScan2Disc is a free tool for Windows that uses ADF scanner to scan all pages of the document, converts them to a PDF file and finally burns it to a disk, all with a single click. Read More

How To Batch Convert And Compress PNG Image Files

Last year we covered an online service called Smush.It that can optimize and compress any uploaded image. The process was rather time consuming, first you needed to upload multiple images and then after processing it will give you an archived file which you can download. But not everyone is connected to internet 24/7. Isn’t there any desktop software to do the same thing, but more quicker?

PNGGauntlet is a free tool for Windows that can convert any image format to PNG format and also compress/optimize the PNG image. Since most webmasters use PNG as their format of choice, it is an invaluable tool. Just add the images, select the Compression strategy, and click Optimize.

Note: For maximum compression, leave the compression strategy as default(Xtreme).

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How To Convert A Video Into GIF Animation Format For Free

Do you want to create a gif animation from a video file? I was surprised to find that there is no easy solution for this on the internet. Most software that support this type of conversion are commercial software and are not free. Movie To Animated GIF Converter is a free cross-platform portable tool that can convert your video file into gif animation instantly. It currently supports videos from two formats: Avi and Mpeg. As the name says, you can convert the whole movie(in avi format) into gif format easily. To test it out, I converted a whole 700mb movie into gif animation. To begin, just go to File and select Open Movie. Now mark the points between which you want to save the animation sequence, you can mark the points using the track bar and the Start/End buttons given at the sides of the track bar. Read More

How To Convert Zune Playlist(.zpl) To Windows Media Player Playlist(.wpl)

Microsoft’s free Zune software is a great place for managing your music collection, for $15 a month you can have access to unlimited music downloads and 10 DRM free downloads every month.You can download and manage your music playlists, but these playlists are not compatible with Windows Media Center. ZplToWpl is a free opensource tool that converts Microsoft Zune playlist to Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center compatible playlist.

My Advise To Microsoft: Making Zune playlist compatible with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center gives users a choice to listen to their music anywhere they want. Wonder why nobody is buying Zune? One reason among many is that it’s not compatible with other Windows Media software, so for God’s sake fix this issue fast.

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How To Convert MS PowerPoint Presentation(PPT) Into Flash Format For Free

iSpring Converter is a free PowerPoint add-on that lets you save your presentation to flash format instantly. Additional options include the ability to add Flash videos inside presentations. The advantage of PowerPoint in flash format that it can be played in any operating system.

Note: If you are looking to create a presentation slideshow for the purpose of uploading it to YouTube, please check this post.

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Convert Windows Media Center(.wtv) Video File To Other Formats

The default video format for recording a video in Windows Media Center in Vista is .wtv only if you have TV Pack installed, also keep in mind that Microsoft has shifted from the old dvr-ms format to the new wtv format. In Windows 7 beta the default recording format is also wtv. There are many commercial software that support converting of wtv to other video format, but unfortunately such feature is not present in any free video converters. So the best way to convert wtv to other video formats is to first convert it into dvr-ms and from there convert it to other video formats such as mpeg, avi, etc. This is a little tricky but an easy way to do it.
Note: You can also convert wtv files using MC-TVConverter.
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How To Turn Your Computer Into A Virtual Telescope

You must have heard of Google Earth where you can explore cities, streets, locations anywhere in the world. But do you know about Worldwide Telescope, a software made by Microsoft that can turn your computer into a virtual telescope allowing you to explore galaxies, starts, planets, etc. It is a powerful visualization software that brings together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes for a seamless exploration of the universe.

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Convert Your Photo Into Painting, Sketch, Drawing, Or Cartoon With FotoSketcher

Do you have a photo and would like to convert it into something more fun? Try FotoSketcher, it is a free little app that automatically converts your photos into art with the click of a button. You can create professional art images, make greeting cards out of them, or simply print them out and hang them in the wall. According to the developer,
Different styles are available: pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings. You can also improve your original photo with simple tools (enhance contrast, sharpen, simplify image, increase luminosity, color saturation etc...).
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How To Convert Your Digital Camera Into A Scanner With Snapter

Do you want to scan some notes, but don’t have a scanner? If you have a digital camera you can now convert it into a simple scanner with the help of Snapter. It is one powerful application that turns your digital camera into a fully featured scanner. All you have to do is take a photos of your notes or some pages from the book clearly and the rest is handled by this program automatically.

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How To Convert Your Printer And Scanner Into A Simple Photocopier

Do you have a printer and a scanner attached you your computer? You can convert them into a photocopier instantly with an opensource software iCopy.  These days scanner and printer are coming in one device making photocopying a piece of cake, but if you have both devices separately then you can use this tool to convert them into a photocopier machine with a single click.

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Rip And Convert DVD Or Video File To MPEG-4(avi, mkv, etc)

Do you want to store videos from DVDs to your local drive in your computer without loosing the quality? HandBrake is one software that lets you convert the videos from DVDs without loosing much quality and since it is an open source project, it will always remain in development for further improvement and updates. It lets you rip and convert DVDs or video files to MPEG-4  video formats including .mp4, .avi, .ogm and even .mkv. This application is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

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5 Online Services For Creating Short URLs That You Probably Don’t Know About

I have been using Tinyurl for making long URL short because it is among the first one to come up with the idea. After much research I found 5 new services that I didn’t know about, to my surprise all of them came out to be unique, with bunch of great features. I have compiled the list in random order, because each one has advantage over other due to their uniqueness. Read More

How To Extract Audio From Movies And Video Files Easily

Have you ever watched a movie with a fantastic piece of soundtrack? Like I did, when I watched “Into the Wild”, its soundtrack was awesome, Wouldn't it be great if we could make an MP3 file to play on our computer? As long as we don't infringe on copyrighted material, there's a great selection of audio extraction tools that we can use to generate digital audio files from video, for this purpose, AoA Audio Extractor is a powerful tool for video to audio file conversion.

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