WebMail Notifier Sends Notifications For Unread Email Messages [Firefox]

Are you tired of checking your inbox repeatedly, waiting for important emails? WebMail Notifier is a Firefox add-on that checks your webmail accounts, and sends you alerts for unread emails. When there are unread messages, the envelope icon on the Firefox status bar turns from grey to yellow, and displays notifications for unread messages. Right-click the envelope to open a pop-up sidebar or a pop-up window in order to view more details. Read More

FB Phishing Protector Makes Facebook Browsing More Secure [Firefox]

Phishing is a technique that hackers and cyber criminals often employ to acquire confidential information, such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card info and much more. It is typically done through fake websites that look or feel exactly like the legitimate ones. One of the easiest methods used to hack Facebook accounts is by creating a fake login page, or by redirecting you to one. FB Phishing Protector is a Firefox add-on that protects you from phishing scams carried through XSS injection attacks while you're browsing the social network. It protects the users by blacklisting all script injection attempts on Facebook, thus making sure that no external domain can be contacted except safe ones. More after the break. Read More

Bamboo Feed Reader For Firefox Conveniently Allows You To Manage Feeds

Bamboo Feed Reader is a Firefox add-on that enables you to monitor and manage your RSS feeds,  supporting Atom and RSS formats. You can easily add feeds by copy-pasting URLs. Furthermore, it allows you to block ads for HTML content, and provides automatic updates. The add-on features two different views for feeds; they can either be displayed as a List or Content. You can filter your feeds by selecting the All or Unread options. Read More

Clea.Nr Removes Clutter From YouTube And Amazon [Web]

YouTube’s new design has greatly improved the viewing experience since it give more room to the media player itself and because comments can be browsed without having to leave the page. Suggested and featured videos have also been moved further down the page. While the new interface is better compared to the last one, it isn’t exactly what you would call clutter free. If you prefer a clearer interface and want to avoid all the clutter, then Clea.nr is just what you need. Clea.nr is a bowser extension available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that allows easier navigation on YouTube by eliminating the clutter leaving behind the player. If you move your mouse, the search bar, sign-in option, share options for the video and its title appear. Read More

Fount: Quickly View CSS Attributes Of Fonts Used On Websites

All browsers come with tools that help developers test web pages and ensure the site(s) they’ve developed play nice. Additionally, there are also add-ons or extensions that help developers and the Firebug add-on for Firefox is one of the more popular examples. For each browser, you have different tools and there is little uniformity among them. The tools will all provide some basic features but it is safe to say some browser’s developer tools are better than those of others. While the world of built-in browser tools is vast, the fact is that they aren’t all used or needed to their full extent. You might end up opening the developer panel for very simple things like checking the CSS used on a web page. If you often have to find out the font-family, font size and style from webpages, we recommend using Fount. It’s basically a bookmarklet that works with its own web application (does not rely on another service) that lets you easily identify Font CSS styles (font family, size and style) applied over selected text. It comes useful in instances where you want to use font styles used on a specific webpage on your own websites. All that is required is to add the Fount-provided button to the bookmark bar. When you want to read font attributes, click its bookmarklet to view the font CSS properties in a tiny semi-transparent window. Read More

CleanupTabs Sorts And Automatically Closes Unused Tabs [Firefox]

Creating a mess in your browser is one of the easiest things to and cleaning it up is practically one of the hardest. If you’re a compulsive clicker who clicks at every hyperlinked text or twitching image, it’s more than likely you browser window looks like it is ready to explode. While there aren’t any proven methods of solving the habit of compulsive clicking, there are many ways of keeping your tabs organized. CleanupTabs is a Firefox add-on that automatically closes unused tabs and sorts all tabs in order of the ones most recently viewed. Additionally, it numbers tab and reduce overall memory usage. It allows you to choose the maximum number of tabs that you can have open at a given time and define webpages that the add-on will never close. Read More

Search Similar Images From Google Using Right-Click Menu In Firefox

Google recently added a new feature to its image search that allows you to narrow the search down by the size of the image and to look for images similar to one in search results. It also allows you to find images similar to those on your hard drive by uploading them to the Google image search bar r by entering the URL of an image. While the feature itself is excellent it has a slight constraint in that you will have to manually copy and paste the URL or upload the image in the search bar. Compared to searching selected text on Google via the right-click context menu, this is a very lengthy process. Google Image Search is a Firefox add-on that makes look-up for similar images easier by letting you right-click any image, and use the context menu option (added by the add-on) to have Google search similar pictures for you. Google will access information about where on the web the image had been used, and it will also filter out all other similar images. Read More

Switchy: Easily Create And Switch Between Profiles On Firefox

Firefox saves your information about bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in your user profile; nothing but a set of files which saves all this information. While this makes perfect sense for a single-user scenario, having two different people share a computer will become a nightmare because of continuous conflicts with each other’s preferences. Firefox allows you to create multiple profiles but switching between them isn’t very easy. While Firefox allows you to create profiles, creating or switching between them is no way near as easy as it is in Chrome. Switchy is a Firefox add-on that fixes this; it allows you to create new profiles, assign different URLs to open at default and keep add-ons, preferences and bookmarks separate from the default profile. Read More

Add Paste & Search Option To Firefox Context Menu For Quick Searches

Paste & Submit for Chrome allows users to paste and submit text in any input field on a web page, without having to first paste it and then click the Go button or hit Enter. While this functionality exists in most browsers for the URL bar, it does not extend to other search form fields. Paste & Search is a Firefox add-on that replicates that same functionality by adding a Paste & Search option to the right-click context menu when you right-click inside a text field, or anywhere else on a web page. Read More

