You Can Still Install GBA4iOS To Play GameBoy Advance Games On iOS Without Jailbreak; Here’s How

Itching to play GameBoy Advance games on your iOS device, but can’t jailbreak it for one reason or another? Earlier this week, we published an article on how to do just that using GBA4iOS, but Apple found out about the workaround, and swiftly killed it because game emulation has a certain illegal aspect to it that could put Apple in trouble. Well, there’s good news for you. We have come across a way to continue using the game emulation app. Hurry up before Apple makes a move! Read More

How To Fix Adobe Photoshop CS6 Background Flickering In Windows 8

Microsoft took a leap of faith with Windows 8, and for the first couple of weeks after its release, it seemed the dramatic change of direction wouldn't pay off the way the Redmond giant hoped it would. The new OS and its Modern UI seem to be catching on, but at a snail's pace. Apart from the fact that quite a majority of users find themselves out of their confort zone when using the new interface, Windows 8 currently has quite a few compatibility issues as well; some with drivers and others with apps. One of the latter happens to be with the (currently) latest version of Adobe Photoshop, namely CS6. Read More

How To Fix Low Brightness Issue After Respring On Jailbroken iOS 6 Devices

iOS 6 hasn’t been Apple’s smoothest mobile operating system release. To date, it has faced issues like reduced wireless connectivity, unexpected battery drain, Auto Brightness unreliability, and a security bug that allows you to bypass the lock screen to get complete access to the Phone app. More recently, it was discovered that jailbroken iOS 6 devices are facing their own display brightness issues. Thankfully, a fix for it has been released on Cydia. Check it out after the jump! Read More

Fix iOS 6 Auto-Brightness Issues By Calibrating iPhone Light Sensors

With every major iOS update, Apple announces some great new features, but a new feature addition is deemed successful only if the masses grasp its usage correctly. Siri rose to fame almost overnight due to its simplicity, while on the other hand, iCloud took months to catch on since most users were thoroughly confused regarding its configuration. Siri and iCloud are marquee features, but there are always a lot of smaller goodies in iOS that can make your life easier. In iOS 6, Apple rolled out over 200 new features and changes, but you might not be able to notice all of them right after updating your device. If you were waiting for a jailbreak until now, chances are that you are quite new to iOS 6 and haven’t yet mastered the use of all the new options added in this OS update. One thing that has bugged a lot of users is the revamped auto-brightness function, which has fooled many into thinking that their iPhone’s ambient light sensors just don’t work anymore. Fortunately, it can be fixed simply by recalibrating the light sensors.Read More

Fix iOS 6 evasi0n Jailbreak Weather App Crashing & Long Boot Issue In A Few Taps

Evasi0n has to be the easiest jailbreaking tool to use since comex’s JailbreakMe. All you need to do to get Cydia on your iOS device is to connect said device to your PC, click on “Jailbreak” in evasi0n, and tap on the “Jailbreak” icon from your iOS device. No need providing IPSW files or going into DFU Mode. However, some users are facing multiple bugs post-jailbreak like the lockdown error that can be fixed through the method we talked about yesterday, and of course, the issue of the stock Weather app crashing incessantly, and that long reboot error that causes iOS devices to be stuck at the Apple boot logo. Well, there’s good news: fixes for both issues have arrived!Read More

Fix Weather App Crash Issue After iOS 6, 6.1 Jailbreak With evasi0n

With nearly 2 million downloads within a couple of days of its release, the evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak has been a huge success so far, but it is far from being perfect. In the past, there haven’t been too many bugs associated with jailbreak tools, but there have been a few hiccups this time round. Right after the evasi0n release, the Cydia store faced numerous issues. Furthermore, a lot of tweaks haven’t been updated to work with iOS 6.x yet, and there are reports of problems with App Store. Apart from all this, the jailbreak broke the stock Weather app for many people. While Saurik was quick to fix all Cydia-related issues, the Weather app is still crashing. evad3rs have promised that a fix is on the way, and will be released in the Cydia store pretty soon. If you cannot wait that long however, there is a way of taking matters into your own hands.Read More

How To Fix iOS 6 / 6.1 Jailbreak Lockdown Error In evasi0n

After comex’s JailbreakMe, "evasi0n" – Team Evad3rs’ untethered jailbreak tool for all devices running iOS 6 and 6.1, including iPhone 5 – has to be the easiest way to jailbreak your iOS device. You connect your iOS device to your PC, click “Jailbreak”, tap the “Jailbreak” icon on your device, and voila! Cydia and its vast repository of excellent tweaks is available at your fingertips. As robust and easy as it might be, a very small percentage of people are facing a “lockdown” error message when they try to jailbreak their device. If you too have been looking for a solution to this problem, look no further. We've got an easy fix after the jump!Read More

