Open Google Keep Or Evernote From The Note Button In The Action Center [Windows 10]

The Action Center in Windows 10 has a handy little Note button. It lets you create a new note in the OneNote UWP app. Microsoft has  basically no customization options for this button. You have to tweak the registry to change the behavior of the Note button in the Action Center. We covered a little tip on how to bind the Note button to the OneNote desktop app by changing a registry key. You can change this very same key and have it open Google Keep or Evernote's web interface. Here's how you can open Google Keep or Evernote from the Note button in the Action Center.Read More

How To Import Notes From Evernote To The Notes App In macOS

Evernote has made changes to it free, plus, and premium plans. The price of the paid plans has gone up and the features offered on the free plan have been cut back so that you can only have two devices connected to your account. Needless to say that the price hike is likely going to send people looking for an alternative and they will be spoiled for choice. There are a lot of note taking apps available and macOS comes with its own default note taking app as well which, given recent updates, is fairly good. If you're looking to ditch Evernote in favor of the Notes app in macOS, you will want to take your notes with you. Here's how you can move your notes from Evernote to the Notes app in macOS.Read More

How To Import Notes & Notebooks From Evernote To OneNote

The price tag on Evernote Plus and Premium plans has just gone up. Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps available today and it's been around for quite a while now with a considerably large user base. Not only has the service just raised the price on its paid plans, it's also restricted the number of devices that can be shared on a single account on the free plan. If you're looking to jump ship to a different, more affordable service like OneNote your primary concern will be retaining all your current notes and making sure you don't have to organize them all over again. Fortunately, Microsoft has a simple tool that lets you do all this. The Evernote to OneNote import tool was released in March of this year and is still in Beta but it works like a charm.Read More

SwiftKey Comes To iOS In A Notes App That Syncs With Evernote

While Google is open to letting users replace even some core chunks of Android - the launcher, lock-screen, app switcher, phone app etc. - Apple is the complete opposite, believing its own rendition of these 'near'-core components to be simply the best for users, and assuming they do not even need to look for alternatives. For a long time, this has indeed remained true. From the year it was introduced up till a few months ago, the iOS' keyboard was widely accepted to be better than its Android and Windows Phone counterparts.More recently, however, things have changed. Android's stock keyboard has matured significantly, and third-party alternatives from SwiftKey, Nuance, and GO have really started to pick up their game. iOS does auto-correction, yes, but these latest Android keyboard comes with better auto-prediction, support for different typing styles, and integration with Facebook, Twitter, and your email for quickly looking at the words you regularly type and their sequence of input, and a whole lot more!Now after seeing so much success on Android, SwiftKey is interested in bringing their keyboard to iOS. They could not replace the stock keyboard throughout the OS, so they made their own notes app dubbed SwiftKey Note. Read More

Evernote Web Clipper For Chrome Gets Revamped UI, New Clipping Options & Sharing

If you’re an avid user of Evernote’s Web Clipper app, today brings some exciting news for you, as the company has unveiled a bunch of handy new features for its Chrome extension. Besides two brand new clipping options called Simplified Article and Bookmark, there’s now a freshly designed UI that feels more intuitive than ever before, and instantly pops up on the right side when you click the extension's button. Appearance aside, Evernote has also now implemented an integrated share function for easily sharing your clips over social media, as well as ability to take screenshots and annotate them right away. Read on for our in-depth review.Read More

Skitch For Mac Updated With A Format That Keeps Annotations Editable

Possibly the most popular screenshot app for the OS X platform, Evernote's Skitch, has just been updated, getting a few great new features. A new format for saving images annotated and captured by Skitch has been introduced, which is basically a modified type of PNG that lets you edit the annotations made in Skitch after you've saved the final image. The image canvas can now be expanded to give you more drawing space, and shapes can be drawn more precisely by holding down the ‘Shift’ key. Finally, a new option has been added to the app’s preferences that allows you to hide  the advanced options window that appears after you've taken a screenshot, facilitating you to take further screenshots faster.Read More

How To Save Gmail Emails To Evernote With The Web Clipper Extension

Evernote’s web clipper is possibly one of the most sophisticated ways of saving online content and keeping it organized at the same time. The fact that the clipper has such a powerful service as Evernote itselfworking at its backend makes it an excellent productivity tool. Evernote has just updated its web clipper, and it can now save your Gmail emails to any notebook of your choice. Granted, you were already able to save an entire page or take a screenshot of an email with the web clipper but with this update, Evernote can save just the body of the email itself so that its text is searchable and can be copied from Evernote’s web interface or desktop app.Read More

