Excel Mixer Nano: MS Excel Add-In To Control Cell Values With Sliders

Excel Mixer Nano is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides Excel data and chart display by moving a simple slider. All you have to do is to select a range of cells in MS Excel, and use Excel Mixer Nano sliders (or scroll bar) for the selected cells to change values with a display of a value graph. Excel Mixer Nano has the ability to remember configurations, therefore, you do not require regularly configuring sliders. The main purpose of this application is to provide two major functionalities, i.e., to control cell values in Excel files with sliders, and to observe the real-time reaction of formulas with the help of MS Excel charts (displayed along side the sliders). Hence, Excel Mixer Nano brings your Excel data and charts to life with your mouse.Read More

Identify Formula Problems In Excel 2010 With Formula Checking Assistant

Trace Precedents and Dependents are great little features of Excel 2010 which serve the need of tracking down incorrect formulas and functions from an Excel sheet overwhelmed with multiple formulas-based datasets. But, there is one problem with tracking formula precedency/dependency this way and that is, you have to manually select each cell containing formula to track incorrect relations with other cells. Formula Checking Assistant offers a simple yet extremely effective way of tracking down all the incorrect formula based cells relations from a given Excel spreadsheet.Read More

Add And Customize Tab Behaviors In MS Word, Excel, And PowerPoint

Even though MS Office allows user to cascade multiple windows under unified interface, it cannot open cascaded windows in tabs, nor does it offer a convenient way to switch between views of opened windows. Take Excel 2010 windows as an instance, in Excel you may find an option to save layout of opened windows to restore them with a single click but what if you’re working on multiple worksheets? How would you switch between views without having to first minimize the window and open those worksheets lying behind it? Office Tab is a superior alternative to previously featured OfficeTab add-in.Read More

Excel Accelerator Improves MS Excel By Adding Useful Option In A New Tab

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application which has many built in functions and formulas to manage and analyze anything from basic to scientific data efficiently. Excel Accelerator is an add-in which enhances the functionality of Microsoft Excel. It makes it easy to access built-in options which can be otherwise a bit tedious to find from various sub-menus. For example, it allows custom functions to perform compiles calculations, allows displaying Excel 2003 menu style layout, provides vision control options and much more. Although, the developer has mentioned that Excel Accelerator works on MS Excel 2003 and 2007, we successfully tested the 2007 add-in with MS Excel 2010.Read More

Encrypt Excel Spreadsheet & Selected Data Range With Sheet Encryptor

Sheet Encryptor is an add-in for Excel which protects the whole spreadsheet and also encrypts any selected range of data set. As as far encryption strength is concerned, it uses user-specified encryption key to encrypt and to decrypt the Excel spreadsheets. The add-in is programmed to read external text files for encryption keys. You just have to specify the file where keys are to be extracted from and it will apply encryption over selected data values.Read More

OneDrum Brings Real-Time Collaboration For Microsoft Office 2010

Google Docs lets you collaborate on documents and spreadsheets while working online but if you want simple real-time collaboration for MS Office you can use OneDrum. OneDrum is a desktop application that lets you invite people to collaborate on MS Office documents. OneDrum works in the background and acts as a gateway between you and the people you want to collaborate with. All work is done in MS Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point) programs while the app seamlessly synchronizes the changes as they happen in real-time.Read More

Enable Or Disable Add-ins For All Microsoft Office 2010 Applications

Office 2010 native Add-In Manager, which is accessible from File menu of all the applications, allows you to enable, disable and remove the installed add-ins of the respective Office application. Since you have to open each Office application to either enable, disable or remove add-ins, it would certainly be a lot easier if you can manage installed add-ins for all MS Office 2010 applications under one place. The previously featured Topalt EnableDisable not only supports Office 2007 but allows managing add-ins for all versions of MS Office, including 2000, 2003, 2007, and the latest Office 2010. If you’ve been looking  for a simple Office 2010 add-in manager, you should give it a try to enable, disable, or manage installed and native add-ins for Excel, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Word.Read More

Open, Edit, Modify And Export CSV To Excel With Tabular Data Editor

We have seen many CSV editors in past which claim to edit and export modified CSV file into Excel native formats – XLS and XLSX, but, in fact, almost every tool lacks in properly converting the comma separated values into Excel supported formats, leaving user with two, or even in some cases, three data rows jumbled up in a single column. Today we came across Tabular Data Editor which can seamlessly export comma delimited tabular data into Excel supported formats. Apart from supporting CSV file format, it can handle any type of file whose content is consistently delimited with a single character. With Tabular Data Editor, you can add rows, copy only selected data fields, set row/column height according the length of data sets, and apply filters over Field ID and Type by Equal, Contain, Start With, and by End With parameters.Read More

