How To Enable And Disable Focused Inbox In The Mail App In Windows 10

Microsoft has added a new feature to the Mail app called 'Focused Inbox'. It is an auto-generated inbox that filters important email into a special, 'focused' tab. Focused Inbox is a long standing Outlook feature. A similar feature called 'tabbed inbox' is present in Gmail. Gmail sorts social media, forum updates, and promotions emails into separate tabs. Important emails go to the Primary tab. Focused Inbox in Mail is rolling out slowly to Windows 10 users. It will eventually be available to everyone on the stable Windows 10 channel. Here's how you can enable and disable focused Inbox in the Mail app in Windows 10. Read More

How To Tag Someone In An Email In The Mail App In Windows 10

People miss important emails all the time. They either forget to respond to an email or they deem an email not relevant to them. With so many emails sent to our inbox everyday, it's hard to make sure the right person replies. That's why those meetings that should've been an email happen. Windows 10 comes with a stock Mail app. It's basic but enough to meet primary email needs. Clearly, Microsoft doesn't want anything competing with Outlook but wants to give users a mail app in their out-of-the-box PC. The Mail app has just been updated and a tag feature has been added to it. The tag feature is a call-to-attention that lets you tag someone in an email. Here's how it works. Read More

How To Change The Mail App Background In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a stock Mail app. It isn't anything to write home about and Microsoft has made it so that it doesn't compete with Outlook. For a basic app, it's reasonably good. The Mail app supports multiple accounts and the People and Calendar apps are integrated in it well enough. It also has some really neat customization features which let you set a custom color and background for the app. You can set a different color and background for each account you've added to the app . This gives you an easy way to differentiate which account you're currently using. Here's how you can set a color and change the Mail app background in Windows 10. Read More

How To Enable Push Notifications In The Mail App In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a default email client called Mail. The Mail app is very basic and if you've been using Outlook or Thunderbird in the past, you aren't likely to want to switch to this app. If you do need a basic email app to manage email though, Mail isn't bad. It can alert you when you have a new email, works with the Action Center, and can show how many new messages you have on the Lock Screen. If you have configured an email account with Mail, you might be wondering why you aren't alerted to a new email the second it arrives. The reason has to do with a little setting that decides how often the app checks for new messages. In order to get alerts the same time the emails arrive i.e. get push notifications, you need to change the account's sync settings. Here's what you need to do. Read More

How To Remove The ‘Sent From Mail For Windows 10’ Line

Windows 10 marked a shift in how Microsoft promotes its products. It's gotten quite aggressive with it going so far as to install an app called 'Get Office' on Windows 10. The app periodically reminds you to try Office 365. Windows 10 employs other, more subtle, ways to push its products on to users one of which comes in the form of the default signature in the Mail app. The Mail app is awesome in itself but if you never bother to edit the default signature and used it out of the box, you have been sending everyone you emailed a link to the Mail and Calendar Windows Store page. Here's how you can remove it. Read More

Exclude Mail Events From The Calendar App In iOS 9

The Calendar app in iOS 9 comes with two new tricks; it can tap into your Mail app and show you which events you're supposed to be attending on the Calendar itself. It can also get a traffic report and let you know when to set out for an event so that you get there on time. That said, if you aren't too excited about the changes you might be searching for an off button to these Mail app events. The Calendar app will automatically show these events if you've added an email account to the Mail app. If you find it annoying or unhelpful, there's a pretty simple way to turn it Off. Read More

MailDeck Is An iPad Email Client With A Colorful, Flat Interface & Unified Inbox Support

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular these days, and not just for playing games. They're becoming an integral part of the daily routine of working professionals, as it allows them to showcase their projects, manage documents, and perhaps most importantly, send and receive emails on the go, eliminating the need to carry their laptops along while travelling. So, a good email client is always a necessity for anyone who relies on a tablet for their work emails on the go. While many of you may prefer to use the stock email app on your iPad, give MailDeck a try and you might never look back. Read More

