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Convert Music Samples, Transpose & Shift Notes With Midi Sheet Music

A lot of people like listening to music, but some of them also like to play an instrument, Leaning to play music not an easy task and it requires a lot of time and effort to even get your head around the basics of a musical instrument. Like any other skill, learning the theory of music, including how to read the language is very important.  Today we have a tool that converts songs into sheet music. Midi Sheet Music is an open source application that allows you to play MIDI files and convert them to sheet music. The application plays the music files in MIDI format, and automatically highlights the current music note being played. It allows you to set different custom colors for each note, and plays the track on a user-specified speed. You can choose which instrument to show & which to hide from the sheet, and view the staves according to a different Key Signature, Time Signature and Transpose, Shift Notes, Measure length etc of tracks. It lets you enable and disable note letters along with the staves, and show/hide Measure Numbers of notes. You can save the staves as images, and print them from within the application. More on Midi Sheet Music after the break.

The application provides you with a very simple interface, with every option available at your finger tips. At the top, there are menus for File, View, Color, Tracks and Notes. The playback controls are available below the menus, while the sheet music appears in the middle. Choose Open from File menu to load an MIDI file in the application, and convert it to sheet music.

Adele someone like you lyric.mid - Midi Sheet Music

Under the Color menu, select Use Color to apply different colors for each note, and Choose Colors for selecting custom colors for every note.

Choose Note Colors

The Tracks menu has options to select and deselect one or all instruments from the track for displaying its sheet music. The Choose Instruments window allows you to set a different instrument for each of the seven tracks available.

Choose Instruments For Each Track

The Note menu allows you to view sheet music with different options, such as change its Key Signature or Time Signature, Transpose the staves up to and down to 12 notes, Shift Notes, Measure Length and Combine Notes Within Interval. Toggles are available to Show Note Letters, Show Measure Numbers and Play Measures in a loop.

Adele someone like you lyrics

Midi Sheet Music is a portable application that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Midi Sheet Music

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