OpinionCloud Creates A Word Cloud To Summarize YouTube & Flickr Comments [Chrome, Firefox]

Comments on popular services like Flickr and YouTube can be quite useful when you want to find out what the crowd thinks about a particular video or photo, but at the same time, too many comments can make things complicated, especially if they span multiple pages. OpinionCloud, a Chrome extension and Firefox Add-on, changes the way you read user comments on YouTube and Flickr. It does this by summarizing comments into a negative and positive word cloud of sorts, providing an overview of the overall public opinion. The bigger the word, the more common its occurrence is, and the colors denote positive or negative points of view. Moreover, clicking one of the words pulls up a list of related comments. All of this appears underneath the video, and you can easily toggle the keywords on and off by clicking the OpinionCloud button. With it, you can simply  and look at decent videos and photos that actually interest you. Read More

CloudMagic: Unified Real-Time Search For Twitter, Gmail, Contacts, Google Docs & More [Extension]

CloudMagic is a Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you search across multiple services, such as Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Twitter and more. The extension lets you speedily search all your registered services and presents unified results. It also offers instant email message previews, as well as drag-and-drop feature for search results. CloudMagic lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type, and works across multiple services. Moreover, the Quick Preview feature allows you to quickly view and copy data from existing emails while composing new ones. The extension is easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly with your Gmail and Twitter interface. Read More

FVD Speed Dial: Customizable New Tab Page With Powerful Options [Firefox/ Chrome]

FVD Speed Dial gives your new tab page a gorgeous layout consisting of bookmarks, custom background, custom dials, groups, most visited links and much more. The extension is highly customizable and allows you create your own speed dials, along with a Most Visited category that automatically populates the sites you visit most often. Each dial contains a group with the full list of URLs visited by you, related to that domain. Additionally, you can add any dial from the Most Visited category. Another great feature of the extension is that if you’ve closed a page or multiple pages earlier, you can always reopen them by clicking the Recently Closed category. You can block URLs from the speed dial, change the background color and more. Also, you can group speed dials in to different groups, such as default, work, home etc. Read More

Briteclick: Search, Reference & Shopping Through A Customizable Sidebar [Extension]

Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to leave our email or current webpage to access relevant information from various sources? Briteclick is an innovative search tool that makes finding information and completing tasks on the internet much easier and faster. After installing the extension, all you have to do is highlight keywords and get intelligent search results, neatly organized in a slick sidebar. This Chrome and Firefox extension lets you instantly view results from popular sources, like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay and much more. Briteclick tailors results based on the keywords you search and presents them in a convenient sidebar, so you never have to leave the current page to open multiple tabs. Read More

Tab Badge: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs In Firefox

Recently, we covered a Chrome extension called Icon Badger that displays a count of unread messages or items on the favicons of various popular websites for pinned tabs. Tab Badge is a similar add-on for Firefox that adds a small badge to your tabs to alert you, for instance, when you have new messages and notifications on websites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and others. The add-on makes the badge visible even when the tab is pinned, so you can always see when something new comes up. Moreover, you can access the Options to change the background and foreground color for the badge. Read More

Switch: Transfer All Tabs In Current Window To Another Browser [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few extensions that allow you to send your currently open tabs from one browser to another. These extensions, although not for the general web surfer, are nonetheless useful for developers and designers who need to check how their developments are rendered across different browsers. The slight drawback with these extensions is that not all browsers have one such extension available, not all extensions work the same, and you might have compatibility issues if any one of the browsers is updated. Switch is a free Mac app that goes above and beyond all this, (literally - it sits in the Menu bar) and allows you to send all open tabs in the current window to anyone of the browsers that you have installed. Read More

Cinetonic: Watch YouTube Videos With Theater Effects [Firefox/ Chrome]

If you're bored of watching YouTube videos in the same old interface and want to experience the infamous video service in a different way, then Cinetonic is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you need. This handy tool lets you search YouTube videos right from your toolbar and displays them in a slick, cinema-like interface. Moreover, you can apply different color schemes to the interface and auto-replay videos. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the player's volume by rolling the mouse wheel over the video. Video search results can also be sorted by Relevance, Upload date, View Count, Rating, HD and 3D. Read More

