Encrypt Data, Generate File Hash, Securely Delete Files & Encode Text Using WinAES

Encrypting files to prevent unauthorized access and external data theft attacks can be achieved using a number of file encryption software, which allow users to choose an encryption algorithm and encrypt  key to secure the specified files. Like Mac OS X, Windows 7 also enables you to encrypt files across the disk partitions to ensure data safety, and also to restrict others from reading/writing the data. BitLocker and TrueCrypt are probably the best tools available for this very purpose. Although one can create encrypted containers for holding specified files and folders using Truecrypt, it requires following quite a lengthy wizard and configuring complex settings to encrypt a set of files. Simialrly, Windows 7 built-in BitLocker allows encrypting the entire disk, but if you’re encrypting a large disk volume, it may take hours to complete the encryption process. If you’re looking for a super powerful data encryption tool that can encrypt and decrypt specified files with a click, WinAES is a solid pick. Read past the jump for details.Read More

Online Tools Offers Various Web Development Tools Under One Hood [Web]

If you are a software developer and use multiple tools for testing and validating your code, then Online-Toolz can be of great help. It's a web service that provides software developers with a whole lot of validators, functions, generators and conversion tools. It offers HTML, XML validators, text conversion & encryption-decryption functions, date functions, password generators, color chooser and more.Read More

Generate Checksums To Verify File Integrity Using SFV Ninja

Checksum is an error detection method for checking the integrity of data. The integrity of data can be checked by generating a hash value at the receiver’s end and then comparing it with the original file's value. If the checksums match, it means that the data has not been tampered with. It is necessary because of the fact that these days a lot of personal data is saved on the computer. Without proper security, all that personal data is open for anyone to steal. If someone with malicious intentions gets his hands on your personal, especially financial data, it can be very dangerous for you. So, it is better to keep your computer protected through firewalls antivirus programs, and try to match the hash value of the files that you are downloading on to the PC. SFV Ninja is a portable checksum verification tool, which supports SFV, MD5 and SHA-1 checksum files. You can generate checksums of files and save them in a list. The list can then be used to check files for tampering later on by matching the old hash values of files with the new ones.Read More

Instantly Generate MD5/SHA256 Hash For Any File With HashSlash

Hashes or checksums are used for verification of a file’s integrity. A downloaded file can be checked via the use of MD5/SHA256 hash to verify  if the file has been tampered with. Hashes are also used in encryption, password storage and for the protection of sensitive data. A HashGenerator helps in quickly computing or verifying the hash for a file.HashSlash is a portable tool for developers which allows finding MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and RIPEMD160 checksums/hashes from any selected file. It merely requires selecting a file and specifying a hash type to get an instant hash generation.Read More

HashIt Is Simple Application Integrity Checker

As internet is overwhelmed with tons of software, application, tools, etc. sometimes you might not be able to find which one is fabricated and which tool is straight from the developer. Developer mostly generate the Hash of the product, which is quite useful in finding out the integrity of the software. The two widely used hash functions are MD-5 and SHA-1 which are employed in the application for latter integrity check. To check the hash of downloaded application or purchased tool/software, Hash It comes in handy. It is a small nifty Context menu extension developed solely to check the Hash function (MD-5 and SHA-1).Read More

Check Integrity Of Files In Windows

Checking integrity of a file is the best way of telling whether it is corrupt or not? SFV and MD5 are two common formats used to check the integrity of files. Before we begin, here is what Wikipedia has to say about both formats:

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