Insert Auto Backup Photos From Your Phone Into Gmail Messages

Gmail has rolled out a new feature that lets users attach photos on their phone into emails they compose from Gmail for web. The feature has been integrated in the attach file menu but it requires you to have Auto Backup enabled for your photos on your handset. The new feature will make it easier to attach files from your phone, and the process will be much faster since your photos have already been uploaded online and attaching them is pretty much like creating a link to the photos. If you're using an iOS device you will need to have the official Google Plus app installed on your device and Auto Backup enabled for it. Here's how the feature works. Read More

Remotely End Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, And Twitter Web & App Sessions

I don’t always log into Facebook on a public computer but when I do, I forget to log out. Sound like you? Most people know that you should always be careful when you sign in to a public computer but there isn’t anything that can be done for forgetfulness. If you left an important personal account like your Gmail or Facebook account logged in on a public computer, there are ways to rescue yourself before your information is compromised, or before it falls into the hands of a dangerous prankster. Here is what you can do to remotely log out of your Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts and end web browser and mobile app sessions. Read More

Password Recovery: When Did I Create My Google Account?

I’m not going to boast about how I think of great complicated passwords for my email account, Facebook, Twitter, and the entrance to my secret lab. I am able to remember them easilt but the same can’t be said for everyone and every time I change my password (which I do regularly because security) I do struggle to recall it the first few days. But remembering passwords isn’t easy for everyone and recovering a Google Account password involves a question that one is highly unlikely to remember the answer to; when did you create your Google account? I found this out a few weeks ago when my dad who is aging well but with a poor memory forgot the password to his Gmail account. I had helped him set it up but Gmail wouldn’t let me recover it using the secondary email address. If you’ve had the unfortunate luck of forgetting your Gmail password and you need to know when you created your account, here’s two quick ways to find it. Read More

Hide & Customize Gmail Interface Elements With Gmelius For Chrome

Gmail’s interface has numerous options and settings, some of which you may seldom require. And although Gmail is probably very easy to navigate and use in its default state, these extra functionalities can sometimes get in your way. Gmelius is a dead simple Chrome extension that lets you customize Gmail to your heart’s content by hiding certain UI elements, like ads, the chat area or the footer, which hardly contributes to overall usage. It also lets you make the header auto-expandable and customize the appearance and behavior of inbox elements. Details after the jump. Read More

Track, Delete Or Secure Gmail Attachments After You Send Them With docTrackr

Gmail is probably the best thing invented since the internet itself. That might sound like an overstatement, but it simply is that good. Even if sometimes you’re unable to achieve something that you wanted with it, third-party browser extensions come to the rescue, and help extend and enhance its functionality. One such Chrome extension I recently discovered is docTrackr, which allows users to remotely track or destroy Gmail attachments, and even set view, print and copy permissions to every PDF attachment for preventing any misuse by their recipients. Details to follow right after the break. Read More

Get Screenleap’s Easy Screen Sharing Capabilities In Gmail

The Screenleap web app we covered back in 2012 was fun, simple and much easier to use than most other screen sharing solutions that we had seen. The intuitive service required absolutely no installation, registration or software downloads for broadcasting your desktop to others. If you're a fan of the service or are just looking for an easy way to share your screen with someone else, the service now offers a Chrome extension labeled Screenleap for Gmail™ that adds the same screen sharing functionality right into your Gmail account for easily initiating sessions and inviting others via email. Details after the jump. Read More

mxHero Toolbox Supercharges Gmail With Self-Destructing Emails, Reminders & More

If you’re a Snapchat user, you would already know how fun it is to send self-destructing images. mxHero Toolbox is a Chrome extension that aims to bring the same functionality (and more) to your Gmail account. The extension, which is available for free at the Chrome Web Store, lets you supercharge your Gmail by adding a handful of features that aren't offered by Google, including the ability to send emails that self-destruct after 5 minutes, get notified when the recipient has read your email or clicked on links and images from it, schedule emails to be sent later, get a reminder email if the recipient doesn't reply to your mail within a time frame of your choice, and more. Read More

