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How To Get Windows 10 Accent Color On The URL Bar In Firefox

Apps on Windows 10 change their title bar color to match the accent color of the start menu, the taskbar, and the Action Center panel. Firefox didn’t have support for this particular feature for a long time but it’s current stable version now has colored title bars. There’s nothing to criticize the execution of the feature; Firefox has colored title bars like other apps in Windows 10 has colored title bars. If you like a little more color, you can try the Native Dark add-on for Firefox and get the Windows 10 accent color on the URL bar in Firefox.

Colored URL Bar In Firefox

Install Native Dark in Firefox. Open a new tab and you will see the title bar and the URL bar both reflect the accent color. The add-on has made a slight modification in that the URL bar will always be a slightly darker shade of the accent color. Think about how the title bar color always differs from the taskbar color and you’ll get an idea as to what it will look like.

The buttons don’t disappear if you choose a dark or light color. For a dark accent color, the forward, back, refresh, home, bookmarks, etc buttons turn white. When you select a light accent color (think grey or yellow), the buttons next to the URL bar turn black. When you click inside the URL bar i.e. it is selected, a blue outline appears around it. The point is, adding that extra bit of color doesn’t compromise the usability of the browser. The title bar and the URL bar text is perfectly legible.

The colors update automatically i.e. whenever you change the accent color from the Settings app on Windows 10, the Firefox title bar and URL bar colors change with it.

We should point out that on Widows 10, not all colors are supported when you set a custom accent color. Windows 10 gives you a color picker and you can enter RGB color values but if you enter an unsupported color, you will not be able to select it. In that same vein, there are also some colors that you can set but will be difficult to see as per Windows 10. If you choose one of those colors, it is possible the dark color of the URL bar in Firefox might not look as good, or be as easy to work with. Outside of this one scenario, the add-on is intelligently made and delivers what it promises.

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