Convert FLAC Audio Files To MP3 With Custom Metadata & Bitrate

Although there a ton of different audio formats out there, many media devices such as iPods, smartphones and tablets, and desktop music players like Windows Media Player and iTunes are usually compatible with only a few specific ones. FLAC is one of the formats that not many devices and media players support out of the box. It is a lossless audio format that can carry uncompressed, high quality audio but comes at the cost of its large file size. Fortunately, there are quite a few different audio converters that let you convert FLAC to one of the commonly used audio types such as MP3 or WAV. If you’re looking for an easy way of converting FLAC to other popular formats in bulk, take Free Convert FLAC To MP3 for a spin. This small yet powerful Windows application is breeze to use, thanks to its well-designed interface, simple navigation, great output options and contrary to what its name would suggest, impressive output format support. Read More

Download Media From Mail & Safari To Stock iPhone Music & Video Apps With Bridge

The lack of Bluetooth file transfer in iOS has forced developers to be really creative when it comes to media sharing on iPhone. There are many apps that let you share files wirelessly between iDevices, but what if someone sends you a video or audio file via email? Sure, you can play them from within the Mail app, but there is no way of transferring media files to the stock Music or Video app. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can use Bridge to import any media file to the Music app, and that too without the need of connecting your device with iTunes or a computer. The Cydia app allows its users to import media from emails, or any other app that has the Open in option (including Safari). The app also lets you enter any song’s download link, and it will be imported to the appropriate app automatically. Read More

Automatically Download & Add Cover Art To MP3 Files With MP3 CoverTag

There was a time when listening to music on Sony’s Walkman was considered a prerogative of the rich. The Japanese electronics giant made music listening a portable and friendly experience, despite the fact that one had to carry various audio cassettes with fancy looking album covers down their cargo pockets. Even though this was changed to optical discs later down the road, the next big shift for playing music on the go didn’t come until the iPod, which allowed people to store all music collection on the device itself, and get rid of the annoyance of carrying a pile of discs and cassettes wherever they go. More than a decade later, everyone can now download music off the internet in MP3 format, and we have handheld devices like smartphones and portable music players that easily playback MP3 and can easily carry the music collection of our lifetime. One thing that didn’t actually quite change, were the album covers. Cover art is included in a music files’ metadata information, not only for ease of use, but also to add aesthetics in your music library as well. Album covers are supported by almost every music application, ranging from iTunes on your PC to a music app on your smartphone. That’s why most of the legitimate music we download off the internet, such as from Apple iTunes Store, comes embedded with cover art. However, if you have a few files with missing (or incorrect) cover images, try MP3 CoverTag - an application that automatically finds and add covers to an MP3 file. Read More

SoundGecko Comes To Windows Phone; Converts RSS Feeds & Articles To MP3 Audio

Ever since podcasts made it into mainstream, they have become a part of the daily routine of many smartphone users. The idea of being able to stay apprised of the latest happenings in the areas of your interest, without having to sit still in front of a TV or reading a book, is certainly appealing to most people. Having said that, no matter how good a podcast is, not all of it can be to your liking, and there are bound to be some boring its and bits in there. Won’t it be just heavenly if there was some way of creating your own, personalized podcast? Thanks to SoundGecko, that is exactly what users can do. The service is not new, by any means, and has been around for iOS and web for quite a while. With SoundGecko, you just have to email any article’s link to the service, and all its text content is converted to audio (in MP3 form) and sent back to you. While this sort of functionality is useful on a computer, too, it becomes absolutely awesome if you can listen to all the MP3s on your smartphone (and hence, the iOS app). The big news regarding SoundGecko is that the service has released its official Windows Phone client, and is sure to earn the admiration of everyone who wants to listen to their RSS feed or other web content on the go. Read More

GPlayer: Easily Transfer & Play Any Video Or Audio Format On Your iPhone & iPad

Android supports Flash while iOS doesn’t, and this is a point that comes up in a lot of smartphone comparisons. Fortunately, the App Store is full to the brim with tools and utilities that cover many of the shortcomings that plague the iPhone. That’s what makes GPlayer a must-have for all iOS fans who like to use their device for watching a lot of videos. This awesome media player can play just about any video format and all popular audio formats, making it an excellent alternative to the now-Cydia-exclusive VLC Media Player for iOS. Not only that, the app supports loop playback and continuous play. Copying video files to the app is extremely easy as well; it can be done both over WiFi and via iTunes. Read past the jump for details. Read More

