Mind iT Is Online Bookmarking Service With Mind-Map Arrangement [Web]

Mind iT is an online bookmarking tool which organizes bookmarks in a graphical, mind-map like representation. This web application can come in particularly handy when you are researching a topic, or when you’ve got multiple bookmarks related to the same subject. The app is free, and only requires a simple sign up. The visual representations that Mind iT creates are known as LinkMaps, and you can add up to 25 maps, which should be more than enough for most users. Read More

Restore Twitter Timeline To The Left With User Script

Twitter just revamped their web layout and it is definitely appealing. As opposed to text links, they have gone with buttons and they’ve also flipped things over, literally. Before the revamp, suggested users to follow, trending topics and your account summary appeared in a column on the right while the column on the left was made up entirely of your Timeline. The new design has moved the Timeline to the right and not everyone might be comfortable with it. Fellow geeks at How-To Geek have created a user script Fix Twitter for Chrome and Firefox  that should put the Timeline back where it belongs. Read More

Google Search Link Fix: View Actual Links For Google Search Results [Firefox]

Google Search Link Fix is a Firefox add-on that prevents Google search from modifying result links when clicked. Google search changes the result link to something different instead of showing you the actual URL, and this can be quite frustrating, as even when you right-click a link, you get some gibberish instead of the actual link. Google Search Link Fix disables this behavior on any Google domain, and allows you to view and copy the actual links. All you need to do is install the add-on, and get rid of this annoying behavior. Read More

Informational Tab For Firefox Adds A Progress Bar & Thumbnails To Tabs

Want to know how much time a page will take to load? Informational Tab, a Firefox add-on, adds a progress meter and a thumbnail to each tab. This provides thumbnail style preview for each tab, and indicates unread/unviewed tabs. Informational Tab gives you a better browsing experience by visualizing how long a page takes to load. In addition to that, you can also view the thumbnails of webpages on tabs, which makes it easier to identify the contents for multiple tabs. The add-on also allows you to change the size of tabs, color of the progress bar, change the position of the close button, and more. Details after the break. Read More

Facebook Auto-Logout Expires Session 60 Seconds After Tab Is Closed [Firefox]

Have you ever logged into Facebook from a public computer and then forgotten to log out? As careful as you are, this is something that can happen to anyone. Even if you deligently log out of all sites you’re signed in to whenever you get up from a computer, the chance that you might forget is still there.  It isn’t just public computers that you have to be careful about; if you share a computer with a family member or often check your Facebook account at work then leaving your account logged in can be detrimental. Facebook Auto-Logout, a very simple but handy Firefox add-on, easily circumvents this by logging you out of Facebook automatically after a predefined period of inactivity, defaulting at a minute after you close your Facebook tab, or when you completely quit Firefox. All Facebook cookies are removed, so you're not traceable at least by these cookies, and the best part is that you don’t have to go through any options or settings - it just works automatically! Read More

Translate Menu: Translate Webpages & Terms via Right-Click Context Menu [Firefox]

Firefox is truly feature rich and while people who use other browsers will argue otherwise, it’s hard to deny that this browser isn’t good or that developers prefer it over most other browsers. While the browser is great, it’s ‘differentiated’ from others by the excess or lack of a few features. In Chrome, if you visit a webpage that isn’t in your local language, it automatically asks you if you want to translate it and works with Google Translate to give you a hint of what the page is about. Firefox does not have a translate option. Translate Menu, a Firefox add-on, translates text that you select to almost any other language. It supports a very large number of languages, which means people of different origins can use this add-on for a better browsing experience. Just select the Translate This Page option from the right-click context menu. With this add-on, you don’t have to copy and paste the text or link to any other website, such as Google Translate. Read More

All-in-One Sidebar: Quickly Access Bookmarks, History & More [Firefox]

