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Slide Show Viewer: View Images From Your Hard Disk Directly In Firefox

Slide Show Viewer is a Firefox add-on that enables you to navigate folders on your local system and display photos as a slideshow. Once installed, Slide Show Viewer option is added to Tools in the menu bar. You can view images in their actual size (1×1), or they can be cropped to best fit. When the picture is displayed larger than the screen, it can easily be scrolled both vertically and horizontally. Slide Show Viewer is an easy-to-use add-on with a very basic interface.

The Slide Show Viewer option is added to Tools in the menu bar. Click this to open the Slide Show Viewer in a new tab. Controls appear at the top right of the new tab for navigating to a folder in any drive on your system. The folders are displayed in a tree hierarchy and you can expand them to go further. If you want to select a parent folder, click its name and images from it will begin showing up automatically. You have two viewing options in the control panel. You can view images in 1×1 size which shows the actual size of the picture and the Crop option fits it as best as possible along the smaller of its dimensions.  The best mode for viewing an image is with the 1×1 option checked and the Crop option unchecked. Click Hide if you don’t want to see the control panel during the slideshow.


You can control the slide show either by using your mouse or keyboard; the left/right arrows let you move through images, tapping your trackpad or pressing the left click button has the same effect. Slide Show Viewer has a simple interface. Vertical and horizontal scrolling is also available for larger images. The number one criticism for the add-on is that while you can hide the control panel, you have to open the slide show in a new tab to access it again. There doesn’t appear to be a way of toggling it.


The folder view can also stand some improvement since it shows only the drives and no link to the libraries or desktop is given making navigation rather difficult. A bonus feature would be to have something like a filmstrip at the end to view which image is next. The extension also does not loop back to the first image if you’ve reached the last one and there should be an option to enable that since many image viewers work that way.


Slide Show Viewer can be found at the link below.

Install Slide Show Viewer Add-on For Firefox

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