Compare And Synchronize Files/Folders With FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync is a free opensource tool that syncs files and folders between any two locations. There are many similar programs there, but this one is far the best one I have come across. It has all the features of syncing utility and combined with the usability makes it one of the best tool out there. There are two versions available: standalone and installer, I tested the former since it is portable and can be carried anywhere.

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Ginipic – Find Photos In Multiple Image Search Engines From Your Desktop

Ginipic is a free advanced image search engine for desktop that searches multiple photo sharing sites and search engines and displays the results in a neat, simple-to-use window. Once you run the program it will open as a neat sidebar window. It is able to search images in the following sources: Flickr, Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, deviantART, Live Search, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook, and Fotolia. By default the option is set to search images in all sources.

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How To Search Any Content Or File Type In Multiple Locations Easily

The default search that comes with Windows is full of crap, yes you heard it right. It never shows what you are looking for and the results are not reliable. This is where 3rd party search engines comes in, one such engine is File Searcher. What makes it unique is it’s ability to search in multiple locations for any file type, content, or date created and is both quick and easy to use.Read More

How To Combine(Mix), Merge And Split PDF Files With PDFSam

PDFSam is a free opensource tool that lets you combine(mix), merge, and split PDF files quickly. There are literally hundreds of software and services that let you do this, but the ease-of-use and the new awesome features make it stand out from the rest. You can not only merge a split PDF file, but also combine multiple different types of PDF files easily.Read More

Solve Corrupt Install/Uninstall Problems With Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Did it ever happen to you that while installing or uninstalling a program, the process suddenly failed? You try to retry it again but with no luck. How about the apps that install but have no option to uninstall themselves in Add/Remove Programs? This does not just happen with apps from indie developers but also from large corporations. Recently, I came across an app from a large laptop manufacturer which was pre-installed on their laptop. Upon removing the app using Add/Remove programs, it did not uninstall properly and thus I had to resort to using Windows Installer CleanUp Utility tool. It is a free tool that removes a program's configuration information when you are experiencing Setup problems. This can also come handy when you are trying to uninstall a program and it gives “file missing” errors.Read More

Create TimeTable For Your School, High-School, Or University Instantly

Note: This is a short tip for those looking to create a timetable in an easy and quick way.

FET is an opensource software that automatically generates a timetable for you. Whether you are a student or a teacher, this tool will be immensely helpful in creating a perfect timetable for your school, high-school, or university. Almost everyone who needs to create a timetable uses MS Excel or other similar program for this job. With this tool you don’t need to create tables and arrange columns manually, it handles them automatically.

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How To Create 3D Models, Animations, Or Movies For Free With Blender

Are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D models, animations, or movies? Or are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D game? In both cases, you can use Blender. It is a free powerful opensource tool which I just discovered today. It does a little more than what retail software does, and best of all it’s free. Seems unbelievable, right?

I thought the same thing when I tried it out today, but it surpassed beyond my expectations. Another great thing about this tool is that It’s available for all operating systems.

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Keep Your Software Setup Packages Updated Automatically

Recently I came across a small handy tool called Ketarin which automatically downloads the latest version of the software setup packages for you. Suppose you have installed VLC Media player on your computer, now you can run Ketarin and track VLC Media Player by adding it to the list, if the new version is available it will automatically download it for you.In short, it does not keep your system up-to-date, it only downloads the latest setup packages, thus keeping your setup packages up-to-date.Read More

How To Stamp Or Add Dates On All Your Photos/Pictures/Images

We all take thousands of pictures every year, yet only few cameras have a build-in feature to stamp dates on photos. Stamping photos can be helpful when browsing old photos, it becomes easier to see when the photo was taken, making the whole experience fun. If you forgot to enable date stamping feature on your digital camera, you can now stamp dates on all your photos with a simple tool.Y.A.  Photos Date Stamper is a free software that require .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 1 to run, if you don’t have this version of .Net Framework, it installs automatically for you(installation requires  restarting of computer).Read More

Download Or Copy Music From iPod To Your Computer Instantly With iDump

Do you love the the music playlist of  your friend’s or co-worker’s iPod? You can now copy the songs to your computer, and then later copy them to your iPod using iTunes if you have one. Almost everyone carry an iPod  these days, if you love someone's music playlist you can borrow his iPod for few minutes and copy his music to your computer instantly. iDump is a free little tool that lets you copy all music from any iPod to your computer.

There are  two types of files, one is a simple installer and the other is an executable file which you can download from here.

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How To Defrag Whole Disk Or Specific Files With Defraggler

When someone says defragment, it is usually understood to defrag the whole disk. This is because almost all 3rd party software for Windows allow you to defrag the whole disk. Defraggler, if you haven’t heard of it before is an excellent defragmentation tool that lets you defrag specific files and folders. It is developed by Piriform, the company behind both CCCleaner and Recuva and is Windows Vista compatible.Read More

Recover Deleted Data, Files Or Photos For Free With Recuva

Did you accidently delete a photo from your digital camera, memory card, or hard disk? Maybe you accidently deleted an important file from your computer? In both cases, you can recover any type of lost data with a free windows utility. Recuva  is a great little application that recovers all your deleted files with a single click, it even recovers the data that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.

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How To Securely Hide Your Private Folders In Windows

Do you want to hide your files and folders securely so that it cannot be accessed by anyone with any software? There is a freeware security software called Free Hide Folder that hides your folder and makes it fully secure from unauthorized access.

There are many software out there which can hide your private folders, but there are equal number of software available that makes it possible to access such hidden folders, thus making your hidden folders vulnerable. Free Hide Folder is a great tool that I have been using to keep my folders hidden in a very secure manner, it makes it impossible for people to find your hidden folders, let alone accessing it.

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