Want to see all your bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and more in a single pane?  All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS) is a Firefox add-on that adds a slim sidebar to the left side of your browser that not only provides quick access to bookmarks, history, downloads and add-ons, but also lets you view website information and entire websites, all without having to obscure your view of the main browser window. You can click on the left edge of the sidebar to hide or expand it, or set it to expand automatically when the mouse hovers over the left edge of the browser window, and hide when the cursor moves away. The sidebar is fully customizable. You can align it to the left or right of the browser, adjust its width, customize individual panels and assign keyboard shortcuts to each. Read More

Quickly View & Download Original Flickr Images With Flickr Original [Firefox]

Flickr Original, a Firefox add-on, allows you to quickly view and download original Flickr images. You no longer need to go through the lengthy and time consuming process of downloading images by using the Save Image As option. The add-on adds View Original Flickr Image and Download Original Flickr Image options to the right-click context menu. So, whenever you want to view or download a Flickr image in its original form, just double right-click it, and use these two basic options from the context menu. Read More

Tab Mix Plus Enhances Firefox’s Tab Browsing Capabilities

Tab Mix Plus is a Firefox add-on that enhances your browsing experience by letting you customize tabs. It features a large number of options, such as tab duplication, reloading, closing, renaming, merging, focus, undo closed tabs and much more. Furthermore, you can use your scroll wheel to browse tabs or control tab switching. There is even an option that prevents annoying blank tabs when you download files. In addition to that, it also shows warning messages when you are about to close a tab or window. The add-on does not only improve the browser's tab capabilities, but also features its own robust session manager with crash recovery. Read More

Tile Tabs For Firefox Displays Multiple Websites In A Single Tab

Hate switching between multiple tabs while working on something? Tile Tabs, a Firefox add-on, allows you to display multiple websites in a single tab without switching between multiple windows and tabs. Click the arrow on the button to open a context menu with tile tab options. Using this, you can tile tabs, tile new tabs, tile duplicate tabs and assign tabs. Furthermore, you can also expand tiles and choose a layout from the list. Clicking the Tile Tab, Tile New tab and Tile Duplicate Tab options opens a submenu with options to add the tab at the top, bottom, left or right of the currently selected tab. The add-on lets you display three, four or even more websites in a single tab. In order to remove a tile, click Untile Tab, and to go back to the normal mode, click the Tile Tab button once. Read More

Open Links In Private Browsing Mode From Right-Click Menu [Firefox Add-on]

The need for privacy is pretty basic for just about everyone (unless you’re a reality TV star, then it doesn’t matter) and privacy is all the more important when it comes to your online activity and there are always situations when the HTTPS protocol doesn’t cut it. At times like this, browsing in private mode is the best option since it stops the browser from saving your browsing session, accepting cookies or tracking your browsing history. Open in Private Browsing Mode is a Firefox add-on that is designed to open links in private browsing mode when right-clicked. When you come across a link you'd like to open, but privacy is a concern, this add-on can come in handy. Just right-click a link and select Open in Private Browsing mode, and Firefox will switch its function, launching the link you selected with it. Read More

Slide Show Viewer: View Images From Your Hard Disk Directly In Firefox

Slide Show Viewer is a Firefox add-on that enables you to navigate folders on your local system and display photos as a slideshow. Once installed, Slide Show Viewer option is added to Tools in the menu bar. You can view images in their actual size (1x1), or they can be cropped to best fit. When the picture is displayed larger than the screen, it can easily be scrolled both vertically and horizontally. Slide Show Viewer is an easy-to-use add-on with a very basic interface. Read More

Button for Amazon: Access Amazon Anywhere In Firefox

If you love to shop on Amazon, then Button for Amazon is a Firefox add-on that you'll definitely come to appreciate. It allows you to easily navigate popular Amazon categories without having you to go to the website. Once installed, a green button is added to the left of the URL bar. Click the tiny arrow on the button and use the drop-down menu to start your search. You can visually browse Bestsellers, Most gifted, Movers and Shakers and much more. The add-on is simple to use, unobtrusive, and customizable. Furthermore, Button for Amazon neatly breaks down all of Amazon's categories, and takes you right where you want to go. Read More

