Mendeley: View/Sync PDF Files, Research & Collaborate With Friends

Mendeley is an open source and cross-platform PDF organizer, which provides options for easy document management. It allows easy reference management to help you organize your work, collaborate with friends, and to obtain latest research (via its social network). It automatically generates bibliographies, makes it possible to collaborate with others, import data, sync and access your papers from anywhere (via the internet), and more. It requires users to store all basic data on Mendeley servers, which enables accessing copies of the data any time. Read More

Conqu Is A Cross-Platform Application To Schedule, Manage & Sync Tasks

With each passing day, the pace of life has been increasing all over the world. Compared to our ancestors, we are required to perform a lot more tasks in lesser time. With all the different things one has to complete in a day, it is almost must to have a good task manager to help you remember and manage them easily and efficiently. Back in October 2011, we reviewed a cross-platform task management application for Android called Conqu. The same task manager is now available for Windows with all its functionality. Read More

Square For Windows Phone 7: Fast Contacts & Photo Sharing Via QR Codes

It has been discussed Ad nauseam on a variety of forums that Windows Phone 7, like iOS, does not support Bluetooth file transfer. For this reason, the Mango community is always looking for new ways to transfer data quickly and efficiently between two devices, and even across platforms. Square, the newly released WP7 app, is the perfect solution for sharing contacts, images and your business card with people in your vicinity. The app works with QR codes, and allows you to send and receive data within seconds. Read on to know all about this excellent app. Read More

RaidCall: Cross-Platform, Low Latency Voice Chat Client For Gamers

Being a die-hard DOTA fan myself, I know that lag-free voice chat is a must for gamers when playing multiplayer online games, such as DOTA, Ghost Recoon and Call of Duty, just to name a few. Such games require a lot of precise teamwork and coordination among the players, in order to take the lead. While a few games come with an integrated chat client, a common scene in game consoles, PC gamers also have the ability to use other chat clients, such as Skype is used by a lot of casual gamers for voice chat when playing with friends, and then there is TeamSpeak, as well as Ventrilo by others. Another one i recently came across is RaidCall. It is a voice chat application for Windows that allows gamers to have a lag-free group voice chat while gaming online. It allows you to set up multiple groups and add players to the groups, enabling you to communicate with everyone from within your gaming session. The application supports Push to Talk and free chat mode, letting users speak at any time. More on RaidCall after the break. Read More

SelfRestraint: Block Websites For Up To 24 Hours, View Countdown Timer

There is nothing worse than wasting your time during some important work. An interesting fact, its human nature that whenever we are doing something of great importance, something else continually tries to distract our mind, which can be a simple wish or something bothering us. Same holds true when your working on your computer. For instance, your boss has given you an important task but your mind is lurking on YouTube or 9gag. To combat such situation, FocalFilter is a website blocking application to avoid getting distracted with time wasting websites while working. When we reviewed it back in January, albeit it worked flawlessly, it had only a limited number of time presets to block websites. Today, we discovered an alternative solution simply labelled as SelfRestraint. It is an open source application developed by Parker Kuivila, which takes care of the problem by providing you with presets of 15 minute intervals for blocking websites, starting from 15 minutes, to up to 24 hours 45 minutes. Once you set the block, a countdown timer will be triggered and automatically pop up, allowing you to monitor how much time is left before the websites will be available again. More on the application after the jump. Read More

SyncWall: Sync & Auto-Change Wallpapers With Effects Between Multiple Computers

I have covered various wallpaper applications in the past, the reason for which being my own fondness for new and attractive looking wallpapers. One of the awesome feature introduced in Windows Vista was its ability to automate the wallpapers, so you don't have to look to the same old boring background everyday. Third-party applications however, simply provide a lot more. Desktop wallpaper managers we have covered, such as, DisplayFusion, Mourao Wallpaper Changer and Kuvva, let you manage and automatically change desktop background after a certain period of time. These software were good for sure, but as we are always looking for something even more feature-rich, it looks like we found one.  SyncWall is an open source wallpaper manager that allows you to synchronize wallpapers between multiple computers. It lets you  changes wallpaper periodically and also has multi-display support. Coupled with a neat looking design, it enables you to set schedules for automatically changing wallpaper, define global hot key for changing the wallpaper, and add special effects to wallpapers, such as emboss, blur, sharpen, edge etc. Wallpapers can be synchronized, along with the basic display parameters, between multiple computers, by defining the server and clients. More on SyncWall after the break. Read More

System Stability Tester: Stress Test Your Computer With Multi-Threaded Pi Calculations

