Echo Sorts Alerts By Type On Your Lockscren & Reminds You Of Them [Android]

Notifications are an essential part of Android but the default notification system of the platform can be annoying and frustrating at times, especially when it throws a boatload of alerts at you. Nevertheless, who would want to be notified if someone followed them on Twitter or an old pal liked their embarrassing photo?. This is where the new app Echo Notification Lockscreen comes to the rescue. This simple app aims to replace the stock lockscreen of your phone with one that’s more functional, puts greater emphasis on notifications, and splits them according to their significance for you.Read More

AcDisplay Brings Moto X’s Active Display To Any Android 4.4+ Device

Despite not boating the same specs as the other flagships of its generation like the HTC One and Galaxy S4, the Moto X is quite a remarkable device, and perhaps Motorola’s most critically acclaimed smartphone to date. Besides offering customization options for the phone itself, Moto X comes with some nifty software features too, that set it apart from the rest. One such feature is Active Display that lets you view the time and your latest notifications even when the screen is off, without having to go to the phone’s lock screen. The feature draws little battery power, thanks to the device’s AMOLED screen. If you want the utility of the same feature without actually having to get a Motorola device, XDA Recognized Developer AChep has the solution for you in AcDisplay, as long as you’re running KitKat. Read on for details.Read More

SlideLock Is An iOS 7-Inspired Android Lock Screen App With Support For Pebble Notifications

We have covered a truckload of Android lock screen apps for our readers in the past. Back in December, we reviewed Dodol Locker, which features a diverse range of themes to give the lock screen a quick makeover. Then there's Cover, a unique solution that determines the apps you use during certain times of the day and automatically provides quick access to them from the lock screen. We've also featured quite a few replacements that clone the lock screens of other platforms, such as Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen and Espier Screen Locker iOS7. SlideLock seems to take inspiration from the iOS 7 lock screen as well, but unlike Espier's apps, it isn't a complete clone. It borrows core features from the iOS 7 lock screen - simple design, quick access to notifications and the camera app - and adds a couple of its own to improve the overall experience. Details to follow.Read More

Snapdragon Glance Is A Usage-Aware Android Lock Screen Replacement From Qualcomm

Android is unrivaled in customization. Forget ROMs and launchers, the lock screen alone can be customized with the likes of Cover and ported Galaxy S4 or Note 3 lock screens. In that vein, another lock screen utility might not seem ground breaking. However, the source makes a difference. After last year's Snapdragon Battery Guru, Qualcomm's Xiam have come out this year with Snapdragon Glance, a free, intelligent lock screen replacement for Snapdragon-powered devices that gives you instant access to notifications, essential info and the apps you use the most. Read More

Get Basic Lockscreen Customization Options In iOS 7 With CustomLS

When it comes to deep system components customization, what Android gets by default, iOS users get after jailbreaking. Changing the keyboard, replacing the multitasking app switcher, setting a different default web browser and even replacing the main home screen launcher is all possible on Android from the get-go. Consider the system lockscreen; you can get all sorts of third-party lock-screens from the Play Store to replace the stock one with but on iOS, you are stuck with the extremely basic Apple-designed lock-screen. Although I feel satisfied with the lockscreen on my iOS 7-toting iPhone 4S, some customization would certainly have been nice. That's where the CustomLS Cydia tweak for iOS 7 comes in. Read More

Cover Is An Intelligent Android Lock Screen With Quick Access To Apps Based On Context

From fancy looking themes to the most minimalistic ones, and even lookalikes of Galaxy S4 and iOS 7, Android gives us countless ways to customize your device’s lockscreen. Today, we're going to take a look at a way to totally revamp the Android lock screen using a new app called Cover. With a few neat tricks under its belt, Cover is all about presenting you with 'The right apps at the right time’, in a way similar to the amazingly intelligent Aviate launcher. In other words, it basically learns about the apps you use and when you use them most, and automatically brings them up when they are most likely to be useful to you. You can then immediately peek at the app or even open it via swiping in from its icon. Despite currently being in beta, it works well and has an impressive interface, boasting some really great wallpapers that change based on the time and context.Read More

Dodol Locker Is A Gorgeous, Themable Lock Screen App For Android

Quite a while back, I wrote a detailed guide on replacing and customizing the Android lock screen, but developments for the OS have come a long way since then, and we have covered many other tools in the past that help you get more out of your lock screen. Dodol Locker is the latest app in this genre that I recently came across and decided to take for a spin. This lockscreen replacement app features several stunning themes that can make device really stand out. And it’s not all about looks either; there’s support for some nifty widgets that you can enable on the themes to view import information such as date, time, weather, missed calls, messages, battery status and alarms on your lock screen, customizable shortcuts for your frequently used apps, the ability to choose a custom lock screen wallpaper (in addition to the ones that come with its themes), PIN and Pattern security, and more.Read More