How To Opt Out Of Gmail’s New Email Via Google+ Option

The big G recently made a controversial change to Gmail, making it possible for users to send email messages to anyone from their Google+ profiles. The integration means that if you use both Gmail and Google+ services, anyone on Google+ can now email you without knowing your email address. The change has become a lightning rod for controversy, particularly among privacy advocates who do not want their Gmail account being shared among their Google+ circles. What even struck more is the fact that the new feature is opt-out rather than opt-in, meaning it's enabled by default, and those who don’t want it must disable it manually. Fortunately, it’s fairly easily to disable this feature and in what follows, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of doing that. Read More

How To Set A Vacation Responder In Gmail For Android

What do technology and vacations have in common? Being awesome, of course! Though not many like the idea of mingling the two together, because if your line of work involves dealing with tech throughout the year, the last thing you want is having to deal with it while you’re supposed to be taking a break. But that doesn’t mean we can’t put it to good use while we’re away, does it? That’s where automation comes in. Email autoresponders have been around for quite a while, helping us set up an automatic response to be sent out to the emails we receive while we are away from work. While Gmail has had this feature for quite a while in the web app, at times you only realize after leaving that you forgot to set one up, and the only device you have by then is your smartphone. To address this, Google has added the ability to add a vacation responder to the latest update of its Gmail app for Android. Let’s find out how it works. Read More

Add Todoist Task Management To Your Gmail Inbox In Chrome, Firefox

We’ve previously covered a range of to-do list and task management apps for different platforms, and Todoist is a pretty popular name among them. It’s beautifully designed and has phenomenal features that go a long way in assisting you with managing your tasks and to-do lists on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, web, and extensions for popular browsers. That said, for many of us, email is still one of our primary channels for our tasks, as several emails that we receive involve performing a task of some sort. So, it only makes sense to have a way to manage those task-oriented emails with our task management app. If you use Todoist and have been looking for a way to integrate it right within your Gmail inbox, Todoist for Gmail can let you do just that on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You can handle your email related Todoists directly from your inbox – no need to open any separate window or browser tab. Read More

CloudMagic Is An Android Email App With Faster Search, Multiple Accounts & A Unified Inbox

I still remember the day I became the owner of my first Android smartphone, and the experience was nothing short of exhilarating. I could have started off with playing games on it, streaming YouTube videos, or listening to Spotify, but the very first thing I did was checking my email – a task I had been performing as one of the first things every morning even before my smartphone life began. Mobile and emails have become an indispensable part of our lives. Therefore, having a good email app on your smartphone or tablet is always a good idea. For most people, the default Gmail app works well but for those who use other email services or just want a different option, try locking your sights at CloudMagic. Why use a third-party email client when Android comes with one out of the box, you might ask? Well, it’s because CloudMagic is so much better than the stock Email app on so many levels. So, let's take a look at them right after the jump. Read More

Molto For Android & iOS Gives Your Email Inbox The News Feed Look

There are tons of email apps available for Android and iOS, but most of them offer similar features and functionality, more or less. Molto, on the other hand, differs by offering an inbox experience that looks and feels more like a social media site like Pinterest or Google+. It comes packaged with several features such as Quick Peek that gives you a quick glance of your messages without actually opening them, Photo Inbox that connects to your Facebook account and carries photos uploaded by your friends, Master Inbox for accessing messages from multiple email accounts under one place, and more. The app has been available on the iPad for a while and was recently released for the iPhone and Android tablets. Read More

Directly Export Or Add Attachments From Cloud In Gmail With Kloudless

During the past few years, cloud storage has becoming increasingly popular among everyone. One of the many benefits it has is that one can easily share a file with many people after uploading it just once to the cloud. Although I personally prefer Dropbox for my cloud storage needs, you can choose from a vast range of other options, each having its own set of features and pricing. But where sharing is the key element of the cloud – other than backup, of course – having an option for the cloud files to be sent directly as email attachments can also be quite useful. Similarly, many of us can use the ability to export our email attachments directly to our cloud storage. A handy service called Kloudless for Google Chrome and Firefox aims to help in this regard by allowing you to integrate multiple cloud storage services in Gmail. Read More

FindIt Offers Unified Search For Gmail, Google Drive & Dropbox On Android & iOS

FindIt, first released for iOS a couple of months back, has now been rolled out to the Android platform as well. As the name itself suggests, the app lets you universally search for all your data in famous cloud services, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox. While services like Gmail and Google Drive do offer their own search functions, FindIt will allow you to easily sift through all three services from one screen. We take a closer look at the app, right after the jump. Read More