System Stability Tester is a a cross-platform system stress testing application for determining the true potential of your computer’s stability. During the testing process, the tool creates two or more threads. Once the calculation step is complete, the result of all the threads are compared, which enables analyzing the differences between them. You can select Pi digits to calculate the number of threads to use to suit your testing needs. It must be noted, however, that selecting higher values takes longer for the test to complete. Read More

Super Flexible File Synchronizer: Backup Linux Files With FTP, Amazon S3, Google Docs etc

Super Flexible File Synchronizer is a cloud based backup and synchronization service, capable of supporting FTP, Amazon S3, SSH, WebDAV and Google Docs. Super Flexible File Synchronizer allows setting up different jobs to run manually, or to schedule them for syncing data between local directories or cloud based servers. It provides many synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Mirror and SmartTracking. While Super Flexible File Synchronizer works on a number of platforms, only the Linux version of it’s (client) application is available for free. Read More

Name My TV Series: Cross-Platform Program To Quickly Rename Episodes

When you download a movie, an episode of some TV series, or the complete season, the files are sometimes not named correctly. Changing the names of each file one by one can be quite a tedious task if there are large number of files present. With the wide variety of TV series available, it can get confusing for you if there are a lot of unnamed, or wrongly named, episodes of different seasons stored in your hard drive. Name My TV Series is a cross-platform, portable application that allows you to easily and quickly rename the TV series present in your hard drive. You don’t have to rename one file at a time, as the tool automatically downloads the correct names for each episode of the said series, and enables you to rename your own collection with just one click. The application can download the, move and episode, name data from EPGuide, as well as, and provides several options for renaming, such as whether to use series, season and/or episode number in the title or not. Read More

CrashPlan: Scheduled Data Backup To Local, Remote & Friend’s PC

If you become the victim of a hard disk crash or someone steals your laptop, I’m sure that most of you would worry more about the data saved in the hard drive, rather than the device itself. Creating backups of your data is very important since, data backup acts as a life saver in these situations. If you don't have your data backed up in a secondary location, you will be left without gigabytes of important data. CrashPlan is a cross-platform application to backup and restore data to local and remote PC’s. It can perform scheduled backups to an internal or external disk, another PC connected to the network, or on a friend’s computer over the internet. Read more about CrashPlan after the jump. Read More

Sigil: Now With Data Loss Fixes And Multiple Linux OS Packages

Last year, we covered Sigil, which is a cross-platform e-book editor for editing books in ePub format. Since our review, this open source application has undergone major updates, and now has more dynamic features than its initial release. For instance, Sigil now supports a number of handy keyboard shortcuts, inline spell checking, and other useful features. Furthermore,  Sigil in now available for Linux as well, and provides a number of packages for various Linux distributions. Read More

view3dscene Is Cross-Platform Tool To View & Interact With 3D Models

2D to 3D transition opened up a new gate in the graphics designing pipeline. Not only does 3D models save a lot of prototyping and designing costs, but also let graphics designers bring various imaginations to life. 3D models have become so mainstream now that they are used in quite every field. From designing a house to modelling a car. Back in December of 2011, we covered Sweet Home 3D, an open source interior design application that lets you design a complete home and place furniture on a 2D plane, with a real-time 3D preview. The application surely was quite feature-laden and one of the best of its kind. However, if you have already got a 3D model, and only want to view it, you can use view3dscene. It is an open source browser and viewer for VRML, X3D and other 3D model formats. Other than viewing 3D models in window mode, as well as full screen, it also allows you to play 3D sounds along with the models. The application has a built-in screenshot capturing feature to take screenshots of a loaded scene. Some of the supported file formats are VRML, X3D, Kanim, Collada, 3D Studio 3Ds, MD3, Wavefront OBJ, and Videoscape GEO. Read More

Clementine, Now Available With Spotify & Grooveshark Support

Clementine is a cross-platform music player based on Amarok, which provides a quick interface for searching and playing music from a number of websites. Last year we reviewed the Windows version of Clementine. Recently, it has been upgraded with added support for Spotify, Grooveshark, digitally imported and radio stations, a new global search feature, which enables searching for music and radio, audio CD support, addition of Amazon as an alternative album art cover provider, and more. Read More

