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Optimize WiFi, 3G & 4G On Android To Improve Internet Speed

In experience of many users, several Android devices have some unusual quirks that ruin user experience. One major nuisances of the platform that is often reported by users of certain devices is poor internet speeds on both WiFi and cellular networks. Since bad internet speed can occur due to several reasons including poor signal strength, congestion, faulty hardware or software, and device specs etc., this makes it hard to identify the core issue. So, if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in this situation and just can’t figure out what’s causing that slow YouTube streaming, Internet Speed Master is a tool for you. It’s basically a tiny tweak that patches some system files on Android to increase connection speed of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks in TCP/IP configuration.

The tool is mainly designed to work on rooted Android devices, but non-rooted users may also try their luck with it (though it won’t work to the full extent for unrooted devices, if at all). Considering the nature of this tweak, your mileage may vary depending on your current ROM, its baseband, and device make/model. Once launched, Internet Speed Master asks for Superuser permission on rooted devices; tap Allow to proceed to the app’s main screen.

Internet Speed Master_Permission Internet Speed Master

The landing screen looks plain and simple. There are just a few buttons and everything is accessible from this screen itself; you won’t find any additional menus and complex settings whatsoever. The app allows you to not only apply its tweaks to your files, but also rollback the changes anytime to revert to the way things were, thanks to the restore function. To get started, simply hit ‘Apply Patch’ and the required file will be modified in no more than a couple of seconds.

Users with non-rooted Android device will see the patch feature disabled, and will need to tap ‘Improve Internet Connection’ instead (located at the bottom). The app doesn’t prompts you before making any changes, and instantly does that whenever you press those buttons. Though this is understandable considering the users of the app would likely be aware of what they are up to, and because the app lets you revert back to the default state any time. To do that, just tap Restore followed by OK, after which the app either restores the stock file from backup or deletes the patch if a backup file doesn’t exist.

Internet Speed Master Apply Internet Speed Master Restore

During testing, we didn’t notice any improvement on our device’s download speed. In fact, the download rate dropped a bit after applying the patch. Though that could be because our device already had no problem in the downloads department that needed to be fixed. On the bright side, uploads was drastically improved, jumping from 460KB to 769KB. You can download Internet Speed Master for free via the link provide below.

Install Internet Speed Master from Play Store

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