How To Get Lyrics In A Floating Window For The Current Spotify Track

Spotify for macOS and Windows used to support lyrics. It had to remove lyrics from the app when their partnership with Musixmatch came to an end. It's lyrics came from the service and with the contract ended, support for lyrics has yet to return. The app instead suggests you just hum the song. If you're unhappy about it, Lyricfier is an app that you will want to check out. It's available for macOS, Windows, and even Linux. It shows you lyrics to the track currently playing in Spotify and lets you pin the lyrics window to the top.Read More

Get Lyrics For Music In The Notification Center On Your iPhone

If there's one thing we all do, it's sing along to our favorite songs when we're sure no one is listening. Sometimes you just know the lyrics to a song, and other times you don't. Whatever the case, and whatever your need is, Musixmatch is a free iOS app that's puts the lyrics to whatever song you are currently playing, in the Notification Center. Musixmatch is itself a full fledged music player that can play the music in your library and it even fills in for album art where it's missing but its widget is what makes it stand out. You can play music in the default Music app, it can come from your library, iTunes Radio, or Apple Music, and Musixmatch will show you the lyrics.Read More

Lyrics Finder Finds Lyrics And Adds Them To Your MP3 Files

Software developers face many challenges during development of a new application, but perhaps the greatest challenge of all is figuring out how to make their work stand out from the crowd. Some developers try to accomplish this by including as many features as they can to their project, but if you don’t have many resources and man power to achieve the same, you may just focus on a single key function and make that just as good as it can be. Lyrics Finder is one such brilliant example. It’s a free program for Windows and Mac OS X that aims to perform just one task and does it fairly well. It allows you to find lyrics of music files stored on your computer and automatically adds them to the track’s metadata. How? Let’s find out!Read More

LyricFlow Adds Song Lyrics & Styles To Cover Flow In iPhone Music App

Cover Flow is a beautiful but somewhat ignored part of iOS. The Music app is so simple that people tend to forget that there is a whole new world waiting for them if they tilt their device to landscape mode while listening to a song. Having said that, some people just don't buy into the way tracks are displayed in Cover Flow mode, which is why tweaks like NoCoverFlow exist for those who want to get rid of the feature altogether. The upcoming Cydia tweak LyricFlow doesn't do anything as drastic as removing Cover Flow completely from your iPhone, but rather enhances the feature by enabling users to choose different styles for arranging their music collection. With LyricFlow, you get to view your tracks in visual representations like wheel, tube, carousel and linear formats. As the name of the tweak suggests, it also enriches each song in your library with lyrics and artist info, including the ones that didn't have these entities associated with them by default.Read More

View Song Lyrics On YouTube & Grooveshark From Nine Sources

A lot of desktop music players support on-screen lyrics, but if you mostly listen to music on YouTube or Grooveshark, you might have little or no options for viewing song lyrics. On YouTube, channels add lyrics to within the song video's description or, at times, within the video itself, but it’s rare. YouTube Lyrics is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer that displays lyrics for the current song playing in YouTube or Grooveshark in a small popup within the respective tab. The extension searches and loads lyrics from one of nine sources that you can manage from its options page.Read More

aTunes Is A Music Manager With Support For Lyrics, & Online Radio Streaming

Apple’s marquee iTunes application has earned a lot of reputation as well as notoriety, depending on your requirements and stance on bloatware. The app works great with iOS devices but for most others, alternatives like MediaMonkey and Winamp are still among the top choices. Recently, I reviewed a light-weight music player for Windows called GOMAudio that is built with minimalism on mind but today, I have a feature-laden audio manager for music enthusiasts called aTunes. No, it's not another iTunes rip off, but the application does look cool. This open-source cross-platform program holds tons of features under the hood, boasting incredible skin customization options and stellar playback performance, streaming & support, automatic lyrics downloading, syncing with portable media players, and a lot more. Let's take a look at the player and its features in detail after the jump.Read More

Music Identification App Shazam Comes To Windows 8

Listening to songs on the radio is a great way to find out new tracks that you might like. However, sometimes it happens that you miss the name of the song when the DJ says it. One way to look up the name of a song, is to search its lyrics on Google (a method I personally use quite regularly). However, some tracks (of the trance genre, for instance) do not have a lot of lyrics to identify the song with, and you can only recognize the song if you hear it somewhere again. If you are not a fan of using the lyrics method, you may use music detection services to you to identify the artist and name of a song by listening to a small sample of the whole track. Shazam is a particularly famous music identification service that, other than fetching the artist and song name of a song being played nearby, also provides additional info, such as lyrics, album reviews, recommendations for similar songs, links to its YouTube videos, etc. The service has had apps on popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7) for a while now, and is now available on Windows 8 and RT as well.Read More