Slow MP3: Control Speed, Transpose, Transcribe & Play Karaoke Of Songs

Seldom we find an application with flat fleeting fun, but it looks as if today is our lucky day. If you are someone who loves to play an instrument, but has difficulty in figuring out the chords, notes of fast solo’s or learning new songs, check out this cool application that might pump in some serious music adrenaline in you. Labelled as Slow MP3, it is a java-based music player that lets you to do a lot more than just listening  to your favorite songs. As promoted by the developer, it is a music player for musicians. The application is packed up with some awesome functionalities such as it allows you to play MP3 and Wave files, transpose songs, slow down the playback speed, play the song in karaoke mode and transcribe it to view the chords - what more could you want? In addition, it allows you to generate loops, that said you can play a selected part of any song over and over again at user-specified speed to make it easier for you to listen and figure out its chords and notes. Read more about Slow MP3 after the break. Read More

Sweet Home 3D: Cross-Platform, Interior Home Design Software For The Average Joe

Sweet Home 3D is an open source, Java-based interior design application that lets you place your furniture on a 2D plane with 3D preview. It allows you to draw walls and rooms, drag and drop doors, windows and furniture from a catalog into the plan, change colors, texture, size and orientation of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. While designing and decorating the home in 2D, the application lets you view all the additions and changes simultaneously in a 3D preview. You can create photorealistic images and videos with various light sources to choose from. Moreover, you can export the interior designing plans in various standard formats and import additional 3D models to the application. Read more about Sweet Home 3D after the break. Read More

Bdrive: Create Private Cloud Storage On PC/Mac With Mobile Access

Cloud services like Dropbox,, SugarSync etc, greatly serve the need of accessing data across all the configured systems over internet, but what if you need your personal cloud storage that doesn’t require uploading files to an intermediary server for performing file sync and share operations? Bdrive lets you deploy personal cloud storage that you can configure as per your requirements. It’s a cross-platform application that supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. What makes it different from other personal cloud solutions is Mobile Access & Windows Explorer integration; it creates a 'B' drive (or drive letter of your choice) to save the files that you want to synchronize across all the Bdrive configured systems on network. Once the drive is mounted, you can access files from not only PCs, but Andriod and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), as well. Read More

YACReader Is An Open Source, Cross-Platform Comic Reader

Every person has their own way of relaxing, and for some people, reading comics is one great way. Interesting stories about adventures of common people, or exciting battles of superheroes, every type of comic have their own fan following. Stories of many of the famous comic book characters, including Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man, The X-Men, The Transformers and a lot more, have been made into feature films, all with a huge fan following. However, for some people, reading the comics is still the best way to enjoy the story and its characters. YACReader is a comic reader that lets you read comics, rotate images, create bookmarks and read comics in double page mode, if you have a large enough screen. It supports CBZ, CBR, ZIP, TAR, ARJ and RAR formats, and can save a particular page of the comic as JPG image. The application sports a preview pane, full screen view and a zoom option to view those complex drawings. YACReader allows you to create multiple bookmarks in a comic to resume reading without having to manually search where you left. More on the features after the jump. Read More

JaxtrSMS: Send Free SMS To Any Local & International Mobile Number

Sending SMS messages to any local destination may not be a big issue for most mobile users, thanks to carrier offerings and smartphone applications that allow internet-based messaging even in cross-platform scenarios. However, two limitations/issues associated with such an approach usually exist. First, in most cases, the recipient has to be a user of the same app that you’re using (e.g., Viber or TextFree), and second, the same app may not be available for one particular mobile platform, thus greatly reducing usability for the users of said OS. Enter JaxtrSMS – a free, cross-platform application that not only provides diverse platform compatibility, but also lets you send text messages to virtually any mobile number on the planet, irrespective of whether the recipient uses JaxtrSMS or not. Details to follow after the break. Read More

Share, Sync And Securely Backup Files With Power Folder

PowerFolder is a cross-platform folder sharing program to backup, sync and share data to and from multiple computers. It is designed for both advanced and novice users, and provides HTTPS/SSL and AES encryption. While PowerFolder has many Dropbox like features, it is distinctly unique in its own way, as its interface provides easier sharing and synchronization options for multiple folders. This ensures that you are conveniently able to sync different directories with the PowerFolder cloud, as well as multiple computers. Using PowerFolder, you can automatically synchronize files between numerous computers with the utility of configuring custom file versioning settings. Read More

HTTrack Website Copier: Save Any Website As An Archive To Hard Disk

HTTrack Website Copier is an open source website archiving utility that can download an entire website in the form of an offline archive on your local drive. It recursively builds all directories of the website (and/or mirror websites) and fetches its content, which can also be updated later on. HTTrack can therefore be quite handy for saving exact copies of entire websites and their mirror sites on a local folder. This can also help web masters avoid using a FTP connection for downloading copies of a website, as they can quickly do so with the help of this tool. Furthermore, it’s a cross platform application and is available for both Windows and Linux. Read More