Print/ Convert Multiple Websites As Single PDF Document In Firefox

There are many add-ons available for Firefox that let you convert single webpages to PDF documents, but if you want to create a PDF document from multiple webpages, tabs or bookmarks, then Print pages to Pdf is just what you need. This Firefox add-on can be fully customized, including the layout of the PDF that is created, such as its paper size, margins and more. The add-on allows automatic creation of outlines, as well as doing so manually, and headers or footers for every page can be provided. Websites can be edited prior to conversion, so that they contain only text, or both text and images. Read More

Waveface Brings Together Your Photos & Notes From Multiple Devices

In today’s digital age, we use several devices to capture and save information that we come up with or come across. We use our phone cameras to capture images, and our computers, phones and tablets to jot down notes. There are several web services available that help us keep this information in sync and available across multiple devices. However, most of the time, such services are either a part of a larger service (like Facebook) or too laden with features that many users might simply not require (think Picasa or Flickr). For the minimalists amongst us that need just one stream of all their notes and photos readily available across all their devices in a simple interface, there is Waveface. Read More

Browse Internet In 3D Using Mozilla Firefox 11 [Tip]

Not everything on the internet is there for productivity – sometimes you just do things because they’re fun, and because you can do them. Firefox browser has never been my personal favorite when it comes to picking the best (it’s just a personal preference for Chrome – I don’t have any facts to back it up with), but Firefox 11 came with a very intriguing aesthetic tool that is pure fun to play with, even if not that useful. Most of the seasoned Firefox users should already be familiar with the rather extensive Web Developer tools that come with Firefox, but with the 11th iteration of the browser, Mozilla has included an experimental 3D browsing view, enabling you to explore the internet in 3D! Read on to find out more. Read More

Browsizer: Customize & Switch Between Different Window Sizes [Firefox]

Browsizer allows you to switch between different window sizes and positions through the toolbar. If you like to have your web browser at a certain size for certain tasks, then this add-on can be quite useful.  By default, this Firefox add-on has three preconfigured dimensions, viz., 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768. These can either be deleted, or you can add new ones. The add-on is fully customizable, and the dimensions are displayed right next to the address bar. Simply right-click the dimension in the toolbar to access all other dimensions in a tiny pop-up, select one, and the browser window will instantly switch to the selected size. Read More

Transform The Location Bar Into A Breadcrumb Display [Firefox]

Location Bar Enhancer changes the location bar of Firefox into a Breadcrumb display, with rich and interactive features. This handy add-on displays the URL in a Breadcrumb trail manner, with visual tags for easy identification, and also provides an easy to access context menu for each part. With it, you can quickly access the original URL in plain text, either by clicking the right of the last part, or Ctrl+ hover your mouse over any part. Moreover, each part can be dragged and dropped to any location, for instance, the Bookmarks toolbar, Bookmarks folder, tab, desktop or any other folder. The add-on also Includes a feature for detecting and replacing gibberish parts of the URL with meaningful text. Furthermore, the options allow you to fully customize the add-on according to your preference. Read More

Set Default Browser In Windows 8 For Links From 3rd Party/Desktop Apps

If you’ve decided to take Windows 8 for a spin, but aren’t up for using Internet Explorer as your default web browser, then you can download whichever browser you were using in Windows 7, set it as your default browser and all should be right with the world. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as Internet Explorer will remain the default browser for links opened via external applications. If you receive a new email notification on Gtalk, clicking it will open Gmail in Internet Explorer. Although whichever browser you set as the default browser will appear so in its own settings, the default behavior will be limited to all actions done within the browser. This post looks at how you can set a browser as the default program when opening links from external applications. Read More

Switch To Different Screen Modes With Full Screen Plus [Firefox]

Full Screen Plus, a Firefox add-on, allows you to switch between full-screen, full-screen with navigator bar, maximized window or restored window from any other window state. If you like to have your web browser at a certain size for certain tasks, then this add-on can be quite useful. The add-on adds eight small buttons right next to the address bar, but users can also add a one large button to switch between the two different full screen modes. After installing this add-on, right-click the six buttons to change the pattern and layout. You can either display four buttons or one large button at a time. It also allows you to move a particular Firefox window to another monitor without having to drag it. Read More

