Easily Change Window Border Width & Padding In Windows 8 With Tiny Windows Borders

Content before chrome - that’s one of the two principles of Microsoft’s 'Metro' design language. Yet when you look at the Desktop in Windows 8, there are still plenty of places where chrome can be further reduced for better looking content.  Heavily padded windows borders are a good example of that. We have previously discussed how you can change window border size in one of our earlier posts on the best Windows 8 tweaks, hacks and tips but that method involves heading deep down into the dreaded Windows Registry and manually changing values stored in oddly-named variables – something certain people feel is a little too risky, even though it isn't if you follow the instructions properly. If the idea of editing your computer's registry makes you uncomfortable, fret not! We have found a useful little app called 'Tiny Windows Borders' that lets you change the dimensions of your windows borders with sliders. Now that sounds much safer, doesn't it? Read More

Pencil Project: A Powerful & Easy-To-Use GUI Prototyping Tool

Planning and sketching ideas before taking them to implementation is a useful quality that developers have learned to value. In website development, the concept of a wireframe, which is a diagram or sketch of a website ready to be handed over to a graphic designer, resonates with this need. On the other hand, prototyping deals with laying out a plan before execution for successful product development. Pencil Project is a useful GUI prototyping tool that equips creative individuals to lay out, sketch, analyze and finalize their ideas using a wide range of elements, including common shapes, basic web elements, Sketchy GUI, stencils and more. These can then be exported in PNG, SVG, HTML, PDF and ODT file formats for applications in various development domains with an artistic yet technically sound plan, ready for finishing.Read More

Rules Player Provides GUI Front-End & Extensive Format Support For MPlayer

Among the plethora of video players available for Windows (and other cross-platform applications), MPlayer has earned a name, quite of its own, owing to its support for various media formats and open source nature. Although Mplayer relies on a command-line interface, you can easily obtain optional media players off the internet that provide its GUI front-end. Rules Player, for the Windows operating system, is one such solution that uses MPlayer binaries and provide a simple and easy-to-use media player. It supports a wide array of video formats including AVI, MKV, MOV, SGP, MP4, OGG, NUTT, OGM etc., as well as various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, FLAC and so on. Additionally, the application lets you play videos while they are being downloaded, thus saving you the agony of having to wait for the download process to be completed first. Lets delve inside and see if it's worth a shot.Read More

Visual TraceRoute Creates Network Trace Route Graph To Fix Connectivity Issues

tracert is a Windows Command Line tool to trace route for a given remote location. It helps network administrators check the complete path of requested data, and total time it takes to reach the final destination. WhatsUp Visual TraceRoute is a GUI based application that plots route information on animated graphs, and displays detailed statistics to assist users in identifying connectivity issues across the network. It  provides trace data in the form of a topology map, while displaying response time info hop-by-hop from start to finish. Additionally, you can perform trace route command for ICMP, UDP, and TCP protocols.Read More

Find & Replace Lets You Search For & Swap Text In Multiple Files

Find and Replace is an open source application to find and replace text from multiple files within numerous directories and sub-directories. It can identify and replace text strings from files by locating them from within a simplified GUI interface. Find and Replace supports not just generic but also case-sensitive searching, recurrent search from sub-directories and generation of command line button to create command line text to put in batch files. Find and Replace is  a useful tool for those who may require finding and replacing text string from files located within many sub-directories. Since Find and Replace also supports batch file creation, therefore, the created find/replace string can be transformed into a batch file for quickly replacing text string across multiple computers.Read More

Simple File Lister Is GUI For Windows DIR Command Line

Windows DIR command displays a list of files and sub-folders from a specified directory. Simple File Lister is a GUI application for the Windows DIR command line that allows using over 200+ file attribute to retrieve file lists. It generates a report for files according to specified attributes in CSV, TXT or TSV format. Simple Files Lister does not require administrative privileges and supports major spreadsheet viewers including MS Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs and LibreOffice, etc for opening supported output file formats. You can also save templates with a combination of your selected file listing criteria, to use it later. Hence, Simple File Lister makes it easy to retrieve file lists from directories without having to remember lengthy command prompt commands and provides a simplified user interface which makes it easy to generate a detailed report containing in-depth file information according to user-defined criteria.Read More