Stream & Download Free MP3 Songs On WP7 With Fildo

YouTube is probably the best source of online music if you don’t want to browse through a lot of websites, looking for a working link. That is why there are many YouTube clients on Windows Phone 7, and some of them even let users download songs as MP3 audio files. However, surfing through YouTube or similar services still requires some time and effort, and the conversion of video to audio is often not smooth enough. Fildo is a new WP7 app that promises to be every music-lover’s dream come true. The app comes with an impressive collection of MP3 songs that you can stream or download to your device. That's not all; Fildo can be used as an alterative to the Music + Videos hub of WP7, as you can create playlists, listen to songs in the background or under lockscreen, and view lyrics for each. Read More

MP3 ToolKit: Convert, Edit, Merge, Rip, Cut & Record MP3 Files

MP3 has become a common format for listening to, or editing, various audio and music files. There are many applications available out there that provide you with all types of audio editing tools under one umbrella, but they come with a hefty price tag. However, if you were looking for a free software solution that could let you perform numerous audio editing operations over MP3 files, then give MP3 toolkit a shot. The application includes a total of 6 Mp3 file editing tools including MP3 Converter, CD to MP3 Ripper, MP3 Tag Editor, MP3 Merger, MP3 Cutter and MP3 Recorder. Using the toolkit, you can easily convert your Mp3 files into formats compatible with portable audio players, create ringtones, edit and fix meta tags, rip audio CDs, record audio and merge audio streams into a single MP3 file. More after the break. Read More

Free Audio Editor: Record, Edit, Apply Effects & Reduce Noise In Tracks

Editing audio tracks is a simple task, provided you have the right set of tools that allow you to extract required parts of the audio stream. However, if you want to perform advanced audio editing tasks like mixing multiple audio streams, removing background noise, enhancing audio quality, applying different music effects etc., then you may come across an audio editor, which requires you to understand each editing function it has to offer. Today, we came across a simple yet powerful audio editor called Free Audio Editor that performs more than just simple audio editing tasks. It is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that lets you record audio from an available input device, edit audio tracks and apply various effects to them. It has the ability to perform both simple and complex tasks, for example, you can cut, crop and extract audio from video, grab audio from YouTube videos, apply multiple audio effects and filters, reduce noise and more. Additionally, the application supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, WAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP2, CDA, AIFF, AAC, AC3 etc. Read More

Wavosaur: Powerful Portable Audio Editor With 3D Spectrum Analysis

If you feel the name "Wavosaur" sounds like a wannabe dinosaur, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, Wavosaur is an immensely feature rich audio editor meant for the serious. What do I mean by serious? The plethora of features this editor brings to the table are meant for users well versed with audio editing, for tasks that involve more than just trimming, looping or adding fade in/outs to the audio file. While the editor retains the more common editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo for casual users, there’s way much more to explore here. Screenshots and some important salient features of the application after the break. Read More

Mp3 Rename Is A Powerful, File Rename Rule-based Music Collection Organizer

Organizing a large music collection into separate folders and then rename each audio track’s ID3 V1 and V2 meta tag information is arguably a time consuming task, as it requires creating a list of audio tracks that are to be moved to folders, and then manually editing each track’s file name and meta data. If you’re looking for an all-in-one music collection organizer, Mp3 Rename is probably just what you need. It’s lightweight, music library manager that lets you perform a wide range of operations over the music folders including rule-based file renaming, use ID3 info as file name, remove specified characters from file names, make directories according to file names, and change audio tracks’ names by removing directory names and more. The application has specifically been designed for MP3 files, but it provides you with an option to change file extension to seamlessly organize all types of music files. More on MP3 Rename after the break. Read More

mpTrim: Remove Silence & Noise From MP3 Files And Normalize Volume

Trimming MP3 files may not be something you’ll need daily, but a fair share of users out there may find a need, from time to time, to cut through certain portions of an MP3 file. Perhaps you recorded a meeting, or are a journalist who captured the audio for an interview or conference call, or maybe you recorded a music track that has some unwanted silence or background noise in the beginning. Then, there might be instances where you may want to create a ringtone out of your favorite song, or just normalize the volume of your music collection. For all these purposes, and more, mpTrim is a nifty solution. This lightweight, portable app is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor that can help improve your MP3 collection by trimming unwanted parts, adjusting volume (normalization), adding fade-in and fade-out, and more. Details after the jump.

