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How To Change The Timezone In Your Browser [Firefox]

Every operating system, whether it’s for a desktop or a smartphone lets you change your timezone to whichever one you want. There are no restrictions there however, operating systems tend to run certain services which will stop working if the timezone you’ve selected is incorrect for your current location. For example iMessage might not work on macOS and iOS, and Cortana might not work on Windows 10. If you need to show that you’re working in a different timezone, you can change the timezone in your browser. Change Timezone is a Firefox add-on that lets you do just that.

Timezone In Your Browser

Install Change Timezone in Firefox. It will add a button next to the location bar that lets you toggle the add-on On/Off. To select the timezone, go to the Firefox add-on page via the Ctrl+Shift+A keyboard shortcut. Look for the Change Timezone add-on and click the Options button next to it.

From the dropdown, select which timezone you want to switch to and then restart the browser.


This will not let you change the timezone for any and all web services that you use. For some services, such as web-based email like Gmail, the timestamp on an email will still reflect your correct timezone. Likewise, any web service that time stamps user activity e.g. email, Facebook updates, or Tweets will not be fooled.

Change Timezone works in limited scenarios. If you need to fake your timezone beyond what this add-on can manage, you can use a VPN service instead. Again, if you don’t want the VPN to run at the OS level, you can look for a VPN for Firefox or Chrome, (whichever browser you use). With a VPN, you can change the timezone in most browsers, or the popular ones at the very least. A good VPN service will be able to fool Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

If you don’t use the OS features that require you set the correct timezone for your location, you can change the timezone from the built-in options on your OS. This will have more or less the same affect as changing the timezone in your browser with the add-on i.e. it won’t fool all web services. Your only other option is to use a VPN service at the OS level which can fake your location and allow you to change your timezone. The only problem will be to find a VPN service that supports the timezone you want to switch to.

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  1. You can also do this with the Vytal extension. It can spoof your timezone, locale, geolocation and user agent. You can also automatically set your location data to match your ip address.


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