Easily Fix Or Delete Broken Desktop & Start Menu Shortcuts

We all tend to create desktop shortcuts of our favorite applications and files for quick access without having to go to their actual location on the computer. Though sometimes, while moving a file or program from one location to another, one can simply forget to relink the shortcut to its associated item. Likewise, sometimes after removing an app, Windows Add/Remove Program utility doesn’t remove any of its manually created shortcuts. If you frequently face this issue or have various broken shortcuts lying around on your desktop or Start Menu, we've got a tool for you that might help out. ShortcutsMan is a nifty little application that automatically scans all the shortcuts on your desktop and Start Menu, highlights the broken ones as red, and provides you options to fix or delete them.Read More

How To Fix The Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Microsoft Surface

After a long development cycle and some cheesy advertisements, both Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet finally made their way to the consumers on October 26th 2012, apparently to mixed reaction from critics and users alike. Rather than encouraging the UI overhaul, various users have found the latest version of Windows to be schlocky and flawed. According to some recent reports, a number of Surface users (including ourselves) have been facing limited Wi-Fi connectivity issues since day one. The tablet sometimes shows ‘Limited Connectivity’ error in network status, thereby leaving you unable to use the internet unless you reconnect to the Wi-Fi router or access point. Although Microsoft has released an update to combat this issue, a lot of users are still facing the same conundrum. On the bright side, however, the issue can be easily fixed by following a few simple steps.Read More

How To Enable Live Camera Filters In Instagram On iPhone 5

Instagram users have always loved just about everything related to the app, and generally, its updates have been received quite favorably. However, after the service’s acquisition by Facebook, it’s the first time that an Instagram update has come under some criticism. Instagram was updated just a couple of days ago to add iPhone 5 support, but that wasn’t the only change in the app. The update removed live filters from the iPhone 5 version. Previously, it was possible to apply filters to a scene before snapping a photo, but now the Instagram developers have decided that this feature is a little disruptive, as you can apply the same filters after shooting a picture, and testing them out pre-shooting does nothing but waste the time of their users. If you don’t agree with this logic, there is a workaround that will let you use the live filters, even on iPhone 5. The solution is based on what appears to be a bug in the Instagram update, so it might stop working at any time in the future, but everything is functional for now.Read More

Fix “Can’t Connect to iTunes Store” Error & Access App Store In iOS 6

It is customary for App Store, and most of Apple’s web pages, to go offline just before the release of a new iOS update or device, and this temporary outage rarely bothers too many people. Things have gone a bit differently with iOS 6, though. There was the usual pre-release outage of Apple’s web services (and even App Store, in some regions), but a lot of iPhone owners have been complaining that they cannot access App Store or services related to it after updating to iOS 6. Even if you have a working internet connection on your iPhone or iPad, the App Store just keeps loading for a long time, or comes up with an error after a while, saying “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”. This error normally shows up when you are not connected to the internet, or if Apple’s servers are down. As App Store is working just fine for people on iOS 5, this implies that the servers are up, and there is bound to be some other problem. We can’t say we have found the exact reason for this bug, but fixing it is really easy, and doesn’t require you to do too much.Read More

How To Fix The Facebook Chat & Event Syncing Error On Windows Phone 7

One of the biggest positives Windows Phone 7 has to offer is its Facebook integration. As of now, no other smartphone platform can claim to have the level of Facebook integration that WP7 has. The coolest part of Mango's romance with the blue social network is the availability of Facebook chat in the stock Messaging hub. So, it really is a big deal if anything goes wrong with Facebook chat in WP7. The issue we are about to discuss might not have been encountered by most Windows Phone 7 users, but the deep Facebook integration the Mango platform enjoys with the social networking giant makes error 83CF1109 an important problem. If you are wondering what error 83CF1109 is, wonder no more. You might have encountered it even without knowing. It is an error code which shows up when your Facebook account, which has been linked to your WP7, fails to sync properly, and the Settings menu always shows the message of “Attention required” under the “email & accounts” section. The consequences for this are pretty troublesome, as you might end up losing all the syncing of Facebook events with your phone’s calendar. In addition to that, other problems might start rearing their ugly heads too, like losing Facebook chat integration with the Messaging hub. Luckily, a fix exists, and you can find all about it by reading on.Read More

7 Quick Fix: Fix 108 Common Windows 7 Errors & Apply Tweaks

If you have been using your copy of Windows since a long time, it must have retained a lot of junk from all the installed and uninstalled applications, downloaded zips, etc. Sometimes, viruses get into our system which mess with some settings, for instance, many viruses block the Windows Task Manager as the first step when they infect our machines. What some people do in this situation is simply reinstall their Windows. However, you cannot go about reinstalling Windows every time you encounter a problem. What you can do is select the Windows Repair option, but that, too, can be a bit risky, as it might erase something important. We have found a portable tool for you called 7 Quick Fix, that lets you fix 108 common Windows 7 errors and problems and has a lot of tweaks. The list includes tweaks for Task Manager, Registry Editor. Command Prompt, Folder Options, Control Panel, Display Properties, Context Menu, Taskbar Properties etc. Keep reading to find out more about 7 Quick Fix.Read More