How To Qucikly Delete Gmail Messages In iOS 7 Mail App

Despite the myriad of changes that have come to the iPhone with iOS 7, the stock Mail app hasn’t undergone a major overhaul. Admittedly, there are a few UI changes, but no big features have been added or taken away. There is a minor change though, but since email plays such an important role in our daily life, this seemingly insignificant alteration has been bothering a lot of users. If you are a Gmail user but have so far avoided the official Gmail app for iOS, you have likely encountered the ‘Archive’ button that shows up in Mail every time you try to delete a message. Things were this way in iOS 6 as well, but in the previous version of the OS, it was quite easy to change this setting. iOS 7 has buried the option deep inside the Settings app, so you might not be able to discover it straight away, and that's what we're going to help you with. Read More

SolMail Is An Android Email App With Classy UI, Multiple Accounts & More

A lot of us have more than just one email account configured on our phone. On Android, you have both the Gmail app and the Email app built to handle all IMAP and POP3 email services, which should do fine for most of us. However, the Email app doesn't really get close to Gmail when it comes to the immensely intuitive user experience offered by the latter. Enter SolMail – the all-in-one mail app that gets the job done using the same overall interface, design language and gestures as the Gmail app! The app makes use of colors to differentiate your accounts from each other if you happen to view emails from all your accounts on one page. With many more settings and functions to tinker with, read on after the jump to see what the app has to offer. Read More

Add Batch Attachment Management & Rule-Based Cloud Uploading To Gmail In Chrome

Although social networks and cloud storage services have made file sharing a tad easier, many people still use email to share photos and other files with their friends, family and colleagues. However, if you’re a heavy user of email attachments, you are probably aware of the hassle involved in managing them, for example, sharing a group attachments with multiple contacts or downloading multiple attachments to your local storage in one go. Not to mention, they also take a lot of space on your email account. MetisMe Attachments Management System is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail that aims to take care of this nuisance once and for all. It lets you manage your attachments in a super fast way, allows batch-downloading to local storage as well as manual and automated (rule-based) attachment uploads in bulk to Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. Read More

Have Chrome Sort Gmail Emails, Files, Links & Images In Separate Tabs

For many, Gmail has now become the de facto email service but despite being powerful, customizable and fairly intuitive, there are a few features Gmail fails to offer out of the box. Though that’s where a number of Google Chrome extensions fill the gap, with Mikey For Gmail being the newest one in this genre. If you fancy Gmail’s new tabbed interface, you’re gonna love Mikey, as the extension allows you to quickly find things in your account by sorting them out under relevant tabs. It does this by indexing results in your Gmail and presents images, links and files from sent and received emails under their pertaining tabs. No, it doesn't add a search box or anything of the sort, but the extension is just designed to present things separately from one another. Read More

Boomerang Is A Gmail Client For Android With Scheduling & Mailbox-Like Reminders

Email applications for Android come in all shapes and sizes. All modern smartphones ship with an email app as a part of the operating system itself to give you a head start. In addition to that, Gmail users have the official Gmail app by Google available on most major platforms as well. However, if you want to try out something different for a change on your Android, give Boomerang a shot. It might sound a strange name for an email app but it does a great job of handling your inbox. The app (initially a browser extension) only supports Gmail and Google Apps Accounts as of this writing, though support for additional email services is in the pipeline according to the developers . The main question, however, is why would anyone want to use Boomerang over the official Gmail app? The answer lies in Boomerang’s intuitive and elegant interface, not to forget its host of unique features like the ability to schedule emails for later and snooze email messages for later, customizable gestures and more. Read More

How To Save Gmail Emails To Evernote With The Web Clipper Extension

Evernote’s web clipper is possibly one of the most sophisticated ways of saving online content and keeping it organized at the same time. The fact that the clipper has such a powerful service as Evernote itselfworking at its backend makes it an excellent productivity tool. Evernote has just updated its web clipper, and it can now save your Gmail emails to any notebook of your choice. Granted, you were already able to save an entire page or take a screenshot of an email with the web clipper but with this update, Evernote can save just the body of the email itself so that its text is searchable and can be copied from Evernote’s web interface or desktop app. Read More