Pin Live Tiles & Get Push Notifications For Facebook Pages On Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s Facebook integration has always been pretty good, thanks to its presence in the People hub, along with a decent Facebook client. While Mango users have had some complaints regarding push notifications in the past, they work pretty flawlessly on WP8. Having said that, there is a limit to the kind of content that is pushed to users via notifications. If you follow a lot of Facebook pages, there is no way of getting notified whenever there is some new activity on them. That’s where Pages comes handy. This aptly named Windows Phone app has been designed to let users pin Facebook pages to their Start screen, and configure notifications for them. The app also offers quite a good way to discover pages and make your timeline more interesting. Read More

Create Custom, Combined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr Feeds With mybucketz

There are too many social networks out there, and too little time to keep up with all of them. In all fairness, not everything that appears in your news feed or timeline is worth reading, nor is it all equally important. mybucketz is a web service to bring more organization to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr feeds. It lets you create ‘buckets’ of your friends or people you are following on these networks. These buckets then act as groups for reading updates only from the people you've added to them. It does take time to create buckets and organize all your contacts into them but once done with this one-time process, your feed reading experience will become much better. At the very least, it will be free of updates from apps, and promoted or sponsored content. Read More

How To Remove Facebook Suggested Pages & Posts In Firefox

Facebook suggests friends for you to add and pages that you might like, which is fine; as the suggestions are presented on the right in a very unobtrusive manner. You can easily ignore them when you’re reading your feed, but the same can’t be said for the suggested and promoted stories that appear in your News feed. Promoted and suggested posts/pages can easily be mistaken as items in your feed if you miss the ‘promoted’ or ‘suggested’ sign. We covered Hide Facebook Suggested Posts for Chrome last year that allowed you to hide the suggested posts. If you've been looking for a Firefox add-on that does the same, look no further. Remove Facebook Suggested Pages and Posts takes care of blocking both suggested posts and promoted stories (from pages and from users) from Facebook on Firefox. Read More

Sync Facebook Photo Albums With Your PC The Dropbox Way Using Drop N Sync

Facebook has become a one stop shop for all kind of social networking, media sharing, and promoting your business/venture without costing a dime, but it’s apparently the internet giant’s photo sharing feature that is used the most. Previously, we've covered various desktop tools and browser extensions/add-ons that let you upload images to your Facebook account, and today, we've got yet another one at your disposal called Drop N Sync. It’s an intuitive desktop application that makes uploading your photos to Facebook a breeze. It lets you synchronize your existing Facebook albums with your PC, which makes the process of downloading and uploading new photos to Facebook completely hassle-free, in a Dropbox-like manner. Lets dig deeper into it and see how it works after the break. Read More

Easily Design Custom Tabs With Media Content For Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are so common that everyone and their cat seems to have one. Though easy to create, they can prove to be somewhat difficult to customize for the average Joe, especially when it comes to tasks like adding multimedia to a tab. Tab Creator is a Facebook app that gives you an excellent tab creator and editor for your Facebook Pages. It allows you to create new tabs and provides built-in templates for Pages related to music, photography, artists, restaurants, online shops, and real estate. You can also create a blank tab, and use Tab Creator's excellent editor to add elements to it. Taking hint from Photoshop, each element that you add to a Page represents a layer, and layers can be organized any way you want. Read on for more information. Read More

PhotoSun 14 Is A Lightweight Photo Editor With Effects, Facebook Integration & More

Every once in a while, a new photo editor tosses its hat in the ring to grab users’ attention (and money too, at times), promising something unique or phenomenal. While the choices available in this department are apparently endless, only a few photo editors offer powerful editing options that instantly make them worthy of  a shot. Developed by Micranes Incorporated, PhotoSun 14 is a new Photo Editor for Windows that's jam-packed with features, doesn’t hog your system’s performance, and does exactly what’s it advertised for without adding a plethora of other features you might not likely need. Read More

Atrium Is A Faster, Lightweight Facebook App For Android

The official Facebook Android app may have finally gone native in its last major update but despite that, it hasn't been able to impress many users with its speed improvements. As a result, avid Facebookers are left with no choice but to keep looking for better, faster and more responsive companion apps to keep connected to their social world through their mobile devices. Developed by XDA member radiantbits, Atrium is an unofficial Facebook app for Android that seems to have all the makings of a worthy Facebook mobile client. To begin with, the Holo-esque UI of the app is quite neatly built, allowing you to post status updates, check in to your favorite places, share photos & videos, chat with online friends, enjoy high quality photos in full screen, and explore detailed user profiles with ease. Atrium also lets you set a custom time interval to sync your Facebook content, this preventing it from constantly running in the background to save you precious battery life. More to follow. Read More