Purge PPAs And Clean Ubuntu Cache, Kernels And Config Data [Tip]

It can be quite a nuisance to remove out dated packages, cache, purge PPAs and cleanse the kernel in Ubuntu. While there are a few individual applications like YPPA Manager which allow purging outdated PPAs, one seldom finds an application which gives an integrated interface for performing multiple important tasks in Ubuntu (such as the aforementioned). Recently while exploring the Ubuntu Tweak, I came across it’s package cleaning utility and thought it might be a good idea to share this utility with our readers. The Package Cleaner in Ubuntu Tweak allows purging PPAs, and cleaning the cache, config, and kernels within and easy GUI interface.Read More

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS Brings Touch Screen BIOS Configuration For Z-68 Motherboards

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS is a software developed by the famous GIGABYTE manufacturers for their z-68 motherboards. It is a GUI based application which enables configuring the BIOS from within the native operating system in touch screen mode. The touch screen mode is an optional utility, you can also use a mouse to perform BIOS configuration functions. Moreover, there is also a screenshot button for taking a quick snap of any part of the BIOS. This can be quite handy for saving your BIOS settings in the form of an image for later review.Read More

Avert System Crisis By Repairing Important PC Issues With CAT

CAT or Crisis Aversion Tool is an open source application which helps user in resolving computer issues. It provides a large number of fixes for Windows related problems within a simplified GUI based interface. Users can fix Flash Player, Shutdown issues, check a file for malware via virus total, repair Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer shell, USB drives and much more. What makes CAT quite useful is its ability to help resolve complex issues from one window without having to use dedicated tool to fix each problem.Read More

Manage Plymouth, Burg & Grub With Super Boot Manager

Grub Manager, Plymouth and Burg are quite handy in tweaking with Ubuntu boot options. These include changing the boot screen theme, setting the default operating system for booting, setting screen resolution, timeout and so on. Super Boot Manger is a master application for boot management which allows managing configurations for Grub, Plymouth and Burg from within a simple GUI based interface. It provides options for the installation and management of  of graphic themes, Grub,  Burg and Plymouth.Read More

CheckDisk Is GUI For Windows Chkdsk.exe Utility, Can Fix Disk Errors

Disk errors often occur due to power failure and negligent use of the system resources, such as force shutdowns and running too many operations simultaneously which can lead to read /write errors. These errors, if not fixed in a timely manner, can eventually result in permanent damage of the date or even the hard drive itself. It can be quite laborious to run the disk check and wait for an awful amount of time for the process to complete.CheckDisk (not to be confused with the previously covered Check Drive) is a disk checking application which provides the utility of checking and fixing disk errors. It is basically a Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Windows native chkdsk.exe utility. It contains a fast disk checking option to speed up the process of checking the hard drive for errors, which consumes less time than the conventional disk checking method. Moreover, it does not bound the user from being unable to use the system while disk check is running.Read More

Fix / Repair Ubuntu Problems With One Click Using YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions

What makes Ubuntu more usable for common users is its ability to provide alternative GUI based solutions for installing and updating applications instead of remembering lengthy Terminal commands. Unfortunately, there are still many issues which require going through convoluted procedures to resolve them.YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions provides a one click solution to many commonly faced Ubuntu problems. It allows updating Ubuntu, Gnomes 3 installation and uninstallation, Firefox 4 flash issue fix and much more. All you need to do is to select a problem from the list and click OK to get it resolved.Read More

Edit Ubuntu Unity Launcher Quicklist With Unity Launcher Editor

There has been a lot of talk about customizing Ubuntu Unity Launcher. For this reason a lot of tweaks and related applications have been coming out lately. One such example is Unity 2D- Desktop Settings (tweak).Unity Launcher Editor is a GUI based application for managing Unity items and quicklists. It allows creating a customized quick list group and provides the option to add or remove Unity Launcher items. Moreover, you can even change Unity icons with available options.Read More