FDock: Group Similar Tabs & Quickly Launch Bookmarks [Firefox]

FDock is a Firefox add-on that adds a tab dock to your browser window. The dock houses bookmarks and the tabs you have open. Instead of going through the Tab bar which gets cluttered when you have too many tabs open, you can use the dock to preview your tabs and switch to them. It groups tabs from the same website into a single icon and if there are multiple items in a group, clicking the button in the toolbar opens a menu, listing the open tabs. The dock can be positioned to any side of the browser window and also has an autohide feature. Groups of tabs come with three basic colors, yellow for a tab that is currently selected, green for a tab that has been opened in the background but has not been visited and blue for a tab that has changed title. Read More

Image Resizer/Scaler: Drag To Resize Images On Websites [Firefox]

Images available on the internet come in different sizes and resolutions and should the size of the image be too small, you have to zoom in a web page to get a better look. Although a simple solution, it also means the rest of the content on the web page will be enlarged and take up space. Image Resizer is a simple Firefox add-on that provides users the ability to resize or scale images on any website by simply dragging them. The extension is basically built to help those who often come across websites, which have either very small or very large images. Using Image Resizer, you don't have to manually zoom in/out the page; it resizes only images without changing the default size or view mode of the page. To increase the size of the image, hold the left mouse button on the image, and start moving the mouse outward towards the bottom-right to increase the size. To return the image to its original size, right click it. You can also maximize the image by double-clicking it. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

MultiFirefox: Run Multiple Versions Of Firefox At Once [Mac]

Around the mid of 2010, we reviewed Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection, a windows application that allowed you to run multiple versions of Firefox at the same time. Normally, it isn’t possible to install and use more than one version unless you are on the Nightly or Beta channel. MultiFirefox is a Mac app that functions similarly on Mac; it allows you to create profiles and run any number of different Firefox versions at the same time. The app has both a Dutch and an English version, and occasionally, the Dutch bits leak over and show up on the English version, but other than that, the app works without a glitch. Read More

Firefox 10: Now With Add-on Compatibility, Full-Screen Web Apps, UI Tweaks & More [Download]

Firefox 10 is now available for download, with some major improvements and changes. The new version automatically hides the Forward button until you navigate back, and supports full-screen APIs for web apps and utilities that can use the entire display. Moreover, add-on compatibility is now supported by default. Mozilla has also designed the ESR feature (Extended Support Release) for companies and organizations that can not keep up with the rapid new version release, after every six weeks. The ESR releases will only increase by a minor version, whenever Firefox’s standard version goes through a major version update. Read More

Search For Similar Images On Google By Drawing Them [Web]

Unofficial Google Image Search By Drawing is a web application that allows you to search Google Images by drawing shapes and anything else you like. You can perform Google Image Search by drawing anything in the box, take pictures from your webcam, or simply drag & drop images from your computer into the box.  Click the Search by Drawing button and results will instantly be displayed. The service offers users with multiple colors and different pencil sizes, which can be changed by moving the slider. Read More

Side Tabs Arranges Tabs In A Vertical Toolbar [Firefox]

Side Tabs is a Firefox add-on that arranges tabs in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. It’s a cosmetic change for those of you who prefer to have tabs cascaded along the side of the browser window. You might not favor it if you’re working on a small or relatively small screen but for larger screens, it’s better than having the tabs at the top where the title, at some point, will be truncated. It simply moves your tabs to the left side of your browser, and is great for widescreen monitors or for people who keep many tabs open at the same time. Using the default tabs in Firefox can be frustrating when you have 20 or more open tabs, and have to scroll back and forth in the tab bar to find the right one. With Side Tabs, tab management and access is easier. Recently, we covered a similar add-on, Tab Sidebar Reloaded, which was more advanced and had more features, giving each tab history, reload and stop options, and displaying website thumbnails in the sidebar. Side Tabs provides the same functionality but with fewer options; however, it should be noted that the add-on is intentionally very minimalistic, and is intended for users who want to keep things simple. The add-on provides the option to position the tabs at the right of the screen but it defaults to the right. Read More