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WBICreator: Create Bootable Windows ISO Disc Image From Setup Folder

We often save a backup copy of our Windows installer disc on a local or external drive, in case the original disc is damaged, lost or unavailable. Burning these files directly to a disc does not create a bootable CD/DVD for installing Windows. Many people do not know how to create a bootable disc and some software which allow doing so easily are paid (such as Nero). For long there has been a freeware used by system administrators to create bootable disc images for Windows Vista and XP, known as nLite, but it does not support Windows 7.

A solution for creating bootable images of Windows 7, Vista or even XP can be found in the form of the recenty released ASKVG tool, known as WBICreator or (Windows Bootable Image Creator). This portable utility creates a bootable ISO disc image from the Windows setup folder from your local, external drive (USB drive) or CD/DVD drive. The created ISO image can then be burned (to create a bootable disc) using any disc burning utility such as 7Burn, BurnAware, etc.

To create a disc image, launch WBICreator and select an operating system.

Select OS

Once an operating system is selected, add a disc image label, setup location containing the Windows installer disc files and an output folder for saving the ISO image. Click Go to continue.Windows Bootable Image Creator - Image Settings

This will create an ISO image in the destination folder which will become bootable when you burn it onto an optical disc.

Windows Bootable Image Creator  Processing...

Hence, using WBICreator, you can create a bootable ISO image in three easy steps, without having to use complicated advanced disc burning tools. It should also be noted that this ISO image can also be used to create a bootable USB. If you don’t know how to create a bootable USB for installing Windows, then check out the guide herehere.  It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WBICreator


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