QuickWiki: Search Meanings & Detailed Info For Any Term In Firefox

Many a times you'll come across a term that you don't know anything about, but won't just want to bother searching a dictionary or encyclopedia. When it comes to references and knowledge, Wikipedia and Wiktionary are two of the most-widely used sources for in-depth information. QuickWiki is an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox browser that gives you quick access to these services, allowing easy and quick look up of any term that you wish. QuickWiki instantly gives you information in the form of a pop-over when a term is right-clicked, making it even easier since no new tabs or windows are launched. Read More

Desktop Is A Firefox Add-on For Customizing New Tab Page

If you are a frequent user of Firefox, and need speedier access to your favorite websites, then you may want to check out Desktop. Desktop is a Firefox add-on that allows you to set web pages as thumbnails or widgets in the new tab page. You can place them anywhere on the page by drag & drop, and also create sub-folders. The layout you create will be displayed in every new tab you open. Visual effects can be applied by setting a background image for the new tab page in Firefox. Read More

Clear Firefox Browsing History, Cache, Cookies By Date & Time [Add-on]

Firefox browsing history is definitely smarter than Google Chrome’s, but there’s no saying that it can’t get better. Between the two browsers, Firefox lets users sort the pages they’ve visited in several different ways, which makes it easier to find a certain web page you visited several weeks ago and to delete recent history. Precise Clear History is a Firefox add-on that amplifies the Clear Recent History function, and allows you to delete history for any specific date or date range, all down to the minute or hour. Read More

Saved From URL: Insert URL As HTML Comment When Saving Pages [Firefox]

A lot of people save web pages to their local systems for many reasons, like useful articles meant for offline reading, or for quickly referencing information when needed. With bookmarks and cloud sync, saving a web page to your PC might make little sense, and is probably something you’d only do for a particular project or something you’re researching on. The main problem with saving pages is that while the page itself is saved, you do not have the actual URL referenced even if you can tell what website the page is from. Saved From URL is Firefox add-on that adds the URL of any saved web page as an HTML comment to the very start of the page itself. Read More

Footnotify: Quickly View Footnotes On Wikipedia & Major Websites [Firefox]

Not everyone has the mental capacity to read through and retain the information they’ve read and the longer an article or paper is, the harder it is to keep track of all the arguments presented and the ideas that counter it. The problem with reading online content isn’t just related to a person’s attention span, it also has to with the authenticity of what you’re reading. If what you’re reading doesn’t have a credible source to back it up, you are wasting time. Footnotify is a Firefox add-on that displays footnotes as a pop-over box without disrupting your flow of reading. For now, footnotes on major websites like Wikipedia, Daring Fireball and Brooks Review are enhanced with this extension. The add-on serves two purposes; it lets you continue reading without losing your place or interrupting your reading flow and at the same time it allows you to quickly check how authentic the references in an article are. For frequent readers of Wikipedia, scrolling down a lengthy article time and time over to check references at the bottom of the page, and keeping track of where you left off, can be very frustrating. Read More

Nanny Blocks & Places Time Limit On Distracting Websites In Chrome

If you have been wasting too much time on distracting web sites like Facebook, Twitter and their likes, Nanny for Google Chrome extension can help you stay focused by partially limiting or blocking these time-sinks. This extension allows you to create sets of URLs to block by particular days and hours. You can even check the statistics category to see how much time you spend on each website. Read More

Print Edit: Edit Unwanted Content When Printing Web Pages [Firefox]

Do you wish to print a webpage with only the relevant information you want? Print Edit is a Firefox add-on that can help you get rid of all the unwanted content such as advertisements, side bars and blank pages when you need to print a web page. It easily allows you to edit the webpage in print preview, and lets you select sections of a web page that you want to format, hide or delete before printing. Read More

Image Picker: Download All Images From Any Webpage At Once [Firefox]

Image Picker is a Firefox add-on that picks multiple images at once from a website and saves them to your local disk. Downloading a large number of images from a website can be very time consuming as you have to save them one by one. Image Picker makes it very convenient to download multiple images by loading them all at once in a separate window and allowing you to choose which ones you want to save. Filters can be applied to file size, minimum width, height and image type. The add-on automatically creates a folder and names it after your current webpage's title when saving images. Read More

CSS Usage: View CSS Rules Used On Web Pages & Export File [Firefox]

Have you ever come across a website and found yourself curious about the styles they’ve used on it? Whether you’re a professional designer working on a site or just learning CSS as a hobby or a side project, checking out how different sites have implemented CSS opens your mind to the many ways you can use it in your own projects. CSS Usage is a Firefox extension that lets you see the CSS rules applied to any web page and also lets you export the CSS sheet in a new tab. Read More

Open Secure: Open Links Over The HTTPS Protocol In Firefox

Browsing over a secure network is something you want to make more a habit out of than an option. Websites, by default, open pages over the HTTP protocol and not over HTTPS even if it is available. Among different ways to open a website over the HTTPS protocol, extensions are one. The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension reviewed in August was one such extension that ensured some of the top 1000 sites opened over a secure network. Open Secure is yet another Firefox extension that opens links over HTTPS. As opposed to the HTTPS Everywhere extension, this extension allows you to open any link securely, provided the page exists. Read More