How To Fix iPhoto Crashing Issue On iOS 5.0.1 [Cydia Tweak]

People were really appreciative of iPhoto as soon as it was released on the iPad event a few days back. The app is just about perfect for people who like to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a primary camera, and like to share their photos with friends on the go. Unfortunately, for all its positives, this new iOS app has a huge drawback. It’s plagued by crashing issues on iOS 5.0.1, and many users have seen their $4.99 go to waste without being able to do anything about it. If you are encountered by this crashing bug, the app just runs for a few seconds and then crashes without doing anything. No matter what you try, there is no apparent way of fixing the issue. Well, now there is! Enter iPhoto501Fix, a new and free Cydia tweak with just one purpose, fixing the crashing bug in iPhoto.Read More

Automatically Fix Typos, Spellings, Grammatical Errors With Ginger

These days, people have stopped caring about the grammar and spellings they use while writing anything on the internet. It can be anything from a YouTube comment, to a Windows' support forum, but the lack of grammar and incorrect spellings will be present everywhere. You can partly blame it on the carelessness of people, and partly on the availability of applications for both computer and mobile phones that automatically fix wrong spellings and grammar. Since no one gives a second glance to the sentence or word corrected by the software, it allows people to avoid learning the correct usage themselves. However, we cannot deny the fact that if it weren’t for the these applications, a lot of text on the internet would be full of wrong grammar and spellings. The usefulness of such applications is not limited to only correcting the grammar and spelling mistakes, but they also help out in fixing typos that are a result of trying to type faster than you actually can. We found one such grammar and spell checker application called Ginger, that corrects text based on the context of each sentence. Currently, MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.Read More

Improve Volume On Galaxy Nexus & Other Android Devices With Volume+

Many Android users, especially those with a Galaxy Nexus, often complain about the agonizingly low volume levels of their devices. If you’re among these disgruntled users, then here’s a volume enhancement solution that might please you. Meltus, the developer behind the volume enhancement tool Volume+, has released a beta (v1.8.1) of his app that now includes support for Galaxy Nexus and all devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. While the latest update mainly focuses on enhancing the volume levels on Galaxy Nexus in particular, the developer is optimistic that it should work equally effectively for all other devices, Android OS versions and custom ROMs.Read More

Install Nautilus Actions 3.1.5 With Alternative Method To Avoid Error

Nautilus Actions Extra is a set of scripts for Nautilus 3 that adds many useful options to the Ubuntu right-click context menu. While Nautilus Actions can be easily installed in Ubuntu 11.10 via a PPA, some users are facing issues with the installation of Nautilus Actions Extra version 3.1.5. The problem that they are facing is that, during the installation process of Nautilus Actions, the Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped) error is received. Even if somehow Nautilus Actions gets installed, the Nautilus Actions Configuration Tool auto closes after being launched. In this post, we will provide you with an alternative method of installing Nautilus-Actions (3.1.5), so that you can install it correctly in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot.Read More

How To Recover Your Lost SkyDrive Files To The Office Hub In WP7

Being a product from Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 enjoys deep integration with SkyDrive and MS Office, and the two features are rather well-interconnected. The documents or notes you store in the Office hub of your WP7 device are synced directly with your SkyDrive account. However, as with any smartphone platform, stability issues might arise in any area of the OS. For the past few days, Mango users have panicked upon finding that their notes and docs stored in the Office Hub have suddenly vanished from their SkyDrive account. Any attempt to retrieve them, resulted in an error message, declaring that files can not be recovered and have been deleted from the servers. Fortunately, that is not the case, and these files can be recovered easily. Read on to find out how.Read More

Rotate Video Playback On Galaxy S II Without Auto Rotation [Guide] [Orientation Lock]

Samsung Galaxy S II is a dual core, high tier Android phone that has managed to gather huge fan base since its launch. The stock Video Player app on Samsung Galaxy S II allows the user to see videos in portrait mode. However, users need to have auto-rotation set to ON in settings for videos to stream/ play in portrait mode. Electrox666, Senior XDA member and Android developer, has managed to integrate a rotation toggle in video player that lets you easily change orientation of the video. The hack basically removes SRS effects toggle and replaces it with a rotation icon. Another advantage of this tweak is that you can easily lock video playback in landscape or portrait mode without having to go in Settings menu.

Read More

Install Bravia Reality Engine Of HTC HD2 [Guide] [Android]

Android is the fastest growing Smartphone OS throughout the world. The main reason behind this Android boom is perhaps its universal adaptability and a structure that is customizable to core. Recently Sony Ericsson, one of the key Android phone manufacturer, introduced Bravia Reality Engine in select devices. This engine is basically a display management functionality that comes integrated with contrast enhancement, re-coloring and other display tweaks. The main motive behind Bravia Engine is to get a closer-to-life [reality] display on your mobile’s screen. Although Bravia Engine comes packaged in newer Xperia line, but the development community has managed to port it to older Xperia devices as well.

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