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Easily Change Default Browser (Portable Or Installed) In Windows

Although browsers, like Firefox and Google Chrome, ask users to set the browser as default to open and direct all http, ftp, and other external web links, sometimes they either don’t show the prompt to set the respective browser as default or fail to make required changes to default browser registry key. Change Default Browser is an application for Windows which eliminates all the known and unknown problems related to default browser switching.

The best usability scenario of Change Default Browser would be a situation where you’re using portable versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera and you want to set them as default, one at a time. Since the Set your Default Programs option in Windows Control Panel doesn’t allow setting portable browsers as default, Set Default Browser will not only enable you to set portable browsers as default but allow switching between them quickly as well.

It’s also useful for website designers who have to manually open their websites in different browsers to check compatibility and page rendering issues. For instance, if your website has some text and image related rendering problems in Opera, you can set Opera as default browser to instantly open your website links in Opera for addressing the compatibility issues.

Usage couldn’t be any simpler. You launch the application with administrative privileges, and it will automatically find and set the path of your installed browsers. If you have portable browsers, you will have to manually set the path. When done, select the one that you want to make default and click Set Default Browser.

set default browser

It doesn’t end here. Change Default Browser can also fix ‘Set Browser As Default’ related problems, such as,  HTML, HTM, XHT, XHTML, SHTML file associations and FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocol open modes. Change Default Browser works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Change Default Browser


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