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ConvertAll: Perform Mathematical Conversion Between Any Unit Formats

Many mobile devices and computer application provide unit conversion facility; however, they provide only a handful of formats and little support for inter-conversion of different unit types. ConvertAll is a portable application that allows you to calculate the different unit types with almost any format. For example, you can convert different kinds of units such as converting inches per decade, meter-pounds or cubic nautical miles.

To convert different kinds of units, select a unit type from the given lists (from-to) and enter a digit to perform the conversion.


All units are listed in alphabetical order. However, if you are having problem locating a unit type from the default menu, click Unit Finder to search your required unit type. You can either search the unit by selecting the filter to choose a category (e.g. volume, solid angle, temperature, time, etc) or type the initials of the conversion format.


ConverAll also provides some minor options for setting the number of results and fixed decimals to display, the number of units to save to enable viewing of operator buttons, and for changing background and text color.


ConvertAll works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ConvertAll

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