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Analyze Formulas And Improve Excel 2010 Trace Precedents & Dependents Feature

Arixcel Explorer is an Excel add-in for analyzing formulas in depth. It enables you to find out all the cells positions and values which are related with the formula in question. Even Though Excel 2010 has an built-in feature to seek out precedents and dependants of formula visually by pointing out the cells which are either dependent or precedent of the cell carrying formula. Arixcel Explorer takes this very functionality to the next level, letting you view all the cells, ranges and nested functions of the selected formula in the same hierarchy in which they are applied.

You will find it under Add-ins tab. To find out formula’s dependants/precedents, just select the formula cell and click Airxcel Explorer button. It will bring a dialog to explore the formula hierarchy, all the elements which are encapsulated in the formula can be explored. The bottom pane shows the complete formula, clicking the data range will lead you to the location where the respective cells are located.


Using this tool, you can separately inspect each element by navigating through each cell/range or reference which connects one or more ranges with each other. The root element can be reached by clicking to top position in the formula.

According to the developer, the add-in helps in breaking down complex formulas into chunks for understanding the logic in a better and easy way. For instance, if you’re intending to build a long if-else construct, this tool will help you out to ease the implementation.

It runs on Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

Download Arixcel Explorer

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