Create Evernote Templates To Organize Notes Your Way With KustomNote

Everyone recommends Evernote so much these days that it gets hard to imagine at times what the world was like before the little catch-all app came along. While Evernote works great for generic notes in all the supported formats, there are scenarios where you need to frequently note down information that is in a specific format, and you want to be able to save all that information while keeping the structural separation of the format intact. There may be a few such services out there, but many want to avoid the hassle of using multiple note-taking apps and would want to stick with their tried-and-tested Evernote. Fortunately, we've come across a service that takes care of all of this. Meet KustomNote - a web app that works as a companion to Evernote and lets you create templates to quickly and easily collect your ideas, appointments, research data etc. in a format of your choice. Your notes are still saved in Evernote itself, but everything looks neat and clean, on top of being very well organized.Read More

How To Set Reminders For Notes In Evernote On OS X, iOS & Web

It’s hard to find any shortcoming with Evernote, both as a service and with any of its apps. It’s rich in features and since it’s available on so many platforms, you can create and sync notes from just about anywhere. Though hard to spot, one shortcoming that Evernote did have was the lack of reminders for the notes users created and with a recent update to both its desktop and mobile apps, that has been fixed as well. If you use Evernote on a Mac or an iOS device, or its web clipper in your browser, you can now set reminders for your notes. Users can receive emails for the reminders they've set, as well as Notification Center alerts on both OS X and iOS. Sadly, the Windows and Android apps have been left out. Not only are Windows users unable to set reminders, it seems they will not be able to view the ones set from a Mac or an iOS device either. Here's how you can set up Evernote to give you reminders on your device or as emails.Read More

Evernote For Windows Phone Gets Checklists, Note Tiles & Improved UI

Thanks to OneNote and Windows Phone’s seamless integration with SkyDrive, a lot of people didn't think that Evernote for WP7 (and later for WP8) would gain a lot of popularity. Existing users of Evernote, however, are not likely to switch to a new service just because it has better integration with their smartphones. This has kept Evernote quite relevant for Windows Phone so far. Another contributing factor in the app's rise to fame in the WP Store is its Modern UI and regular updates. Despite all that, a few small but important features have been missing from the app's WP client so far. Evernote's latest update doesn't make it perfect, but it does bring some much-needed features to the mix. You can now pin notes to the app's main screen, browse through tags more conveniently, view your account's basic information in one place, and add checklists to your notes. Read More

Bubble Browser Is A Visually Appealing Three-Pane Viewer For Evernote

Evernote’s Mac app was recently revamped; the extensive interface overhaul gave us something much more beautiful to look at and use. This update was followed shortly by Evernote’s Menu Bar popup being redesigned. The app has come a long way interface wise but if you still don’t like it much and are looking for something different, Bubble Browser might be a worth trying out. Bubble Browser is a free app available in the Mac App Store that lets you visually browse your Evernote notes in an immersive, colorful interface. It’s not a full Evernote client, which means adding or deleting notes is not on the features list but as far as browsing notes goes, Bubble Browser has quite a unique approach. Read More

Evernote For Mac Gets New Menu Bar Helper; Adds Drag & Drop Clipper

Evernote for Mac underwent a major design overhaul a short while ago and the difference between the old and new version’s interface isn't just monumental; it’s amazing! Evernote 5 looks like a real Mac app now - beautiful and well designed. While the app's UI was overhauled significantly, Evernote didn't do much about its Menu Bar options until now. The Evernote Mac app has just been bumped to version 5.0.6 now, and this latest update features a Menu Bar popup that actually goes with the look of the rest of the app. The functionality is pretty much the same as before, but the new interface is easier to use and allows you to add files by dragging & dropping them on the popup.Read More

Access, Manage & Share Cloud & Social Media Content With CloudKafe

A decade ago, no one probably thought that cloud computing and social network applications would dominate our lives in such a short span of time. Though with so many such services and products at your disposal from the likes of Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, it can become quite difficult to keep a track of all of them in their separate apps. Thankfully, we've seen several apps for many platforms that let you manage them all from one interface, and CloudKafe is the latest to join that club. This web app allows to access, manage and share your content from many major cloud, social networking and image sharing sites and applications from a single window with ease.Read More

Penultimate For iPad Now Free; Gets Evernote Sync & Handwriting Search

Evernote is great if you want to make sure your idle scribbling and great ideas never get lost. There are times, however, when you don’t have enough time to type everything. Say, you are attending a lecture, and want to make notes quickly, your inclination might be to grab a pen and use your handwriting to get the work done. Fortunately, you can use your smartphone to achieve this in a really efficient manner. Evernote offers Skitch for annotating images, but if it’s a standalone sketching/handwriting app you want, give Penultimate a shot. Acquired by Evernote in 2012, Penultimate is a well-crafted, user-friendly sketching and handwriting app for the iPad. The app has just been updated with a revamped UI and Evernote integration, which includes handwriting search and the ability to sync all drawings and scribbles with your Evernote account. The character recognition makes your handwritten text searchable both from within Penultimate as well as any Evernote client. What's more, the app has gone free!Read More

