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How To Change The Default Bookmarks Folder In Firefox

Firefox has undergone a major overhaul in terms of UI and features. The UI hasn’t changed much but the new Firefox, dubbed Firefox Quantum is a much improved browser. With each update, it’s getting better and changing a little more. With the recent update, users have found that when they bookmark a page, it now saves to ‘Other bookmarks’. Previously, it saved to the Bookmarks menu and not everyone was happy with it. Chances are, with this new change, users who preferred to save bookmarks to the Bookmarks men are now unhappy. If you prefer the old default save location for bookmarks, install the Default Bookmark Folder add-on. As its name implies, it lets you change the default bookmark folder in Firefox.

Default Bookmarks Folder In Firefox

Install Default Bookmark Folder. Once installed, it will open its settings page. This is where you can set the default bookmark folder for Firefox. If you’re looking to get the old default back i.e. have Firefox save new bookmarks to the bookmarks menu, select it from the dropdown. If you want, you can also set the default location to a custom nested bookmarks folder or the bookmarks bar. For example, if you have a folder named Cat Pictures in your bookmarks library, you can set Firefox to save all new bookmarks to this folder.

The add-on also lets you choose if new bookmarks should be added to the top of a folder. By default, they’re added to the bottom of whichever folder you save them to.

That’s all it takes. When you save a bookmark via the bookmark button in the address bar, the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut, or the right-click context menu option, it will save to the default bookmarks folder that you’ve set.

We should mention that in all three cases, you will still see the confirmation box for saving a bookmark. This box not only confirms the bookmark is saved but also offers you the option to change which folder the bookmark is being saved to. Default Bookmark Folder influences the default option you see in this box but you can still select a different folder to save the bookmark to. It neither breaks nor blocks this functionality.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to reset the default bookmarks folder back to the bookmarks menu without using an add-on. Users might not want to install an add-on for something this trivial but there is no other way and no Firefox preference that you can tweak to that affect.

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  1. Let’s get rid of plugins, because they’re a security issue…then make users get an add-on to do something that should be built into the software! C’mon Mozilla!

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