How To Qucikly Delete Gmail Messages In iOS 7 Mail App

Despite the myriad of changes that have come to the iPhone with iOS 7, the stock Mail app hasn’t undergone a major overhaul. Admittedly, there are a few UI changes, but no big features have been added or taken away. There is a minor change though, but since email plays such an important role in our daily life, this seemingly insignificant alteration has been bothering a lot of users. If you are a Gmail user but have so far avoided the official Gmail app for iOS, you have likely encountered the ‘Archive’ button that shows up in Mail every time you try to delete a message. Things were this way in iOS 6 as well, but in the previous version of the OS, it was quite easy to change this setting. iOS 7 has buried the option deep inside the Settings app, so you might not be able to discover it straight away, and that's what we're going to help you with. Read More

SolMail Is An Android Email App With Classy UI, Multiple Accounts & More

A lot of us have more than just one email account configured on our phone. On Android, you have both the Gmail app and the Email app built to handle all IMAP and POP3 email services, which should do fine for most of us. However, the Email app doesn't really get close to Gmail when it comes to the immensely intuitive user experience offered by the latter. Enter SolMail – the all-in-one mail app that gets the job done using the same overall interface, design language and gestures as the Gmail app! The app makes use of colors to differentiate your accounts from each other if you happen to view emails from all your accounts on one page. With many more settings and functions to tinker with, read on after the jump to see what the app has to offer. Read More

Evomail Is A Simple iOS Gmail App With Gestures & Universal Search

Evomail has been around on iPad for quite some time, and has managed to entice many Gmail users because of its clean interface, support for gestures and an array of really useful features. The app is great for users who frequently need to perform a universal search in their Gmail account and efficiently switch between different labels. With apps like Mailbox and Seed Mail already providing tough competition in the genre, it is difficult for an email client to prosper in the App Store without being present across all iDevices. So, it is nice to see that  Evomail has finally arrived on the iPhone, and in addition to sporting a clean UI, it supports even more gestures than the iPad variant. Anyone who is looking for a simple email app that doesn't come with too many bells and whistles is sure to appreciate Evomail. Read More

Overview Packs Mail, Reminders, Calendar Events Into One iOS NC Widget

iOS doesn’t have any widget APIs for developers to use to build their own widgets, but that isn’t much of a problem if your device is jailbroken, as there are dozens of capable widgets to choose from under alternative app store Cydia. Today, we came across a nifty new widget for iOS Notification Center called Overview that will make you slightly more productive. Check it out after the jump! Read More

Boxer For iPhone Is A Super-Efficient Alternative To The Mailbox App

For an app that has been designed to make your inbox clutter-free and your life easier, Mailbox itself can be accused of coming loaded with too many bells and whistles. There can be no denying the fact that the concept behind the app is great, and the UI looks pretty cool as well, but learning to use it efficiently is not the easiest of tasks. Also, the app treats your messages a bit too much like to-dos, and most users are likely to end up needing a separate email client to use in conjunction with Mailbox. The Mail app from Taskbox has been around in the App Store for some time, and might seem pretty similar to Mailbox upon cursory inspection. The app’s latest update, however, strikes a perfect balance between email management and maintaining a to-do list using the messages you receive. It has also been rebranded to Boxer. Read More

Popular To-Do List & Email App Mailbox Now Optimized For iPad

Mailbox is arguably this year’s most popular third-party email app for iPhone and iPod touch, and it has now finally been optimized for use on the iPad. Feature-wise, things in the latest version i.e. 1.3 remain largely unchanged vis-à-vis the original release in February. This means you are still limited to using Gmail accounts, cannot set separate signatures for separate accounts, and will only have portrait orientation to use the the app in. Let's check it out in more detail after the jump! Read More

LightMail Is An Elegant iPhone Mail App That Displays All Attachments In One Place