Enhance Excel Chart Designs & Perform Advanced Data Analysis With XL Toolbox

If you’re a power user of Microsoft spreadsheet program – Excel, you might need some additional advance tools to manage and analyze your data flow, charts, formulas, and other different elements of workbook. XL Toolbox is an open source Excel addin which adds many tools and options to improve data analysis, flow, and data presentation. Apart from complementing Excel 2010's two important elements - Charts and Formulas, it empowers you by giving control over error bars, chart designs, and formula builder, while novel features to analyze variance (ANOVA), transposing columns / rows, and many other workbook management related features are also available. XL Toolbox also features a backup plan to help you save important workbooks immediately to prevent any sort of data loss. You can create backups at scheduled intervals, specify how many workbooks files will have to be regularly backed up, and change the backup plan anytime.Read More

Google Cloud Connect Syncs Microsoft Office Documents With Google Docs

If you’ve been following Google Docs improvements for a long time, you must have heard about Cloud Sync in November, last year. At that time it was offered to only few users for testing. Now that the private beta phase has come to an end, Google in conjunction with Microsoft has released this awesome add-in to the public. It works on MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications, including, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to seamlessly synchronize mutually supported documents, initiate simultaneous collaboration with others on the go, and to share documents with your friends and colleagues. It also brings other famous features of Google Docs, like, revision history to check the previously edited documents and instant backup to create document backup to MS Office applicationsRead More

Fix And Clean Multiple Chart Elements In Excel Workbook With Clear Charts

By comparing charts tweaking tools provided in Excel 2010 with previous versions, we can say that users gain more control over how charts would look in Excel 2010. Considering all the native features to insert, edit and remove chart axis labels, font size, colors, layouts, etc.,  an add-on claiming to automate the chart tweaking procedure must be used to quickly deal with multiple charts in your workbook. Clear Charts is one such plug-in which lets user clean and tweak all the charts that are present in your Excel workbook. It offers options to fix chart font sizes, axis labels & scaling, 3D effects, colors and other junk that comes by default with auto-generated charts.Read More

Analyze Formulas And Improve Excel 2010 Trace Precedents & Dependents Feature

Arixcel Explorer is an Excel add-in for analyzing formulas in depth. It enables you to find out all the cells positions and values which are related with the formula in question. Even Though Excel 2010 has an built-in feature to seek out precedents and dependants of formula visually by pointing out the cells which are either dependent or precedent of the cell carrying formula. Arixcel Explorer takes this very functionality to the next level, letting you view all the cells, ranges and nested functions of the selected formula in the same hierarchy in which they are applied.Read More

Add Classic Menu In Office 2010

Microsoft introduced a brilliant UI ribbon in Office suite applications in Office 2007 and revamped it in Office 2010. It seems great, flexible, scalable and easier-to-use but millions of users are still annoyed because of the fact that finding the right feature, tool, and options is difficult. The reason being, old menu items are dispersed in newly featured UI ribbon, also the fact that most users have gotten used to the old Classic Menu which could be found in Office 2003. UBitMenu is a small add-in which bundles almost every feature, tool, and option Office 2010 offers under single Menu tab providing all the classic menus and icons.Read More

Access 2010: Export Database Table To Excel 2010

Carrying out different operations in Access is not that easy, as RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) requires specific syntax & constraints to be followed. Thus, exporting an Access database table to Excel spreadsheet undoubtedly opens more options for performing different operations over data. Access 2010 lets user export database table promptly to Excel spreadsheet for analyzing database with feature & functionality that Excel contains.Read More

Find Correlation Between Datasets In Excel 2010

Excel 2010 supports a multitude of statistical functions that bring ease for calculating statistical data promptly. Amongst Stats functions, finding a correlation manually between two given datasets can be cumbersome, but with built-in Excel 2010 CORREL function, finding co-relation coefficient is a cinch. The function lets you easily calculate co-relation between any two given data sets or set of values. You need to specify the data range or values, it instantly shows you the co-relation between them. You can quickly apply applied CORREL function over required data sets by just copying the cell containing the CORREL function. All it requires is two simple arguments to be filled in the form of arrays. The Correlation values range from –1.0 to +1.0, implying +1.0 as best co-relation between datasets and converse is the case with –1.0.Read More

Excel 2010 EDATE function

Excel 2010 provides list of DATE function to calculate date value promptly, as it is a tedious job when going for it manually. EDATE is right function to be used for this sole purpose, it will instantly returns future or past date value as per specified condition.Read More

Create Organization Chart In Visio 2010 From Excel Spreadsheet

Creating an organization chart manually is a cumbersome job, as you need to indulge yourself in labyrinth of different organizational hierarchies. But setting up datasheet containing credentials of each employee with their team lead and subordinates’ detail is rather simple as you just have to do huge but easy data entries. In this post we will walk you through a simple procedure of creating organization chart in Visio 2010 via importing respective organization hierarchy datasheet from Excel.Read More

Copy Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Data As Linked Picture

With enhanced clipboard options included in Excel 2010, you can now copy & paste datasheet in different forms, such as; paste as link, as an image, with table formatting, values & source formatting, etc. This post covers how to copy datasheet content and paste it as a linked image for realtime synchronization.Read More