Easily Capture Facebook Statuses, Blur Names & Share To Imgur From Chrome

Everyone has friends on Facebook who happen to post updates funny or ridiculous enough to warrant being shared with the rest of the world via Twitter or Reddit. No matter how you share what your friends wrote, it's always smart (and is the norm) to blur out their names, profile pictures and any other information that might aid in identifying them. Status Snapper is a Chrome extension built solely for this purpose. It takes a screenshot of whichever update you select from your Facebook feed, automatically blurs names, places and profile pictures out, and uploads the resulting image to Imgur. Read More

Access, Manage & Share Cloud & Social Media Content With CloudKafe

A decade ago, no one probably thought that cloud computing and social network applications would dominate our lives in such a short span of time. Though with so many such services and products at your disposal from the likes of Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, it can become quite difficult to keep a track of all of them in their separate apps. Thankfully, we've seen several apps for many platforms that let you manage them all from one interface, and CloudKafe is the latest to join that club. This web app allows to access, manage and share your content from many major cloud, social networking and image sharing sites and applications from a single window with ease. Read More

Chat & Share Dropbox Files With Nearby iPhone Users With ProxToMe

Sharing photos with nearby people using Bluetooth isn’t much of an issue even on iOS, since the App Store offers plenty of apps for this purpose. When it comes to sending and receiving other files though, things get a little tricky. Sharing music, videos and documents takes some extra effort, but recently some easy ways of doing this have finally started to emerge. ProxToMe is a new iOS app that allows you to connect with other users of the service who are nearby to chat with them and send them any file stored in your Dropbox account. The app uses Bluetooth to find the nearby users. Any files that you receive can be stored in the ProxToMe folder created by the app in your Dropbox. Read More

Rundavoo For iPhone Lets You Plan Events With Friends On The Go

About a month ago, we covered GrouPlay - an app that lets users collaborate on choosing the music for a gathering. Before you get to the point of selecting music for your party though, you have to choose a place, invite everyone and fix a time that is convenient for all the guests. Usually, any event’s planner decides upon a venue and time before sending out the invitations, but changes can invariably be made later when people start giving their feedback. Won’t it be more sensible to collaborate with the invitees before finalizing an event’s specifics? Rundavoo is an iPhone app that invites your contacts to an event and asks them for suggestions regarding the time and vanue. All events created using the app are synced with your default iOS calendar, and come with chat rooms of their own to allow easy interaction. Read More

Broadcast & Discuss Videos On Facebook In Real-Time With LiveLens

Thanks to the likes of Strimz and VtweetIT, Android users have quite a few live video broadcasting apps at their disposal to share their life’s memorable events on two of the biggest social networks of the present age: Facebook and Twitter. Talking of broadcasting videos on Facebook in real-time from your Android device, LiveLens is a free app that serves the purpose quite aptly. Unlike Strimz, LiveLens supports way more features and offers you better control over who gets to see your live videos on the network. In addition, LiveLens is capable of storing your video recordings on its cloud, meaning you and your friends can stream the content as many times as required. The app also has a built-in video library that lets you manage your personal LiveLens recordings and stream videos shared by your friends. Read More

How To Add Your Facebook Notifications Feed To Any RSS Reader

Facebook gives you lots of ways to keep up with your feed; you can rely on Push notifications from the Facebook app on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device, or get SMS alerts if you don’t own a smartphone. One of the lesser-known ways to keep up with your notifications is via RSS feed. It is common knowledge that if you have subscribed to someone on Facebook, you can get RSS updates from them. Though not many know that you can also get your own notifications in your RSS reader. This post details the very simple way of doing just that. Read More

KeepApp Offers A Combined Timeline For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare On Android

If your social contacts spread across multiple online networks and you find it tough keeping track of their activities on your mobile device through a bunch of different apps, KeepApp might save the day for you. It is a social network aggregator for Android capable of displaying the latest activity from as many as four major networks: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter. Through a Holo-themed, unified timeline UI, you can take a peek at what’s happening on each of the four networks and interact with the posts in various ways. Though not the only app of its kind, KeepApp is special in that it lets you view last updated status of each supported network even in offline mode, just like the stock apps for these services. It also lets you directly download images contained within posts from all supported networks. In addition, it keeps you informed of your Twitter updates via push notifications, and supports natively posting retweets and @Mentions, complete with image support. Read More