Apps like Sparrow gained popularity on iOS owing to the stock Mail client having a lot of shortcomings. Apple overhauled the email experience with iOS 6, but there are some new apps around that have managed to gain a considerable number of users. The Mailbox app experimented by combining mail and to-do lists, which is why people even put up with its waiting queue. LightMail doesn't offer changes that are as dramatic as those introduced by Mailbox, but the new app is still great if you are looking for an improved version of the iOS Mail app. LightMail supports a few gestures for letting you respond to messages quickly, and comes with a section where attachments from all your mails are accessible in one place. It is also possible to easily insert attachments from past messages into mails you are composing on your iPhone. Read More

Supercharge The iOS 6 Stock Email Client With Mail Enhancer Pro

It has been a little more than a month since the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was released, but the compatibility list of Cydia tweak has already become pretty impressive. Almost all big-name tweaks have been updated with iOS 6 support in the past month, with Mail Enhancer Pro becoming the latest to hop onto the iOS 6 bandwagon. A lot of third-party mail apps have been gaining popularity on iOS recently, but tweaks like Mail Enhancer can help keep you sticking to the stock Mail app. With the tweak’s latest update, it has gained a few new options as well, which takes its already impressive feature list to a whole new level. There are now advanced notification management options to complement existing functionality like account highlighting, HTML signatures and defining detailed rules for different scenarios. Read More

Mailstrom Helps You Reach Inbox Zero By Deleting & Archiving Emails

Almost every single time we feature a tool to help sort your emails and manage your replies better, we take the time out to remind you of the importance of getting your act together and reaching inbox zero. We take it all back - you can continue to procrastinate for the rest of your life and still have zero messages in your inbox, thanks to Mailstrom. It’s a simple yet pure genius web service with the aim to help you achieve the much coveted inbox zero. Mailstrom isn’t a magic button that you push to make all your useless emails disappear; the deleting and archiving process is still manual, but the service organizes your emails in such a way that you can tell at a single glance which ones you should keep, and which ones are better discarded. After that, deleting and archiving can be performed en masse and within a few minutes or hours (depending on the amount of emails you have), your inbox should be clean. Mailstrom works with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and almost all other email services. It also lets you unsubscribe to newsletters. Read More

Cloze Brings Its Combined Email & Social Media Feed To iOS

For a brief period of time, email was the most important part of most people’s online life, but then social networks came along and changed everything. With Facebook and Twitter’s rise to fame, most of us regularly check our social network accounts for messages, in addition to our email inboxes. Since email and social media are now almost equally important, it makes sense to manage and view them in one place. Cloze is a web service that that gathers data from your social network and email accounts to come up with an integrated feed consisting of updates from people that really matter to you, and its iOS app has just made its way to the iTunes App Store. Cloze calculates a person’s importance based on your past interactions, but you can also manually alter this rating to customize your stream. Posts from other contacts aren’t ignored either, and have a separate section of their own. The app has options for both viewing items and corresponding with contacts, making it a one-stop shop for your everyday correspondence. Read More

Easily Mail All Attendees Of A Calendar Event On iOS With ‘Reply To All’

Organizing a successful event requires frequent correspondence among the host and invitees. Trying to make a new mailing list for every new event is not very practical, and leaves room for some contacts getting left out from the correspondence. There are third-party apps that offer some pretty neat solutions to this problem, but most people prefer using the stock Calendar app in their everyday routine. Reply To All is a really simple app that lets you mail all the contacts that have been invited to a particular event. Reply To All uses the stock Calendar and Mail apps to ensure that you aren’t forced to switch to a new email client or calendar to get such a simple functionality. Read More

Copy & Save Email Content From Mail In OS X With Mail Clips

Like any other form of communication, its not just an email's content that's important, but also the other information they contain, including email addresses and names, subject, headers, and other metadata. This information can come useful in many circumstances, but most email apps hide it in order to keep everything simple and clutter-free. Mail Clips is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that lets you copy this information from a selected message in Mail. You can copy the complete text in a message, its subject, the sender and recipients’ email addresses, their names, the header message and ID, the date and time it was sent on, and the HTML source of an email. It can also save a message in PDF and RTF format, and add the sender and recipients to your address book. While you can do all of this from the Mail app by opening an email, selecting the information and then copying it manually, Mail Clips offers you the short way around. Read More