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Lyrics Finder Finds Lyrics And Adds Them To Your MP3 Files

Software developers face many challenges during development of a new application, but perhaps the greatest challenge of all is figuring out how to make their work stand out from the crowd. Some developers try to accomplish this by including as many features as they can to their project, but if you don’t have many resources and man power to achieve the same, you may just focus on a single key function and make that just as good as it can be. Lyrics Finder is one such brilliant example. It’s a free program for Windows and Mac OS X that aims to perform just one task and does it fairly well. It allows you to find lyrics of music files stored on your computer and automatically adds them to the track’s metadata. How? Let’s find out!

Warning: During installation, the setup program tries to download and install additional unwanted software. You can, however, easily avoid this by unchecking and declining any such offers when prompted.

Lyrics Finder_Setup

Lyrics Finder is created by MediaHuman, the same guys who brought you the Collagerator and many other Windows applications. Upon launching it for the first time you’re presented with its barebones interface which appears empty because you haven’t yet added any song to it. You can click the file or folder browser buttons at the top to add your music tracks.

Keep in mind that the application only supports MP3 files as of this writing, so if your music files are in some other format you may have to try your luck elsewhere. In case you’re selecting folders, the program enables you to pick a single directory, and all files in it, including those in the subdirectories, are automatically added to it.

Lyrics Finder

The application then scans each file in order to check for missing lyrics. It uses the artist and title tag information to search for lyrics, which means it will only work if these details exist in the file’s meta. You can of course edit this information manually but by using a separate program of course.

During the scan process, when it finds that a file does already have lyrics information, Lyrics Finder automatically skips to the next. For the music file(s) without the lyrics, however, it searches for them on the internet and adds the relevant lyrics to the file.

The lyrics of the songs are displayed on the right side, along with title and artist name. Lyrics Finder also enables you to playback selected song without having to use any additional software.

Overall, an extremely simple application to easily download lyrics information. It works on Windows and Mac OS X.

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