How To Toggle Windows Vista Aero Effects On/Off With A Simple Right Click

Windows Aero is a  hardware-based premium visual experience or graphical user interface that is implemented in Windows Vista, which includes effects such as transparent glass design, subtle window animations, animated cursors, new window colors and eye candy. Aero is actually acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. Windows Vista’s Aero effects are quite pleasing but when you're trying to squeeze the last bit of power and life out of a battery, or just running some memory-hungry stuff, you don't always need them.

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How To Disable/Turn off System Restore In Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Whenever users install software program, drivers, updates, hotfixes and other system changing files, Windows Vista and Windows Xp creates a Restore Point by using System Restore, where a snapshot and stored state of important system files are backed up and copied,  If anything goes wrong such as driver not working or program causes instability to the system, users can easily rollback to the previous state. If you pretty sure that you practice safe computing and can handle all disaster yourself, you can turn off and disable System Restore in Windows Vista and Windows Xp. Learn how to do it, after this jump. Read More