Design And Print CD/DVD Covers For Free With DVD Slim

I like maintaining my DVD collection in an impeccable manner, which includes making sure that the DVD covers are not damaged or dull. Sometimes, the DVD cover for a good movie or TV Show can be a big disappointment for fans, while at other instances, a damaged cover really ends up ruining the look of a collection. Moreover, there are also home video collections that are easier to identify if you had a cover for them. When dealing with the aforementioned issues, one often finds it hard to create and print DVD covers. DVD Slim is a handy application that makes it easy to create all kinds of CD/DVD covers. It provides a list of disc types for creating covers, including CD/DVD 7mm, CD/DVD 9mm, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii and others. Using this application, you can easily create and print disc cover for  your video, audio and game collections.Read More

DVD Collector: Scan DVD Barcodes To Keep Track Of Your Collection

Windows Phone 7 was one of the most criticized mobile platforms almost as soon as it was launched, but with a few updates, it improved by leaps and bounds and now that we are on Mango, WP7 has finally become what it should have been in the first place. There were a lot of improvements in Mango (10 of which you can read about here) one of which was the revamped Bing search. The search menu now allows users to scan barcodes and find out all about them via online searches. So it was about time that third-party apps started taking advantage of this functionality. DVD Collector is a free app which allows its users to catalog their DVD collection by merely scanning the barcodes of the DVD’s covers.Read More

WBICreator: Create Bootable Windows ISO Disc Image From Setup Folder

We often save a backup copy of our Windows installer disc on a local or external drive, in case the original disc is damaged, lost or unavailable. Burning these files directly to a disc does not create a bootable CD/DVD for installing Windows. Many people do not know how to create a bootable disc and some software which allow doing so easily are paid (such as Nero). For long there has been a freeware used by system administrators to create bootable disc images for Windows Vista and XP, known as nLite, but it does not support Windows 7.Read More

Get DVD’s Running On Your Windows Phone 7 [Guide]

DVD’s are a very popular way of watching movies or any sort of videos, and they don’t come cheap. You have to pay a handsome amount to get the DVD of any movie (especially if the movie is a new release) and when you have paid for something out of your own wallet, you want your complete money’s worth. Today’s smartphones come with quite large screens that make it fun to watch movies on them, and give the user a complete and absorbing experience. Won’t it be a shame if you buy a new DVD and want to watch it on your Windows Phone 7 device, but just can’t figure out how to transfer its content to your phone? A lot of people have gone through this and that’s why this guide can prove to be useful for a lot of WP7 users. By default, the .vob format is not among Windows Phone's supported video formats, and you will have to convert it to a recognized variant in order to enjoy full movies on your Mango phone.Read More

Burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray In Ubuntu Easily With Silicon Empire

Silicon Empire is a complete suite to burn, copy, backup and manage your optical discs. It can burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and can mount disc images from ISO, NRG, BIN, MDF and IMG formats. The main features include, burning, copying, and erasing discs, along with a built-in image viewer and music player. You will find options to copy, burn , erase, and mount discs and disc images on the main interface. All options are separated in convenient tabs for easy management and identification of each available feature.Read More

Recover Data From Corrupt Or Damaged CD, DVD, And Blu-Ray Discs

In order to recover data from hard drives, optical discs, and other storage mediums, many of us choose Recuva for the job. It’s a famous recovery tool from Piriform to seamlessly find and recover corrupted data from partially damaged hard drives & external storage mediums and from corrupted optical discs. However, if Recuva, for some inexplicable reasons, fails to recover data from corrupt or damaged optical disc, one has to consider other tools for recovering data from optical discs. If you are having a bad luck with Recuva, you can opt-in for CD/DVD/BlueRay Recovery.Read More

MS Standalone System Sweeper Is Recovery Tool To Remove Malware And Rootkits

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a malware removal utility by Microsoft. It can help you create a bootable USB, CD or DVD for reclaiming a system from viruses and other malicious agents. This can be quite handy for people who might not be able to boot from their system due to a malware infection. System Sweeper thoroughly scans and removes viruses from such computers by booting itself (from a media device) at system startup. To use it , you will require saving the app on a media device such as a USB, CD or DVD. Just Launch System Sweeper, select a media device (CD, DVD or USB) and click Next. You can also choose the ISO option to create an ISO image of the app which can be burned to a CD or DVD later on.Read More

Get High Resolution Movie Covers And Information With Movie411

Movie411 is a portable application which allows instantly downloading DVD box art and movie information. This can be quite useful for move buffs who prefer keeping their digital collection organized with appropriate movie covers, synopsis, cast, director, rating, runtime and associated information. And for people who may be willing to find suitable movie covers to print for their physical DVD movie collection.  All downloaded content, including high resolution movie covers are saved on the hard drive in a selected location. The downloading of required information and cover is not dependent on having the video file of the respective movie available, as the content is searched according to the title. However, if you do have the movie on hard disk, you can optionally benefit from Renaming feature of Movie411 to automatically name your video file and folder according to the movie title.Read More

Arista Transcoder Is Easiest Way To Convert Media In Ubuntu Linux

Arista Transcoder is a multimedia conversion software for Linux based operating systems. It has an easy to use interface, which makes transcoding functions easier to execute when converting media from multiple devices. The supported devices include,  Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nokia N Series, DVD, gaming consoles, Web, etc. Just select an input, target device and file to save in order to quickly convert media files in the desired format(s).  Arista Transcoder provides a real time preview of the conversion process which can be helpful in evaluating the quality during the conversion process. This application can also be used for ripping DVDs and preset updating. Read More

Burn BluRay, DVD, CD Disks With Hamster Free Burning Studio, Better Than NeroBurn Lite

