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You Can Still Install GBA4iOS To Play GameBoy Advance Games On iOS Without Jailbreak; Here’s How

Itching to play GameBoy Advance games on your iOS device, but can’t jailbreak it for one reason or another? Earlier this week, we published an article on how to do just that using GBA4iOS, but Apple found out about the workaround, and swiftly killed it because game emulation has a certain illegal aspect to it that could put Apple in trouble. Well, there’s good news for you. We have come across a way to continue using the game emulation app. Hurry up before Apple makes a move!

The workaround was discovered by redditor ‘sanitizeyourhands’. It makes use of an outdated app installation certificate: you set your iOS clock back to before a specific date, and install GBA4iOS. Since the app’s certificate hasn’t been updated, iOS allows you to install it just like you would install any other app from the iTunes App Store.

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. AddictiveTips does NOT condone downloading copyrighted material illegally.


Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. Navigate to General > Date & Time. Turn off “Set Automatically” and manually Set Date & Time to any date before June 15, 2013.


Go to the emu4iOS downloads page, and install GBA4iOS. Confirm when iOS asks you if you are sure you want to install an app from Weebly.com. Over a fast internet connection, it shouldn’t take more than a minute to download and install.

If you launch the app now, you’ll see an empty ROMs page. Now, all you have to do is load .GBA files into it.


We were successfully able to test a GameBoy Advance game on the emulator. Many other people are reporting success with the method as well.

The app may stop working when it does get around to checking the correct system time. Changing the time again should make it functional. Also, as noted by Ty Myrick in the comments section, setting system date and time manually can also fix the issue.


To add ROMs to your iOS device, connect it to your computer via USB, launch iTunes and go to the ‘File Sharing’ section under Apps. One neat thing about GBA4iOS is how it uses .SAV files for saving game progress, so you can easily use the save files generated by an emulator like VirtualBoy to continue playing GameBoy Advance games on the go.

Be sure to let us know how this ‘hack’ worked out for you.


  1. Cant install it as i can only tap the url and it gives me something on how to create a web domain

    • Really, how?! I want to know!! I originally had the app, and it’s great! But after a few months, it crashed… I tried everything for weeks on end to make it work: Date trick, reloading, wifi, etc. Nothing worked. And that was before I even updated to IOS 8. So I gave up after several weeks and updated.

      So, what did you do to make it work??

    • When i press the app it just crashes and goes back to my home screen and ive already tried all the time set back tricks and it still doesnt work?!?!? What do i do?plz help

  2. Hello
    the problem i m facing is tht……i have changed my time and is now trying to install GBA4ios in my ipad bt the installation dosnt finish :/
    it says ”GBA4ios has failed to install” PLEASE HELP ME

  3. Does anyone else’s phone crash now after installing GBA4iOS? Mine started crashing the morning after I installed it, not sure if it’s the emulator that’s causing it.

  4. I have tried this a countless number of times and all I get is it downloading and then a message saying this app can’t be installed at this time I have changed the clock back to 2012 in my settings and it still will not install for me

  5. The little lines that keep popping up annoys me for example I play Pokemon and whenever a person speaks lines just pop out so I hope you fix this

  6. Thank u so much. I woke up this morning and it had stopped working. Ur advice helped. Also. To get free games for the gba4ios go to doperoms on ur devce. Thank u again.

  7. I have it currently and this didnt work for me. I don’t want to loose my progress on my rims what should I do

  8. I was able to install it. The app crashed on opening when I changed the time back to automatic. When I changed the time to manual and changed the date, GBA4iOS worked. It kept working after I changed the time back to automatic. I don’t have any ROMs right now, so I can’t test actual functionality, but at least it is not crashing on open. Thank you.

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