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Audiobook Cutter Free Edition Provides Arbitrary Splitting Of Mp3 Files

When compiling MP3 audiobooks and podcast files into smaller segments, one requires separating them. This can normally be done either by re-encoding the files, or by using complex audio editing applications. Alternatively, one can use an audio file splitter to simplify this task. Audiobook Cutter Free Edition is an audio file splitter to chop down large MP3 audiobook files into smaller segments, without having to edit or re-encode them. The aim of this application is to split MP3 files for easily creating audiobooks that are more manageable, and divided in appropriate segments. For example, you can use this application to manage your long audiobook recordings that can be cut with just a click. Read More

Sonora: Lightweight Music Player That Scrobbles To [Mac]

iTunes is a feature rich app, an entire ecosystem for media management across all Apple devices, and it might also be capable of turning base metals to gold, but don’t tell the alchemists that! iTunes may be feature rich and all, but it is heavy as an app. It hogs some serious memory and will likely slow your Mac down even if you’re just using it to listen to songs. Sonora is a free Mac app that imports MP3s from your iTunes library, and ltes you add songs to it by dragging & dropping songs onto the app. You don’t have to go through menus, or wait for anything to sync before you can listen to a song. Read More

Slow MP3: Control Speed, Transpose, Transcribe & Play Karaoke Of Songs

Seldom we find an application with flat fleeting fun, but it looks as if today is our lucky day. If you are someone who loves to play an instrument, but has difficulty in figuring out the chords, notes of fast solo’s or learning new songs, check out this cool application that might pump in some serious music adrenaline in you. Labelled as Slow MP3, it is a java-based music player that lets you to do a lot more than just listening  to your favorite songs. As promoted by the developer, it is a music player for musicians. The application is packed up with some awesome functionalities such as it allows you to play MP3 and Wave files, transpose songs, slow down the playback speed, play the song in karaoke mode and transcribe it to view the chords - what more could you want? In addition, it allows you to generate loops, that said you can play a selected part of any song over and over again at user-specified speed to make it easier for you to listen and figure out its chords and notes. Read more about Slow MP3 after the break. Read More

easyRing&Music For WP7: Stream SkyDrive Music, Download & Edit MP3 Songs [Free For Limited Time]

easyRing&Music for Windows Phone 7 lets you search and download songs in MP3 format, look for ringtones, listen to whole playlists created by other users, and even edit songs to make ringtones out of them. In short, if a thing is related to MP3, easyRing&Music can do just about anything with it. The app also provides a solution to a problem which has hounded Mango users for a long time, namely, SkyDrive music streaming. The app originally has a price tag of $0.99, however, the price is on a “pay if you want” basis for a limited time, that is, if you download the app's trial version right now, you will be able to continue using it without any sort of time limitation.So, why exactly would you want to download easyRing&Music when the Marketplace has so many other good ringtone apps on offer for Mango phones? Well, for one thing, using the app is really easy, and in addition to that it just might have one of the biggest repositories of tones as compared to all its competitors, and the best thing is that the number of ringtone sources in the app is always on the rise. Read More

SoundCloud Downloader: Search & Download Music, Add To iTunes [Mac]

We’ve covered desktop apps for downloading music from SoundCloud for Windows 7, and we also featured a browser script that lets you do the same. SoundCloud Downloader, as common as the name is, is a downloader app for Mac, which allows you to search for a song from the said service, download it, and add it automatically to your iTunes folder. The app doesn’t have a music player, which means you cannot preview a song before downloading it, and will only know if you’ve got the right one once download is complete. The app downloads songs in MP3 format. Read More

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter: Convert Audio Files Between 33 Audio Formats

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter is an efficient audio converter that supports conversion for 33 audio formats. It is quite easy to use, and will be found useful even by users who do not have much knowledge of complex audio conversion parameters, such as bitrates. Moo0 AudioTypeConverter supports conversion via simple drag and drop, and also provides advanced configuration options, which can be used by advanced users to adjust the conversion of audio files. The supported audio formats include 3GP, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, OGG, PCM and many more. Read More

Split Lossless: Nautilus Script To Split Lossless Audio Files [Ubuntu]

Some music players are unable to read CUE files. A solution to this can be to split single lossless audio files into multiple FLAC or MP3 files. Split Lossless is an open source Nautilus script to split lossless audio files (APE, FLAC, WAVPACK) by CUE to FLAC and MP3 (320kbps or 192kbps) formats. It automatically adds tags to the split files, however, you can also manually edit tags for artist, album, date and genre. Using Split Lossless, you can also trash input files after conversion, and receive bubble message notifications after the process is complete. Read More