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How To View Hidden Fees And Taxes On Airbnb

Airbnb by default only shows you the rent that you have to pay when you stay somewhere. It’s like airlines that only quote the price of a ticket but don’t include the taxes which in turn will double its cost. Airbnb rentals are subject to taxes and additional fees as well. They’re not quite as high as those on airfare but they do have a substantial impact on the cost of staying somewhere for one night. Airbnb Price Per Night Correcter is browser extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that applies the hidden fees and taxes to the per hour rate thus giving you a more accurate idea of how much one night costs.

Fees And Taxes On Airbnb

Install Airbnb Price Per Night Correcter and visit Airbnb. The prices you see on the main page will not include the hidden fees and taxes on Airbnb rentals. When you select your check-in and check-out dates though, the price is updated to include fees. Without the extension, Airbnb continues to show you the per-night price and the fees and taxes on Airbnb are added in the final total.

Airbnb doesn’t exactly conceal the fees and taxes however, its per-night rates do not reflect them. The rental in the screenshot below originally showed a per-night price of $91 however, with fees and taxes included, there’s a difference of $25 per-night in the rent. That’s hardly a small figure and over several days, it can add up significantly.


The extension has its limitations; it only works on the English version of the website and it only supports four currencies; USD, CAD, EUR, and GPB. Other than that, it’s flawless. If you use a different currency and cannot be bothered with converting it between one of the supported ones, you can instead try and use Australian version of the website which shows hidden charges on Airbnb by default.

As far as improvements go, we’d prefer if the extension could show the actual per-night rate on the main property page. That’s the price that is likely to attract a renter in the first place. To find out later that it is in fact significantly more can be very off-putting . It’s possible that the extension doesn’t do this due a limitation on how the fees and taxes are applied. For example, some taxes or fees may only be applicable if a renter stays for a certain number of days. If the extension doesn’t know how many days you plan to stay, it cannot give you an accurate rate which might be why it works the way it does.

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  1. I saw a house for $199 per night. When all was said and done six nights equaled over $2100. You only find this out after you’ve committed, rounded everybody up to agree on dates and places and filled out the forms! It’s a little hard to compare apples and apples when there are hidden fees until the last moment. Very frustrating.

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