Access Favorite Apps From Android Lockscreen With Swipe Panel For GO Locker

GO Locker is a fairly popular Android lock screen replacement app that lets you apply different themes and layouts on your lock screen. The app supports a variety of different customization features such as unlock methods, widgets as well as plugins. Swipe Panel is a new GO Locker plugin that’s been recently made available at Play Store, and allows you to swipe a vertical panel out from the edge of the GO Locker in order to launch the apps you want. You can easily resize this panel, put custom apps in it as well as control its visual parameters. Details after the jump.Read More

Get Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 Lock Screen On Your Android Phone

Galaxy S4 is a fantastic device and by far the best phone Samsung has ever produced. The same can be said about the Galaxy Note 3, another high-end flagship from the South Korean electronics maker that's quite similar in specs to the S4 but larger in size. Both devices are simply amazing and ship with the latest Touchwiz UI, a skinned Android version that contains a custom Lens Flare lock screen, among other great features. Last month, we reviewed the ported version of the original Galaxy S4 TouchWiz 5 launcher that works on all devices running Android 4.1 or later and today, we bring you the Galaxy S4 Lockscreen. The app is heavily inspired from the default lock screen of TouchWiz 5, and has been made shared with us by XDA-Developers Senior member -Aatif- . The app retains all the typical features found in Galaxy S4's lock screen, as well as a few additional customization options. Read on for more details.Read More

Espier Brings iOS 7 Home & Lock Screen To Android

Espier Studios have been in the business of developing iOS-mimicking apps for Android for quite some time now, and have become famous for providing the closest and most accurate iOS experience compared to other such attempts made for the platform. We have already covered a handful of app from Espier Studios, including Espier Launcher, Espier Notifications and Espier Screen Locker. Now that iOS 7 is official, the developers at Espier bring to you Espier Launcher iOS7 - the best iOS 7 Springboard clone out there on the Play Store right now. Couple it up with the equally accurate Espier Screen Locker iOS7, and you have a near-perfect iOS UI right on your Android device. For screenshots and more information on the functionality offered, read on after the jump!Read More

Lockscreen Free For Android Offers A Unique Combination Of Pattern Unlock & Quick App Launching

One of the best things about Android is how customizable the OS is. You can change nearly every aspect of the interface by merely installing apps, and this includes the lock screen. We have previously covered many lock screen customization tools and apps with you and today, LockScreen Free joins the club. Rather than merely providing you with a way to unlock your device, this lock screen replacement app aims to save you time and add more security to your unlocking experience by utilizing app icons for a lock screen grid, and adding a twist to pattern-based unlocking and quick app launching. Read on for details. Read More

Get Moto X-Style Active Display Lock Screen Notifications On Any Android 4.0+ Device

Just a few weeks back, Motorola revealed its Moto X phone that's the manufacturer's first device developed entirely since its acquisition by Google.  Apart from its much-hyped customizable body, the phone comes with some nifty software features of its own as well, one of which is Active Display that shows notifications on the phone's screen while it is locked. These notifications are shown in white in a minimal manner over s black background in order to save battery life on the Moto X's AMOLED display. Users can then unlock their device directly to the notification's pertaining app or activity, or dismiss it altogether if it's not important. XDA-Developers forum member nico001 wanted this feature but didn't want to get a new device for it, so he decided to develop it himself, and the result is ActiveNotifications. This free app brings this feature to any device running Android 4 or later. Read on for more details. Read More

Get A Customizable Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Clone On Android

When I bought my first Android smartphone, I was fairly impressed by the level of customization it offered. After all, customization is one of Android’s biggest advantages over competitors like iOS and Windows Phone. There’s hardly any area of the OS that can’t be modified according to your liking. One area that you can easily personalize is the lockscreen. Although Android (Jelly Bean, in particular) comes packed with an amazing stock lockscreen, there are many lockscreen replacement apps that can add more value to this area of the OS. Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen is one such effort that, as the name implies, is designed to bring the Ubuntu Touch lockscreen to your phone. Crafted by XDA Senior Member Rotary Heart, it’s a simple, elegant and fast custom lockscreen done Ubuntu style that displays message and call notifications within the ring in the center, and lets you control music playback.Read More