Search For & View Lyrics Of Any Song With musiXmatch For Windows 8

Listening to songs is probably the best way to relax. Some people like to do it while working, and others like doing it in their free time. In the past, people had to buy cassettes and CD’s in order to listen to songs, but nowadays, you can just buy them online and download them to your computer, smartphone and portable media player. Another advantage of using the internet to listen to your music is that you can search for lyrics for each song. The Windows Store is slowly filling up with music related apps. Last week, we covered the TuneIn Radio app for Windows 8. Today, we have a lyrics app for Windows 8 that, like TuneIn, is already fairly popular on Android and iOS platforms.  musiXmatch Lyrics allows you to search for the lyrics of any song, whether on your computer or not, and view information about the artist, such as their biography, discography etc.Read More

TuneWiki Releases iOS Music Player With Live Lyrics & Song Recognition

TuneWiki is a well-known name among music fans, and it is usually the first destination for anyone trying to find lyrics for a song. The service has a social network of its own as well, where you can connect with people having similar music interests as you. You would think that such a useful service will have an iOS app of its own, but surprisingly, the official client for the service has been released just today (even Windows Phone got a TuneWiki app way before iOS). However, after taking the iPhone app for a spin, we can say that the wait has been completely worth it. TuneWiki for iPhone is a complete music player that features scrolling lyrics. Apart from that, if you are a registered TuneWiki user, you can follow and find people who are listening to your favorite songs, thus letting you create a music-oriented social network. The Shazam-like song discovery feature of TuneWiki makes it a complete app for dealing with everything related to songs and music on your iPhone.Read More

SoundHound Updated To v5.0 With Song Of The Day, Improved UI & Track Recognition [Android, iOS]

The insanely popular online music recognition and discovery app for Android and iOS, SoundHound, has just received a massive update (to v5.0), in terms of both aesthetics as well as functionality. Along with retaining its reputation of identifying almost any song that is being played around, the new-look app now offers plenty of other interesting features that will certainly satiate your music appetite. From the Android app’s perspective, the Holo-themed UI is a definite plus, while the iOS variant has been beefed up with the option to play local music and display track info, including LiveLyrics, artist details and music video (if available). The homescreen of SoundHound on both supported platforms has been revamped to include a slick carousel that is dedicated to displaying featured SoundHound content. The app now also lets users stream a popular song on daily basis, completely free of charge. In addition, the LiveLyrics scrolling feature gets some much-needed attention, music recognition seems to be even quicker than before and the social media sharing feature has been improved.Read More

TunesTEXT: View & Edit Lyrics Of iTunes Tracks And Embed Them Into Songs [Mac]

At AddictiveTips, we all love the desktop widgets for iTunes that let us play/pause tracks and navigate through the iTunes Movies and Music library without having to bring up the main interface. Earlier, we’ve featured some applications that provide an on-screen controller for iTunes myTunesConrol, Skip Tunes, You Control, Bowtie, just to name a few. This time around we have a feature-rich dashboard widget for iTunes called TunesTEXT, which has been designed to not only control iTunes, but also show and embed lyrics of the songs you play from Music library. In contrast to previously featured app that only displays the lyrics of the songs, this widget also embeds the lyrics into tracks’ metadata, so that you can read the lyrics of the songs on your iPod. Additionally, it lets you change the font size and set lyrics text-related settings according to your preferences. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

How To Install Lyrics Plugin For Windows 8 Media Player [Tip]

Windows Media Player is widely used to not only manage huge music collection, but also to create and share music playlists across the Homegroup users. Although Windows Media Player provides an easy way to organize music playlists, share media files with network users and automatically manage music files in pre-defined categories, it doesn't come with an option to automatically download and display lyrics of songs. If you've been looking for a lyrics plugin for Windows 8 Media Player, give Lyrics Plugin a try. It's lightweight lyrics plugin for Windows Media Player that also supports the latest version - Windows Media Player 12. Unlike other media player lyrics plugins, it doesn’t require following a lengthy process to integrate the plugin; just run the installer and it will automatically add the plugin to Windows Media Player.Read More

