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How To Get Lyrics In A Floating Window For The Current Spotify Track

Spotify for macOS and Windows used to support lyrics. It had to remove lyrics from the app when their partnership with Musixmatch came to an end. It’s lyrics came from the service and with the contract ended, support for lyrics has yet to return. The app instead suggests you just hum the song. If you’re unhappy about it, Lyricfier is an app that you will want to check out. It’s available for macOS, Windows, and even Linux. It shows you lyrics to the track currently playing in Spotify and lets you pin the lyrics window to the top.

Lyricfier doesn’t need to be installed. You can run it straight out of the box. Make sure you have Spotify running and then run Lyricfier. It will take a second or two to detect which song is currently playing in Spotify.

The lyrics appear in a window outside Spotify. You’re free to minimize the Spotify window and still have the lyrics appear on screen. There is a small refresh button at the bottom right of the lyrics window that you can click to fetch the current song from Spotify if the app doesn’t detect it.


To pin the lyrics window to the top, right-click Lyricfier’s system tray icon and select ‘Always on top’ from the context menu.

Lyricfier doesn’t have any other features. The interface can do with a few improvements. For anyone wanting to sing along to a song, the lyrics might be a bit hard to read in the color they’re displayed in by default. The app could do with a darker theme as well especially considering Spotify has a dark interface.

Lyricfier can’t detect songs from Spotify’s web interface. When you launch the app, it detects if Spotify is running or not. If you have Spotify open in a browser tab, Lyricfier will not be able to detect it. Consequentially, it won’t show you the lyrics for the song you’re currently playing.

Lyricfier doesn’t auto-scroll the lyrics as a track progresses. It simply displays them and it’s up to you to know which line the track is currently on. The app is basic but works well nonetheless.

Download Lyricfier 


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