MultiFirefox: Run Multiple Versions Of Firefox At Once [Mac]

Around the mid of 2010, we reviewed Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection, a windows application that allowed you to run multiple versions of Firefox at the same time. Normally, it isn’t possible to install and use more than one version unless you are on the Nightly or Beta channel. MultiFirefox is a Mac app that functions similarly on Mac; it allows you to create profiles and run any number of different Firefox versions at the same time. The app has both a Dutch and an English version, and occasionally, the Dutch bits leak over and show up on the English version, but other than that, the app works without a glitch. Read More

Firefox 10: Now With Add-on Compatibility, Full-Screen Web Apps, UI Tweaks & More [Download]

Firefox 10 is now available for download, with some major improvements and changes. The new version automatically hides the Forward button until you navigate back, and supports full-screen APIs for web apps and utilities that can use the entire display. Moreover, add-on compatibility is now supported by default. Mozilla has also designed the ESR feature (Extended Support Release) for companies and organizations that can not keep up with the rapid new version release, after every six weeks. The ESR releases will only increase by a minor version, whenever Firefox’s standard version goes through a major version update. Read More

Search For Similar Images On Google By Drawing Them [Web]

Unofficial Google Image Search By Drawing is a web application that allows you to search Google Images by drawing shapes and anything else you like. You can perform Google Image Search by drawing anything in the box, take pictures from your webcam, or simply drag & drop images from your computer into the box.  Click the Search by Drawing button and results will instantly be displayed. The service offers users with multiple colors and different pencil sizes, which can be changed by moving the slider. Read More

Side Tabs Arranges Tabs In A Vertical Toolbar [Firefox]

Side Tabs is a Firefox add-on that arranges tabs in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. It’s a cosmetic change for those of you who prefer to have tabs cascaded along the side of the browser window. You might not favor it if you’re working on a small or relatively small screen but for larger screens, it’s better than having the tabs at the top where the title, at some point, will be truncated. It simply moves your tabs to the left side of your browser, and is great for widescreen monitors or for people who keep many tabs open at the same time. Using the default tabs in Firefox can be frustrating when you have 20 or more open tabs, and have to scroll back and forth in the tab bar to find the right one. With Side Tabs, tab management and access is easier. Recently, we covered a similar add-on, Tab Sidebar Reloaded, which was more advanced and had more features, giving each tab history, reload and stop options, and displaying website thumbnails in the sidebar. Side Tabs provides the same functionality but with fewer options; however, it should be noted that the add-on is intentionally very minimalistic, and is intended for users who want to keep things simple. The add-on provides the option to position the tabs at the right of the screen but it defaults to the right. Read More

Best 150 Browser Extensions And Web Apps Of 2011 [Editor’s Pick]

Whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC, you’re still using the same internet. Your online peeves, annoyances and frustrations are similar, and you are likely to look for the same kind of services and apps. In 2011, we covered hundreds of web apps, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Some aimed to help you find simple solutions, like printing only relevant parts of a web page, while others helped you design webpage mockups. Here’s a round up of the best web apps and extensions we covered last year. Read More

Play All YouTube Videos In A Specified Default Quality [Firefox]

YouTube plays videos in 360p by default, and in 480p when videos are viewed in full screen. Some users with limited bandwidth might prefer to view YouTube videos in low quality, while others may always like to watch their videos in HD. Users who want to watch videos in a different resolution have to change the quality every time they watch a new video. This whole process involves a lot of unnecessary clicking. Youtube Video Quality Manager, an add-on for Firefox, can be of great help for all such users, as it allows them to set a different default quality, and this pre-specified quality is then automatically set on all YouTube videos, provided that the particular resolution is available. All you have to do is click the Q icon in the status bar and, select a your desired, predefined quality. Read More

Tabsflip: Switch Between Multiple Tabs In Windows Flip 3D Style [Extension]

Working with several tabs in Firefox can become quite confusing, and if you find it difficult to remember all your opened websites, then a browser extension, Tabsflip, provides users with an instant thumbnail preview of all the opened tabs in a pop-up menu, which conveniently allows you to switch between multiple tabs. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can easily switch between tabs using Shift+A and Shift+S button combination to access a preview pop-up, which displays thumbnails of all your open tabs. The Shift+A combination pops out a preview panel, whereas the Shift+S combination lets you scroll between the tab thumbnails, so you can select one and focus on it. TabsFlip gives Chrome and Firefox browsers a new way to switch between browser tabs. Read More

What Causes Web Browser Loyalty & Browser Betrayal In People?

Some common questions that can stir up a war in the most peaceful of situations are; iPhone or Android? Mac or Windows? Cats or Dogs? Why do these simple and harmless questions cause us to argue as if the life of a loved one depends on us being right and the other person being wrong? Possibly because it is our conviction that we’re using the best product there is. Something very similar happens if you try and tell someone they use an inferior web browser and that they should switch over to a better one aka the one you use. This post discusses what might be going on in a person’s head when they choose to stick to a web browser. People have been known to switch browsers and if you’ve been following recent stats, you’ll know that Chrome has beaten Firefox and that Internet Explorer is losing its user base. The question is what makes a person switch from one browser to another and what earns a browser a user’s loyalty? Read More

Surfon: Send/Sync Tabs Across Browsers & Computers [Browser Extension]

If you regularly switch computers or browsers, and don’t want to lose your open tabs, then Surfon, a browser extension, can be the perfect solution for you. It lets users save tabs on one browser or computer, and access them from another. The extension uses the Surfon web service, and is available for major browsers such as, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It can especially come in handy when you’re short on time, and want to view webpages later, on a different computer or browser. Save pages by accessing the right-click context menu, or click the button in the toolbar to save multiple tabs. Once you’ve saved your tabs, open all of them in a different browser or computer with only a single click. Read More