SongFreaks Syncs Lyrics Stream With Songs On Your iPhone

Music players might not belong to the most populated genre of iOS apps, but there are still plenty of good music-related apps available in the App Store. We have covered a few of them, like Skins and Music Player All-in-1, and most music players for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have some distinguishing features. Some are unique in their looks, while other focus more on functionality. SongFreaks falls under the second category, and narrows down to just one main feature; lyrics. This app just might be the best music players for iPhone users who are interested in lyrics, and like to everything about the songs they are listening to. SongFreaks comes with a feature named Lyrics Stream which will highlight the part of the lyrics which are currently being sung. There are other features in the app as well, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.Read More

iAlbums: Get Lyrics & Additional Info About Current Song In iPhone

You can find a lot of iOS apps and Cydia tweaks which add lyrics to the music in your iPhone or iPod touch’s library, and you have to admit, it makes the whole experience of listening to music much more enjoyable (unless you are listening to Nicki Minaj, of course, in which case, it’s better to leave the lyrics alone). iAlbums goes a step further, and not only you get to view the lyrics of any song, the app generates a whole feed for the Now Playing song, which includes news articles related to the artist or song and you might even find a few links to other versions of that song. Read on to know more about this useful app.Read More

Shazam Player: Get Lyrics, YouTube Vids & Other Info About Songs [iOS]

The stock music player in iOS is pretty good, and this is specially owing to the fact that it links up seamlessly with iTunes and the huge collection of songs it has to offer. Despite this, there are a lot of alternative music players available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, like the beautiful "Skins". Shazam is a well-known name when it comes to music-related apps, and this time they have gone a step further by launching a complete music player for iDevices. Shazam Player comes with a lot of interesting features, about which you can learn more by heading past the break.Read More

Skins: An Alternative iOS Music Player With Lyrics & Themes Support

Even though the iPod app in iOS devices is pretty good in itself, you might get bored of it after a while. There are many alternative music players available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App Store, but most of them come with the disadvantage of not integrating with the stock music library, so if you start using them, you have to give up using the iPod library. Skins is a new iOS music player that lets you play songs in your device’s collection, and that, too, in a beautifully themed environment. Not only that, Skins also fetches lyrics for each song, and displays them along with the album art.Read More

Music Player: A Comprehensive App For Songs & Podcasts On Your iPhone

Ever since it came into existence, the iPhone and the iPad have used the iPod app as the primary way of playing music on these iOS devices. However, that never implies that there wasn't any room for improvement, and this is evident from the amount of music player apps available in the App Store. Music Player All-in-1 is another addition to the already-vast music section of the iTunes store. Before you dismiss this new contender as yet-another-music-app, take our word that it really has the potential to rise above the crowd, and become a popular alternative to the stock iPod app in iPhone, all thanks to the number of diverse features this free app brings to the table. Read on to find out why would you want to give Music Player All-in-1 a try, even if you are satisfied with the stock player in iOS.Read More

Lyrics Show: View Synchronized Lyrics For Currently Playing Song [WP7]

Windows Phone 7’s Zune is a pretty good option for listening to music on Microsoft’s mobile platform. Specially with Mango, the music player has attained a certain sense of completeness. Now, most of the third-party apps related to music and songs can access the player too, allowing users to control whatever music they are playing through the stock player's interface. A lot of apps are making good use of this integration. Lyrics Show is one such app. It allows WP7 users to listen to the songs in their library while it displays the lyrics of the currently playing song, highlighting each verse in sync with the vocals.Read More

LyricStatus: Update Facebook Status With Your Favorite Lyrics [Web]

Often words cant express our true feelings, but at times, lyrics to a certain song tend to explain exactly what we're going through. Using lyrics to tell your friends on Facebook about how you feel might be a good idea, but finding lyrics to the song you're listening to, or typing them out can always be a hassle. You don’t want to make a typo, or misquote the lyrics, and get embarrassed, do you? LyricStatus is a web app that lets you search song lyrics by both song and artist, and ever update your Facebook status effortlessly, provided you've logged in with your Facebook credentials. Read on to discover more.Read More

LyricsSeeker: Get Lyrics For iTunes Songs From MetroLyrics [Mac]

If you find it a bit tedious to search the lyrics of songs that you play in iTunes, LyricsSeeker is the application you need. Supporting Growl notification, LyricsSeeker is a Mac app that automatically displays the lyrics of the song as soon as you play it in iTunes. Like other lyrics apps, it reads meta tag information of the song to fetch lyrics of from online sources. You can adjust the Growl notification settings, toggle it on/off and change the lyrics display time duration. LyricsSeeker automatically saves history of lyrics of one playback session, so you can quickly access recently fetched lyrics.Read More