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Open, Edit, Modify And Export CSV To Excel With Tabular Data Editor

We have seen many CSV editors in past which claim to edit and export modified CSV file into Excel native formats – XLS and XLSX, but, in fact, almost every tool lacks in properly converting the comma separated values into Excel supported formats, leaving user with two, or even in some cases, three data rows jumbled up in a single column. Today we came across Tabular Data Editor which can seamlessly export comma delimited tabular data into Excel supported formats. Apart from supporting CSV file format, it can handle any type of file whose content is consistently delimited with a single character. With Tabular Data Editor, you can add rows, copy only selected data fields, set row/column height according the length of data sets, and apply filters over Field ID and Type by Equal, Contain, Start With, and by End With parameters.

Since it doesn’t restrict users to only modify CSV files, they can create a table by either pasting the values from clipboard or by entering data sets manually. Unlike many other CSV file handling utilities, it allows you to print the data on the fly. Furthermore, you can customize the UI and data font size, color and font family of inserted table.

To begin, click Open and specify the file which you want to edit. On the main toolbar, you have options to insert new row at the end and at current location, set row/column width and height, zoom in/out and finally, export data to Excel.

Tabular Data Editor

If you’ve imported a large CSV file, from Filter menu, you can apply different filters over field id and data type to view and edit one specific part of file.

csv 3

Once you’ve done editing CSV file, click Excel button to export the data sets in Excel XLSX format. It will instantly open Excel worksheet, letting you adjust rows and columns along with data values.

excel 2

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Tabular Data Editor

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