Social Tiles For iOS Is A Modern UI Pinboard For Twitter Profiles & Facebook Pages

Some apps don’t do much, but are so good-looking that one just gets lured into use them once in a while based on their looks alone. Social Tiles might appear to be one such app at first, but there is more to it than a shiny interface. If you are the admin of a Facebook page or just want to keep an eye on the popularity of your Twitter profile, Social Tiles can be of use. The app lets you pin any public Facebook page or Twitter profile to its home screen, where you will be shown stats portraying the account’s fame. There is no limit on the number of accounts that can be monitored via Social Tiles, and the best part is that you don’t even need to sign in to your account to use the app. Social Tiles can also offer some really good quotes that can be shared to your social network accounts with a single tap. Read More

Facebook For iOS Gets Voice Messages, Video Sharing & A Better Nearby Tab

At the beginning of this month, Facebook Messenger’s Android and iOS clients got updated with voice messaging. The Android app for Facebook received the same feature a few days later, and now the iOS variant has also been updated to let you attach audio recordings with your messages. The latest update adds some other changes to the mix as well; you can finally record and share videos without having to leave the app. There is no apparent change in the photo sharing menu, but once you initiate the camera, you now get the option to switch between image and video capture. The Nearby tab has been revamped, and you get to apply a variety of filters while performing a search in nearby locations. It is even possible to look for interesting places only in a particular area of the map. Read More

Browse Instagram In A Beautiful Pinterest-Like Layout With

Instagram rolled out profiles last year, complete with a Facebook-like cover photo. While the interface is lacking in many basic features, still something is better than nothing. There have been many services in the past to give you a web interface for Instagram even before it had one of its own, and is the newest member of the list. What makes it different however, is its Pinterest-like approach to displaying the images that have been shared on the service. It also makes it considerably easier to find new users, by grouping them under categories. You can view a single user’s images by clicking on their username. You can also like images, comment on them, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Read More

Serendip Brings Non-Stop Crowd-Sourced Music Streams To iPhone

Gone are the days when everyone just relied on their phone or iPod’s local music library to listen to songs. With the advent of 3G and easy availability of Wi-Fi at many public places, a lot of us services like SoundCloud and YouTube to stream content on the go. Another advantage of these services is the ease with which you can discover new artists and songs. Serendip combines the concepts of music discovery and social networking with non-stop streaming to provide you with an online radio of sorts curated by your friends and other users of the service. Serendip’s web service has been around for quite a while, but now you can enjoy its personalized audio streams on your iPhone as well. Serendip for iOS has everything that the web variant offers; you can follow friends from your social networks and discover other Serendip users who share your musical taste. The app offers endless streaming, which means you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket repeatedly to select the next song. Read More

2ya Is An Android & iOS Facebook Chat App With Built-In Content Discovery & Sharing

Multipurpose third-party Facebook chat apps are nothing new for Android and iOS users, but you won’t find too many options sporting an integrated search tool to help you find the exact item of interest that you wish to share with your friends. Say hello to Sprylogics International’s 2ya – an unofficial cross-platform Facebook messenger for Android and iOS that adds content discovery and sharing capabilities to the mix. With 2ya, you no longer have to worry about leaving the chat interface and switch to the Facebook app or the browser to search for something that you intend to share with your friends. Instead, the app itself presents you with a dedicated search and content discovery tool capable of helping you look for and share a variety of content including YouTube videos, nearby bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes & theaters, people, custom locations, movies and what not! Once your required item is found, you can share it with a mere swipe. Each category supported by 2ya offers extensive details, and the best part is that your recipient doesn’t even need to be running the 2ya client on their end to receive the shared information. Read More

Design & Send Real-Life Birthday Cards To Facebook Friends From Your iPhone

Apple’s own Cards service and Ink Cards for iOS and Android provide an excellent way to let your friends and family know you're thinking of them without having to leave your house to buy or mail post cards. These apps let you design and send real-life greeting cards to your contacts, all from your mobile device. Recently, some other developers have started venturing into this genre of apps, Birthday Cards by Cleverbug for iOS being the hottest new entrant. The app’s main focus is birthday cards, and it doubles as a reminder app for upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends. The thing that makes Birthday Cards stand out from among other similar apps is its ability to automatically incorporate photos of your friends into the cards you are making for them. It is also possible to put pictures into templates manually, and of course, to enter personalized text into cards before you place an order for their printing and postage. Read More