Pdf.js: Open PDF Files And Links To PDF Files Directly In Firefox

Firefox, no doubt, is a browser that gives you a ton of flexibility with its add-ons. Practically any feature that you might find missing or too niche to be integrated as a full feature, can be added with the appropriate extension or script. Pdf.js is a Firefox add-on that makes up for one such missing feature in Firefox; it allows you to open PDF files in the browser as you would in Chrome. Whether the PDF file is being opened from your hard drive or from a link, the extension opens it in the browser, allowing you to forgo the need of having a PDF viewer installed. Read More

Download Any Song From SoundCloud With Soundcloud Super +2 User Script

SoundCloud is a great place for listening to songs, as you can find both popular tracks and seemingly obscure ones, too. It’s also a great place to share your music with friends, see what they’re listening to, and join groups that have similar taste in music. Soundcloud Super +2 is a user script that adds two more features to this service; it gives you recommendations as to which songs are good, and allows you to download any song you want in MP3 format. The script is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and adds the features within the SoundCloud interface. Read More

BT Engage: Create Free And Functional Themes For Firefox & IE [Web]

In the world of marketing, getting your message across effectively is probably the best advertising technique, and brands, organizations, companies etc, employ all possible means to achieve this. Generally, when consumers are continuously reminded of a product/service, chances are high that they’ll remember it more than others. This appears to be the thought behind Brand Thunder’s Engage – a free web app that allows anyone to create a browser theme (currently supporting Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer). Since a browser window is almost always present in front of a user when surfing the web, having your theme splashed across their screens is, arguably, one of the best ways to market yourself. So, if you’re a blogger, service provider, product manufacturer, or would just like to brand yourself, hit the jump and see how Engage can serve you. Read More

NoScript Provides Enhanced Security Features For Firefox [Add-on]

Want a more secure browsing experience for Firefox? NoScript, a Firefox add-on, gives you extra protection by allowing you to execute JavaScript only for trusted domains of your choice. You can simply add websites to whitelists, and prevent exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the add-on allows you to easily enable or disable JavaScript by right clicking and accessing the context menu. NoScript blocks script driven objects by default, but you can always change these default settings. It has many advanced features and is quite extensive, including enforcement of HTTPS usage, cross-site scripting filters, ClearClick protection and a firewall like component called Application Boundaries Enforce (ABE). Read on to discover more about this nifty add-on. Read More

Quickly Search Amazon Through Right-Click Context Menu [Firefox]

Google may be the go to search engine for a lot of different things but there are other proprietary websites like Amazon.com that people favor when looking for something to buy. As opposed to Google, Amazon and eBay are a great place to find bargains and shop online and it stands to reason that you might visit the website several times a day if you were looking to buy something. Select and search for Amazon is a Firefox add-on that allows you to instantly search your favorite items on Amazon only in a few clicks. If you're reading an article about mobile phones, or some branded accessories, just highlight specific brands or names, and find them right there on Amazon. All you have to do is highlight the text, right click it and select Search Amazon option from the context menu. Amazon will open your search in a new tab, and that's how simple it is. Read More

WebMail Notifier Sends Notifications For Unread Email Messages [Firefox]

Are you tired of checking your inbox repeatedly, waiting for important emails? WebMail Notifier is a Firefox add-on that checks your webmail accounts, and sends you alerts for unread emails. When there are unread messages, the envelope icon on the Firefox status bar turns from grey to yellow, and displays notifications for unread messages. Right-click the envelope to open a pop-up sidebar or a pop-up window in order to view more details. Read More

FB Phishing Protector Makes Facebook Browsing More Secure [Firefox]

Phishing is a technique that hackers and cyber criminals often employ to acquire confidential information, such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card info and much more. It is typically done through fake websites that look or feel exactly like the legitimate ones. One of the easiest methods used to hack Facebook accounts is by creating a fake login page, or by redirecting you to one. FB Phishing Protector is a Firefox add-on that protects you from phishing scams carried through XSS injection attacks while you're browsing the social network. It protects the users by blacklisting all script injection attempts on Facebook, thus making sure that no external domain can be contacted except safe ones. More after the break. Read More