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Espier Screen Locker Is An Accurate iOS Lock Screen Clone For Android

From the creators of Espier Launcher – the iOS SpringBoard replica for Android, comes Espier Screen Locker, an excellent iOS lockscreen clone for Android that doesn’t just replicate basic UI elements. It shows you all incoming notifications, be they incoming messages, missed calls or notifications from third-party apps, has a camera grabber that can be swiped upward to unlock into the camera app, just like in iOS 6. Read on after the break as we take a closer look at how close Espier Screen Locker is to the real deal.

Espier Screen Locker is currently in beta. For it to work, users will need to have Espier Launcher installed on their device.

Espier Screen Locker Beta 01 Espier Screen Locker Beta 09

Needless to say, if you’re looking at these screenshots and have used Espier Launcher, you’ll agree that Espier Studio is on a roll with these replicas.

As mentioned before, the lockscreen replacement doesn’t just look like the real thing, it acts like it too. Plugging the phone in gives you the very generic iOS recharging battery symbol. The camera handle can be grabbed and dragged upwards to launch the camera.

The notifications on the lockscreen aren’t just static eye candy. Dragging the icon of a lockscreen notification to the right actually takes you directly to the relevant app. Third-party apps are also supported.

Espier Screen Locker Beta 10 Espier Screen Locker Beta 2

As in iOS, you only have a certain number of attempts to enter the right passcode, and if you don’t, you end up waiting for a minute before you can try again. However, there is a flaw in its security system. I entered the wrong passcodes to get a one minute wait, and entered the Emergency Dialing mode by sliding the slider. Pressing the back button at this point took me to my Android home screen.

Espier Screen Locker Beta 05 Espier Screen Locker Beta 04

While this loophole may seem like a big let down, do keep in mind that this is not the final release, so this issue might be sorted out in the future. Taking after iOS, Espier Screen Locker keeps settings as simple as possible. Notifications and the camera grabber are both enabled by default, and cannot be customized in any way in the current version.

If you have the stock lockscreen secured with passcode, pattern or face lock, it will persist even after entering the passcode in Espier Screen Locker.


  • Accurate design and function as in iOS 6
  • Interactive lockscreen notifications
  • Camera grabber


  • Bug in emergency dialer mode
  • Lack of customization or a separate lockscreen wallpaper

Download Espier Screen Locker For Android

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