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How To Create And Share Memes From Inside Facebook Messenger

Memes, GIFs, and emoticons are widely used in chat conversations. Where most chat apps have emoticons and GIFs covered, memes are a different story. Facebook Messenger lets you search for GIFs and has an entire library of stickers for your conversation. If you’re looking for a way to quickly create a meme inside Facebook Messenger, MemeGenerator Bot is Facebook Messenger Bot that will do just that. The bot not only finds the meme you need but also lets you add custom text to it. Here’s how it works.

Visit MemeGenerator and send it the name of the meme you want to create. The bot can search for memes by name, e.g., ‘One does not simply walk into mordor’ or you can search for a meme by typing the name of a character that appears in the meme e.g., Sponge Bob. You’ll get several choices that you can scroll through. Tap ‘Use this meme’ to select a meme from the results.

MemeGenerator MemeGenerator-select

The bot will then ask you to send the top text i.e. the line of text that appears at the top of the image. Next, it will ask you to send the bottom text. You can skip entering either one if you want by tapping the ‘Skip’ button.

MemeGenerator-top-text MemeGenerator-bottom-text

The meme is generated within seconds and sent to you as an image. You can forward it to any Facebook Messenger contact. The bot can of course be used from both the Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and Android, and from the Facebook Messenger web app.

MemeGenerator is a pretty awesome way to add custom memes to a conversation without ever having to leave the app. It’s also quick and means you won’t have to install an app specifically for creating memes or use meme generators. Visit MemeGenerator and start a conversation by entering the name of the meme you want to create.

Visit MemeGenerator

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