Get Evernote Integration In Gmail With Powerbot For Chrome & Firefox

Gmail is an excellent email services, not just because of its speed but also because it’s great at helping us keep things organized. Evernote is an equally excellent service that helps you note down important things and access them from everywhere. Imagine if Gmail and Evernote could be connected. Powerbot for Gmail is an extension for Chrome and an add-on for Firefox that does just that. It lets you insert notes or notebooks from Evernote in to an email from Gmail’s web interface, and save an email thread, complete with attachments and all, to a notebook in Evernote. The notebooks/notes you add to an email become public in order to be viewed by your recipient. When you add an email thread to Evernote from Gmail’s interface, it lets you add tags and comments before saving it. Once saved, the extension will indicate where a message has been saved in Evernote, and also give you the option to view it there.Read More

Easily Copy Select Web Content To Evernote With EverClip For Android

While there’s no doubting the astounding note-taking proficiency of Evernote, things can become a bit tough while clipping stuff from webpages on your mobile device. This holds true especially if you’re looking to clip just select material instead of the entire webpage itself. For instance there might be just an image of interest on the webpage that you want to clip, or you might want to save just the main contents, a required text portion, an image snapshot of a part of the web page, or its URL, instead of the complete article itself. If you’re looking for an efficient web clipping app for Android that can store select content in your Evernote account, EverClip might be just what you're looking for. Let's find out more about this handy app after the jump.Read More

Evernote For iOS Gets New Card-Style Interface & Better Notebooks Management

Just when we thought that the post-iOS 6 flurry of app updates was over, a couple of other big names rolled out significant updates. This time its Evernote, with a major refresh (v5.0) of its iPhone and iPad clients. The app’s interface has been completely revamped, and the change isn’t just cosmetic. The new, card-style interface is actually more convenient for navigating through all your notes and notebooks. Another good thing about the update is that it is heavy on shortcuts, and almost all tasks require fewer taps than before. The app now lets you view a consolidated list of all the notebooks that are associated with your account, including your own and the ones in which you are tagged as a collaborator. The iPad version now has a new section on the main screen that displays all the most recently edited notes.Read More

Evernote 5 Beta Released; Interface Overhaul And Location Tracking

Evernote is a popular note syncing service and its presence on so many platforms is just one of the many things that makes it great. Oddly enough, as great a service as Evernote is, its Mac app is just as unflattering. This is about to change though and hopefully very soon. Evernote has released the Beta version of Evernote 5 for Mac and in addition to new features the interface has been overhauled completely. Not only are there significant cosmetic changes, but the flow of the app and how you view items has been changed for the better. The new version features several different ways for viewing the notes you’ve added in your notebooks. Navigation has been improved as has been the note editor and an Atlas has been introduced that lets you see the geographical distribution of where you added your notes. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts have been introduced.Read More

Evernote’s Image Editing & Annotation Tool Skitch Now Available For Windows 8

Skitch is a widely popular application, recently acquired by Evernote, that allows you to annotate, edit and share your images with others. It has been available for Mac, iOS and Android for quite some time and is considered one of the best applications for editing, annotating and uploading to Evernote accounts. Since the Windows 8 final, public release is scheduled for the 26th of October, a lot of apps by some major developers have released for upcoming version of Windows. Recently, we have covered apps for Windows 8, such as Dailymotion and Flux. Skitch has also hopped onto the Windows bandwagon. Currently available on Windows Store, it includes all the major features offered by the other variants of the app including webcam image capture, image editing and annotation.Read More

Evernote Hello For Android Brings A More Visual, Rich Contact Book To Your Phone

It’s been six long months since Evernote Hello was released in the iOS App Store to provide users of said mobile OS with a visually and functionally-enhanced contacts book. Just like their other products – Evernote and Skitch – the company has lived up to its reputation of offering multi-platform-supported mobile apps by releasing the official Android variant of Evernote Hello. Akin to its iOS counterpart, the Android version of the app is also all about letting you tie people and their photos to their contact details, manually logging your encounters with these contacts via photos, notes and locations, and viewing all the contacts on a graphically rich mosaic layout. The best part about the entire deal is that your Hello contact book is synced to the Evernote cloud, and can be accessed from virtually any other supported device. Another major trait of Evernote Hello for Android is its firm integration with LinkedIn, which means that you can find ample info about the required contacts from said service, provided they’re already registered LinkedIn users. Details to follow.Read More