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Get High Resolution Movie Covers And Information With Movie411

Movie411 is a portable application which allows instantly downloading DVD box art and movie information. This can be quite useful for move buffs who prefer keeping their digital collection organized with appropriate movie covers, synopsis, cast, director, rating, runtime and associated information. And for people who may be willing to find suitable movie covers to print for their physical DVD movie collection.  All downloaded content, including high resolution movie covers are saved on the hard drive in a selected location. The downloading of required information and cover is not dependent on having the video file of the respective movie available, as the content is searched according to the title. However, if you do have the movie on hard disk, you can optionally benefit from Renaming feature of Movie411 to automatically name your video file and folder according to the movie title.

Just enter the name of a movie, select the items to download (including movie details, front and back cover), choose a folder (e.g. folder containing the movie file) and click Search. In case, your folder and video files are not named after the movie, you can automatically rename the selected folder and the video within it, by checking the Folder and Video checkboxes next to the Rename option.

Enter Title

You will be presented with matching titles and clicking on a title will produce a thumbnail preview of the movie cover. Select the respective movie title from the list and click Save to download movie cover and information.


This will instantly download high resolution front and back cover, as well as movie information (as a text file) to the selected folder. The text file will contain synopsis and associated information regarding the cast, crew, director, runtime, rating, genre, etc.


Although the application is named Movie411, however, during testing we successfully downloaded covers and information for TV series and documentaries which have been released on DVD.

It works on Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Movie411

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