Visual Hashing Adds Incorrect Password Detection In Firefox & Chrome

Do you often find yourself mistyping your passwords, especially when you’re in a hurry? Mistyping a password is more likely to occur when you’re in a hurry but it can also happen if you’re trying to multi-tasking, if you have recently changed your password and keep entering the old one or, if you have multiple accounts on the same website. With Visual Hashing, an extension for Chrome & Firefox, you no longer need to worry about typing wrong passwords. After you’ve installed the add-on/extension, you'll be able to see a four-color visual hash in every password field, and the hash will change colors as you type. You can think of the hash as being a color impression of your password. Somewhat like a fingerprint for the characters you type, each character has a corresponding color to it that identifies it. When you’ve correctly typed your password, the final color hash is the unique combination for it. With time, you'll remember the colors associated with each password, enabling you to detect mistyped passwords and prevent you from entering wrong ones. Read More

Firefox 9 Available For Download, JavaScript Performance Increased By 20-30%

Firefox 9 is now available for download, with some huge performance improvements. One of the features Firefox 9 has introduced, is the Type Inference, which basically improves the JavaScript performance. This new feature can speed up the browser’s JavaScript performance by up to 30%, and comes with better integration with OS X and lots of stability enhancements. Also, many other stability enhancements and bug fixes have been added to the new version. Firefox 9 is not yet available through the official update channel, but you can easily download it from official Mozilla website. Read More

Mind iT Is Online Bookmarking Service With Mind-Map Arrangement [Web]

Mind iT is an online bookmarking tool which organizes bookmarks in a graphical, mind-map like representation. This web application can come in particularly handy when you are researching a topic, or when you’ve got multiple bookmarks related to the same subject. The app is free, and only requires a simple sign up. The visual representations that Mind iT creates are known as LinkMaps, and you can add up to 25 maps, which should be more than enough for most users. Read More

Restore Twitter Timeline To The Left With User Script

Twitter just revamped their web layout and it is definitely appealing. As opposed to text links, they have gone with buttons and they’ve also flipped things over, literally. Before the revamp, suggested users to follow, trending topics and your account summary appeared in a column on the right while the column on the left was made up entirely of your Timeline. The new design has moved the Timeline to the right and not everyone might be comfortable with it. Fellow geeks at How-To Geek have created a user script Fix Twitter for Chrome and Firefox  that should put the Timeline back where it belongs. Read More

Google Search Link Fix: View Actual Links For Google Search Results [Firefox]

Google Search Link Fix is a Firefox add-on that prevents Google search from modifying result links when clicked. Google search changes the result link to something different instead of showing you the actual URL, and this can be quite frustrating, as even when you right-click a link, you get some gibberish instead of the actual link. Google Search Link Fix disables this behavior on any Google domain, and allows you to view and copy the actual links. All you need to do is install the add-on, and get rid of this annoying behavior. Read More

Informational Tab For Firefox Adds A Progress Bar & Thumbnails To Tabs

Want to know how much time a page will take to load? Informational Tab, a Firefox add-on, adds a progress meter and a thumbnail to each tab. This provides thumbnail style preview for each tab, and indicates unread/unviewed tabs. Informational Tab gives you a better browsing experience by visualizing how long a page takes to load. In addition to that, you can also view the thumbnails of webpages on tabs, which makes it easier to identify the contents for multiple tabs. The add-on also allows you to change the size of tabs, color of the progress bar, change the position of the close button, and more. Details after the break. Read More

Facebook Auto-Logout Expires Session 60 Seconds After Tab Is Closed [Firefox]

Have you ever logged into Facebook from a public computer and then forgotten to log out? As careful as you are, this is something that can happen to anyone. Even if you deligently log out of all sites you’re signed in to whenever you get up from a computer, the chance that you might forget is still there.  It isn’t just public computers that you have to be careful about; if you share a computer with a family member or often check your Facebook account at work then leaving your account logged in can be detrimental. Facebook Auto-Logout, a very simple but handy Firefox add-on, easily circumvents this by logging you out of Facebook automatically after a predefined period of inactivity, defaulting at a minute after you close your Facebook tab, or when you completely quit Firefox. All Facebook cookies are removed, so you're not traceable at least by these cookies, and the best part is that you don’t have to go through any options or settings - it just works automatically! Read More

Translate Menu: Translate Webpages & Terms via Right-Click Context Menu [Firefox]

Firefox is truly feature rich and while people who use other browsers will argue otherwise, it’s hard to deny that this browser isn’t good or that developers prefer it over most other browsers. While the browser is great, it’s ‘differentiated’ from others by the excess or lack of a few features. In Chrome, if you visit a webpage that isn’t in your local language, it automatically asks you if you want to translate it and works with Google Translate to give you a hint of what the page is about. Firefox does not have a translate option. Translate Menu, a Firefox add-on, translates text that you select to almost any other language. It supports a very large number of languages, which means people of different origins can use this add-on for a better browsing experience. Just select the Translate This Page option from the right-click context menu. With this add-on, you don’t have to copy and paste the text or link to any other website, such as Google Translate. Read More

All-in-One Sidebar: Quickly Access Bookmarks, History & More [Firefox]

Want to see all your bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and more in a single pane?  All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS) is a Firefox add-on that adds a slim sidebar to the left side of your browser that not only provides quick access to bookmarks, history, downloads and add-ons, but also lets you view website information and entire websites, all without having to obscure your view of the main browser window. You can click on the left edge of the sidebar to hide or expand it, or set it to expand automatically when the mouse hovers over the left edge of the browser window, and hide when the cursor moves away. The sidebar is fully customizable. You can align it to the left or right of the browser, adjust its width, customize individual panels and assign keyboard shortcuts to each. Read More