Manage Windows Services From Multiple Computers With Services Monitor

It is often necessary to start and stop numerous services on servers to perform a routine task or after installing a Windows feature. For example, to give Windows Server 2008 the Aero effect, Desktop Enhancements must be installed, after which the Themes service needs to be started.Services Monitor is a tool for  managing Windows Services from multiple computers simultaneously.  You can add/remove services and start, stop or restart them with the time polling feature. In other words, you can choose a time frame to start, stop or restart selected Windows Services. Hence, Windows Services can be remotely controlled from several servers and workstations across a network, with centralized management.Read More

Remove Files That Have Been Locked Or Infected By Malware

Some files in Windows are protected from being overwritten, ever. For someone who knows what they're doing, this is perhaps a nuisance rather than something to be thankful for but for the vast majority of users, it's a much needed safety net. The feature that protects these files from being replaced, or removed is called Windows File Protection and it is essential not just to keep a user from unknowingly harming an important file, but also to keep malicious apps from doing the same. That said, some apps still get through the cracks.  In a previous post, we wrote on how to delete infected (or locked) files from the command prompt. This time we have FilExile app, which does the the same thing with in a a simply graphical user interface (GUI).Read More

Tweak With Unity 2D Settings & Enable Compositing [Ubuntu Linux]

In the wake of Ubuntu version 11.04 release, we are already witnessing tweaks and new enhancements being offered by third party developers. One such example is the Unity 2D- Desktop Settings tweaker. It is a GUI based app which is designed to save time from browsing folders, adding values, or writing commands to get the Unity-2D GConf Settings customized. With this simple tweaker, you can auto-hide the launcher, enable composting (shadows and transparency), and view Dashboard via super key. It is a worthwhile enhancement for Ubuntu users who wish to configure unity 2D settings as per their liking. If you are not familiar with Unity 2D launcher, check out our guide here.Read More

Set Automatic System Shutdown In Ubuntu With EasyShutdown

EasyShutdown is GUI based script for automating the shutdown time for your Ubuntu Linux computer. It's written in Python, allowing you to set automatic shutdown time in hours, minutes and seconds. You can specify when the system should be automatically turned off. It could come handy for turning off a computer to save power after a specific task gets completed. For example, a download may require 25 minutes to complete and you might have to go to bed at night or do something important in the meanwhile. In such a case, you can schedule a system shutdown to conserve battery power.Read More

Create Shortcut Of Programs To Run With Defined CPU Affinity

There are programs that are capable of utilizing more than one system cores, but not many programs are lightweight enough to be run on a single core. Moreover, some programs can end up consuming too many system resources including CPU usage, which can hinder your workflow. An applications affinity can be set for such programs from the Windows Task manager. However, normal settings automatically get restored when the app is used the next time.RunWithAffinity is a portable GUI based application that not only allows you to run a program on a specified number of cores but lets you create shortcut on your desktop to run any selected app with defined affinity. This can provide the utility of making sure that a specific program will not be consuming all the CPU cores. The created shortcut contains all the pre-configured specifications, including, core usage and program behavior after launching (e.g. starting it in minimized, maximized or in normal mode). With the help of this app, you wont have to configure affinity settings repeatedly, just use the shortcut to run an application according to your specified affinity settings.Read More

Hardware Lister Shows Hardware Configuration Information In Ubuntu

Hardware Lister is a small tool that provides detailed information of the hardware configuration of a Linux machine. It can report the memory configuration of your system, firmware version, main board configuration, version of your CPU and it’s speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc. Although the information given by the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Hardware Lister is not as detailed as the previously reviewed demicode (which shows hardware information from the Terminal), nonetheless, it provides essential system hardware details which are necessary to have knowledge of in case of upgrading, changing, tweaking or replacing system hardware.Read More