Apply Customizable Themes To iPhone Lock Screen With LockFlavours

The recently covered BuddyLock comes with an impressive array of customization options for the lock screen, but if you want to get a new look for your iPhone without too much effort, there are tweaks like Sodium capable of applying photo effects to a wallpaper directly. LockFlavors doesn't do anything to the wallpaper, but every other aspect of the lock screen can be altered using it. LockFlavors offers several lock screen themes, applying different colors and patterns to the top and bottom bars of the lock screen. In addition to these, the tweak also has different fonts for the time/date display, and even lets you change the text that appears on the unlock slider. If you aren't satisfied with any of the default themes offered in LockFlavors, there is also the option of creating your own custom themes by mixing colors for each part of the screen separately, and adding the fonts of your choice. Read More

Replace iPhone Lock Screen Passcode With A Game Controller Combo

Remember the good old days when you had to glean cheat codes off from your friends or gaming magazines, and then try fervently to apply them using your Nintendo controller before your character died or your favorite Pokémon escaped? If you really miss those times, there are plenty of ways to recreate them on an iPhone, using the awesome gaming emulators available for jailbroken (and recently, even non-jailbroken) devices. If truth be told though, the gaming community has moved on, and you are not very likely to spend a lot of time playing these older video games even if they are available on iOS. This is why Control Unlocker can be perfect for anyone who is nostalgic for NES, but not super-crazy for the actual games. The Cydia tweak makes it possible for users to set a cheat code-like passcode on their iPhone’s lock screen, making sure that the device gets unlocked only when the right combination is punched in using the displayed controller. Read More

Sparky Lock Screen Revamps Android Lockscreen With Great Themes & Quick Gestures

If you type ‘how to customize Android lock screen’ on Google, WidgetLocker is likely among the first app you will encounter in the results. Being fairly popular and often cited as must-have lock screen replacement for any customization freak, WidgetLocker gives users plenty of control over Android’s lock screen, carrying a truckload of customization options ranging from turning on your flashlight and jumping to camera to accessing your phone’s other features without much hassle. If that doesn't quite float your boat, there are plenty of other options available too, some of which we have covered in our Android lock screen customization guide. Though if you've been searching for something different, try Sparky Lock Screen. The app basically takes over default lock screen and has several elegant-looking themes available that can completely revamp how it looks and works.Read More

New Features & Changes In The Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

Even those who didn’t quite fancy Windows 8 when it came out did like its elegant lock screen. The lock screen presents a static background of your choosing, the date and time and notifications for certain apps. It basically replaces the simple logon screen found in previous iterations of Windows such as Windows 7 or Vista. As you may know that Microsoft released a public Preview build of Windows 8.1. Along with many other areas of the operating system, the lock screen has also been spruced up with new options like slideshow, additional app notifications and quick access to the camera. After the break, we'll be discussing all these features in detail.Read More

Change Color Set & Get Cycling Wallpapers On Windows 8 Lock Screen

Along with all the other major changes in Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced an all new Lock Screen in its latest OS, and unlike the Start Screen, a lot of good things have been said about it. Besides displaying app notifications, the new lock screen also shows time and date, and lets you apply a wallpaper of your choice. However, it still feels quite primitive when it comes to customization, as it only allows users to change the background at most; you can neither change the time format, nor the display language. Lock Screen Customizer by WinAero is a new Windows 8 application that has come forth to provide a handy solution. It doesn't boast an enormous amount of features, but the ones that it does offer can be pretty useful. Lets dig a bit deeper. Read More

Espier Screen Locker Is An Accurate iOS Lock Screen Clone For Android

From the creators of Espier Launcher – the iOS SpringBoard replica for Android, comes Espier Screen Locker, an excellent iOS lockscreen clone for Android that doesn't just replicate basic UI elements. It shows you all incoming notifications, be they incoming messages, missed calls or notifications from third-party apps, has a camera grabber that can be swiped upward to unlock into the camera app, just like in iOS 6. Read on after the break as we take a closer look at how close Espier Screen Locker is to the real deal.Read More

Get Real-Time Notifications On Android Lock Screen With This Widget

Android's notification system is great for staying informed about all your phone and app activities and updates from anywhere in the OS, but what if you want to access this information without having to unlock your phone's screen?  Notification LockScreen Widget allows you to do just that! We have seen the likes of DashClock widget bring a lot of extra functionality to the lock screen, but the AnyDash notifications extension for the widget only offered setting up notifications for selective apps, and had its own styling. Notifications Widget places real-time notifications of everything from your Notification Drawer into a very neat widget, complete with a handful of very useful customizable features.Read More