If you’ve been hanging on to Nero Free Lite tool (a stripped-down version of Nero Suite) to write/burn CDs/DVDs, you should consider giving Hamster Free Burning Studio a try. It is a full-featured free application that hosts a great number of disk authoring tools with an ability to write/burn Blu-Ray discs. It also allows users to replicate the disc content while a long list of discs types are supported, including CD-R,CD-RW, DVD RW, and so on. Out of many useful features it bring, what intruded our attention is that it can automatically identify the type of disc inserted into tray, check its capacity and evaluate the most suitable burning speed to prevent any erratic disc writing/burning experience.Read More

My Disc Collection Tracks Your Movies, Music, And TV Shows Collection

Do you have enormous collection of movies, music, or TV shows which you want to keep track on? Users having such a large collection of disks will tell you how difficult it is to manage and keep track on them. In most cases, one forgets which disk was lend out to family or friends, making it further difficult to find it.My Disk Collection is a small application to keep track of your physical media which solves the exact problem mentioned above. It also allows you have a quick overview of your media collection.Read More

Easy Way To Convert DVD And Blu-ray To MKV Format

Previously, we covered a guide on BluRip, an open source Blu-ray to .mkv converter. Thanks to our reader,ericcov, who pointed this out, we today have a much easier and efficient solution for converting not only Blu-rays but also DVDs to .mkv files. Presenting to you MakeMKV, which offers not only DVD/Blu-ray disc conversion to .mkv, but also can convert any such files present on your hard drive.Read More

UsefulUtils Discs Studio – Best Freeware Alternative To Nero

If you are looking for a freeware alternative to Nero CD/DVD burning software, give UU Discs Studio a try. It is a free tool for Windows that has failed to gather attention among mainstream bloggers due to language barrier(software is made by a Russian developer). It was originally developed as a paid tool, but the latest version is now free with a whole new interface, HD/Blu-Ray burning support, and tons of new features.It has three main features: Data burning, Audio Burning, and Video Burning. The tabs to access them are given at the bottom of the main window. I have reviewed each of them in details below.Read More

Search, Download, And Edit Movies/Games/Music Covers Instantly

Do you want to download, edit, or print a movie cover? DVDPrint is a free portable software for Windows that lets you search, download, edit, and print any type of covers, all from within a simple-to-use interface.

Just select the cover style, search for the name, and click Find in the right-sidebar. You will then be presented with some covers that you can download instantly. Click front or back, which is given under every cover result and it will load the website from where you can then download it straight to your desktop.

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How To Perform Benchmark Test On Your Hard Disk, USB Drive, And CD/DVD Rom

Have you ever wondered why your transfer speed is so slow when copying the files from an external hard disk, USB, or CD/DVD Drive? There could be a possibility that it is not working properly, recently, my old USB was given problems while reading and writing files. The best way to determine would be to perform a benchmark test. Another reason to perform a benchmark test would be to check whether the device you bought actually works like the way your manufacturer calm. I have found two tools that would help, HD Speed and HD Tune.

HD Speed

HD Speed is a free portable tool for Windows that can perform a quick benchmark test on any drive and is only 73Kb in size. Just select the drive from the list and hit Start.

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CladDVD Rips A Single Video Or Whole DVD Easily

Before I begin, let me explain how CladDVD.NET is different from other DVD Ripping tools. Suppose you have a DVD which includes 2 versions of the same movie, theatrical and special edition. You want to Rip only theatrical version(main version) of the movie, what will you do? Almost every DVD ripping tool will rip the whole DVD, which means both versions, which can be quite a headache. On the other hand, CladDVD lets you choose a specific version of the movie to rip, saving lots and lots of time.

Insert the DVD and load up this tool, on the main screen you will find two modes: PGC and DVD. If you have two different versions of the same movie, they will be named as PGC 01 and PGC 02. The version with less playtime is usually the main movie, and the one with longer playtime is obviously a special edition of the movie.

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Quick Burn Video Files To Playable DVD

DVD Flick is a free tool for Windows that can quickly burn videos of any format to a DVD with a few simple clicks. The DVD created can then be played on any DVD Player and Home Cinema Set.Note: DVD Flick is not a new tool, the first version was launched back in early 2007. It is an opensource tool and the developers routinely make changes and fix bugs. I am reviewing this tool here for those AddictiveTips readers who have not heard about it yet. Personally, it is my default tool for burning Videos to DVDs.To begin, first add videos by clicking Add Title. Every DVD can burn 4.3GB of videos, when adding video titles you will see the yellow percentage bar rising on the left side.Read More

How To Backup Or Rip DVD Movie Using HandBrake

Have you ever arrived in a situation where you need to make a backup of your DVD Movie on the computer? Or simply rip the DVD movie so that you can watch it on the iPod, Gaming console, or Computer?

HandBrake is a free opensource and muti-platform tool that allows you to make a copy of your DVD movie on the local hard disk. You can save the DVD movie into either MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM formats. Apart from it you can also convert single video files into above mentioned video formats.

Note: Make sure you right-click this tool and select ‘Run as Administrator’ when running in Windows. For Linux and Mac OS, simply click and run this tool.

To begin ripping the DVD movie, click Source and select the DVD folder or drive.

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How To Create Fully Customized And Professional Looking DVD With DVDStyler

DVDStyler is a free cross platform DVD authoring software that allows you to create professional looking DVDs with full customization. The user interface is pretty simple and easy-to-understand, you will get used to it after navigating around for a few minutes.

To begin, first select the background image, then go to File Browser tab and drag the videos you want to add to the preview window(see screenshot below).

You will have to resize the videos once they have been added, they will also get a title assigned to them automatically. Now finally add some buttons by going to Buttons tab. Once done, you will have to right-click these buttons and go to their properties to edit text, change colors, define action, etc.

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