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How To Get Always On Display On iPhone X

The iPhone X has an OLED display. An OLED display gives you true black and it consumes far less battery power. OLED displays have been a thing on lots of Android devices but the iPhone X is the first ever iPhone model to have it. On Android, an OLED display often comes with an ‘always On display’ feature that allows users to keep their locked phone’s screen On all the time. Since it consumes little battery, it’s preferred over having to wake a device by tapping or pressing a button. The iPhone X has no such feature out of the box however, you can install OLEDX and tweak Guided Access on your phone to get always on Display on iPhone X.

OLEDX is a free iOS app that you can download. It works on all iPhone models running iOS 11+ but it should only be used on an iPhone X because it’s the only one with an OLED screen, not to mention batteries.

Set Up Guided Access

Open the Settings app and go to General>Accessibility. Scroll to the very bottom and turn on Guided Access. Go through the process of setting it up i.e. set up a passcode.

Next, return to the Accessibility screen and scroll down to the bottom again. This time, tap Accessibility Shortcut. On the Accessibility Shortcut screen, select Guided Access. That’s all you need to do.

Always On Display

Open the OLEDX app. This app will choose what is on your screen when it’s always on. Tap the app’s settings to customize the screen. If you don’t see the Settings option, tap anywhere on the app’s interface and it will appear.

Customize the time, note, and icon on the screen. You can also enable a star field but that is a premium feature. When you’re done,  tap the side button on your iPhone X three times. This will lock you device but allow the app to fill your screen and remain on all the time. You can unlock you device by clicking the side button and using Face ID. On other iPhone models, you can unlock your phone with Touch ID.

Guided Access allows users to limit their screen to a single app if they need to. OLEDX takes advantage of this feature by giving you a nice black background with relevant information, time, battery, and a quick note, that can update itself. The device is locked so you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing information on your phone.

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