How To Read ePub Files In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update will add an eBook reader to Microsoft Edge. You will be able to buy and read eBooks in Edge. In addition to supporting eBooks, Edge will also be able to read ePub files. The files must not be protected in order for you to open them in Edge. Microsoft Edge has a reasonably good eBook reading interface and ePub files make use of it. Here's how you can read ePub files in Microsoft Edge.Read More

How To Open An ePub File In iBooks On Your iPhone

The transition from reading physical books to reading ebooks is a difficult one. Apart from the complete lack of book-smell, you wonder whether or not the device you have will make for a comfortable reading experience. A lot of tablets that are dedicated ebook readers exist but if you can't splurge on a dedicated device, you will probably have to make do with what you have on hand. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use the iBooks app to read an ebook in the ePub format. Here's how.Read More

Easily Tweak & Edit EPUB Books In Your Favorite Windows Text Editor

EPUB is one of the most famous formats used by ebook publishers for publishing their books on multiple platforms. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it is designed for reflowable content, allowing the text to be optimally rendered by the reader software on any display device. The format is natively supported by all modern ebook readers such as Amazon Kindle series and Barnes & Noble Nook series, and a wide range of ebook reader apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many other operating systems also have EPUB support. However, the tool we have today does not focus on reading EPUB files. Tweak EPUB is a portable application for Windows that enables you to edit EPUB files and save the edited versions while retaining all the original formatting. What's even better, it lets you perform the editing in your favorite text editor.Read More

Read EPUB Books & Pin Them To Start Screen In Windows 8

If you are a bookworm who has just upgraded to a Windows 8 or bought a tablet that runs Windows 8, we have an app for you. BookReader lets you read DRM-free EPUB and plain text books, pin them to the Start Screen, and launch them directly without opening the app. It supports multi-column as well as single page display and allows you to change the background theme to mimic 3 different reading environments. Moreover, it allows you to increase and decrease the font size and change the font style to have the text appear according to your own preference. The ability to pin books to the Start Screen lets you directly launch your current read, which is marvellous.Read More

Sony’s Reader App Brings An Alternative eBook Store & Viewer To iPhone & iPad

I won’t pretend that until this morning I even had a clue Sony is into the eBook business, but now that I have taken a look at the online Reader store, I have to say that it is good enough to give any similar service a run for its money. The web version of the service has been around for quite a while, the Android app was released a while back, and now, the official Sony Reader client has come to iPhone and iPad. The universal app can be used to manage all the purchases made from the Reader Store, but if you aren’t interested in that, Reader for iOS can prove to be a pretty good eBook and PDF viewer for books you already have from other sources. The app has a slick interface, and can really hold its own against iBooks in terms of features.Read More

INfoHesiveEP: Create & Publish ePublications In eBook, PDF, CHM Format

If you are a software developer, you must know the importance of creating a help manual while moving through different phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Without a detailed help manual, it becomes quite difficult for your audience to completely understand the functionality and the usage of the software. However, if you don't want the hassle of creating help topics and compiling them into a single document, give InfoHesiveEP  a shot. The application is developed for creating e-Publications such as help manuals, eBooks, support guides etc. The utility allows you to export files in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, LIT, CHM, HTML, RTF and TXT formats, tweak document layout, manage important keywords, tag topics, create table of contents and index page(s), insert timestamps, tables, links, anchors and cover page image. Not only does it provide you with features to effortlessly fine tune your publication, it also lets you use basic formatting tools to remove text styles, edit anchor, manage indent and text alignment, insert and organize annotations and more. Read past the break for details.Read More

Bookviser For Windows Phone 7: Read/ Download ePub, TXT & FB2 Books

Even though Windows Phone 7 has got its official Adobe Reader client, but not every eBook can be found in PDF format, and that’s why Mango users need to have some other options for reading books on their phone. Bookviser is an app which combines three of the most used eBook formats, including ePub, TXT and FB2 file formats. Not only does the app lets you read books, it provides a pretty good platform for searching and downloading books of your interest as well. Read on to know more about this must-have app for book lovers.Read More

Sigil: Now With Data Loss Fixes And Multiple Linux OS Packages

Last year, we covered Sigil, which is a cross-platform e-book editor for editing books in ePub format. Since our review, this open source application has undergone major updates, and now has more dynamic features than its initial release. For instance, Sigil now supports a number of handy keyboard shortcuts, inline spell checking, and other useful features. Furthermore,  Sigil in now available for Linux as well, and provides a number of packages for various Linux distributions.Read More

Convert EPUB eBooks to MOBI Format For Use With Kindle Fire

For ebooks, EPUB and MOBI are the two most famous formats used by ebook publishers. EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a free and open ebook standard format, whereas MOBI was initially used by MobiPocket Reader before Amazon acquired it. One of the most famous devices for reading eBooks, in recent times,  is axiomatically the Amazon Kindle Fire. The cheap yet robust device has a large user-base and considered to the best android based ebook device to date. The problem however, faced by a lot of Amazon Kindle users, is that it only supports MOBI ebook format. The reason is MOBI ebook format  has the ability to DRM protect ebooks, something the EPUB format lacks. If you had previously purchased ebooks that were in EPUB format, and recently made a transition to Kindle fire, then don't consider your previous purchases, useless. You can now use EPUB to MOBI to convert ebooks in EPUB format to MOBI. Coupled with an easy to use interface, the application lets you convert the files in batch, an added advantage if you have a large set of eBooks and don't want to waste time converting them one by one. More on EPUB to MOBI after the break.Read More

GO Book Is One Smart Text And ePub Reader For Android

The GO Dev Team is already a popular name in the Android Market when it comes to visually apt and extremely useful Android apps. The company seems to be hellbent to offer Android users with solutions to almost all the various facets of mobile usage. Be it the homescreen replacement apps, messaging replacement apps, caller replacement apps, lock screen replacement apps, or the gorgeous weather app, you know that you're going to get some quality alternatives from each and every category.  This time,  they have come up with a fantastic little .txt and ePub reader that would delight hardcore book readers. GO Book is an extremely handy and eye-catching reader which presents multiple book reading features in such a wonderful way that you would be forced to keep it as your default text reader.Read More

Grab Articles Or Books From The Web And Convert To ePub In Firefox

The internet is full of interesting stories but you don’t always have the time to read them all. Reading online content can consume a good part of the total time you spend online (it could be at work or at home) but it nonetheless cuts in to your productivity. One of the many things you can do to read a good article later is use the GrabMyBook extension for Firefox and create an ePub format book of all the articles you find and download it to your eReader.Read More

Remove DRM Restrictions From ePub Books

Digital rights management (DRM) is used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to restrict the use of digital content and devices. This is also applicable on ePub books. DRM is primarily used to counter copyright infringement. DRM files, however, can have a number of issue. For example, any slight alteration to a DRM file can lead to loss of access or functionality problems. It is worth mentioning here that such issues can be quite frustrating for people who might have purchased an ePub book online. Therefore, it is better to remove DRM restrictions and avoid problems associated with DRM protection. Read More