Xion Audio Player Offers Powerful Features & A Winamp-Like, PSD-Skinnable UI

If you remember the early 90s, you can probably recall the craze of large tape recorders people used to carry on their shoulders, and Sony’s Walkman line for more discreet music listening. Then came the PC era and audiophiles turned to finding the best audio player on Windows. Fast forward to 2013, we don’t have to carry any extra gadgets anymore - not even our music collection on computers or smartphones, because it can now be streamed straight from the cloud on our smartphones, thanks to music streaming services like Spotify and Last.fm. Though if you’re an avid music listener who still prefers the old ways of keeping an offline music collection, and are on the lookout for an elegant media player for the purpose, try Xion Audio Player. The compact audio player is designed with many advanced features, and its fully skinnable interface is also something to brag about. Read More

Create Your Own Mixes & Variations Of Music Loops With LoopJam

LoopJam is an open source application targeted at audiophiles for creating music loops in a variety of ways. The application lets you load or generate music loops by rearranging their waveforms from existing music files to create a new variation. Samples of music loops can be easily grabbed from sites like SoundCloud and similar places that provide royalty-free music, and LoopJam also packs in a few sample loop files out of the box to get you acquainted with how the program actually works. It’s fairly intuitive and fun to use once you get past the initial learning curve. Lets take a closer look at it after the break. Read More

Hands-On With Twitter #Music For Web & iOS [Review]

Twitter’s much anticipated music app is now live, featuring both a web interface and an iOS app. The web interface is slowly being made available to Twitter users in the US, UK, and Australia. As expected, Twitter has also launched an iOS app for its music service called Twitter #music. You can expect hashtags to play an important part in this app. It connects with your Twitter account and gives you suggestions for music based on the artists that you follow, what’s currently trending, and what the people you follow are listening to. You can listen to the iTunes preview of different tracks right inside the app, and the tracks can be bought on iTunes. You will be able to connect your Spotify and Rdio accounts with Twitter #music and listen to full tracks. You can also tweet the tracks you’re listening to; the #nowplaying hashtag is added to those tweet automatically. Read More

Crossfader Lets You Mix Songs Like A DJ Just By Waving Your iPhone Around

One often sees apps belonging to the same genre getting released by developers in quick succession. We covered Ninja Jamm just yesterday, and another remixing app has now reached the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section of the App Store. Crossfader for iPhone kets users create a remixed version of songs just like the Jamm app, but that’s where the similarity ends. The apps are as different as two apps sharing a genre can be. While Ninja Jamm is full to the brim with features, music controls and sound effects, Crossfader has exactly zero buttons for remixing. Still, the remixes created using Crossfader can hold their own against results of most iOS apps of this kind. Crossfader makes use of your iPhone’s gyroscope to add effects to song. You can pick two songs from the collection supported by the app, and then act like a pro DJ merely by tilting your device, swiping across it and using a few taps here and there. Read More

Create Freestyle Electronic Song Remixes With Ninja Jamm For iPhone

There are some really expensive iOS apps out there (specially for the iPad) that are good enough to be used by professional DJs in place of all the software and applications they use on their computers. On the other hand, there are some other apps that have the same basic concept, but don’t offer options that are as thorough. When we reviewed DJ Player back in December, it appeared to be a pretty good app for tinkering with a limited number of aspects of the songs in your library. After seeing Ninja Jamm though, we have to say that the things you can do to tracks with this app are just unbelievable. Despite the rather disappointing fact that Ninja Jamm doesn't let you import the songs you purchase via iTunes, the features it does offer are good enough to make you forget all its shortcomings. Read More

Double Tap iPhone Music App Icon To Get Quick Playback Controls

The notion of iOS widgets for areas other than the Notification Center is still relatively new, and you have to go through a considerable amount of effort to configure widgets for the lock screen or SpringBoard. When you have spent a lot of time installing a widget, you aren’t likely to remove it temporarily every time you don’t have need for it. Won’t it be great, though, if it were possible to view or hide widgets by performing simple gestures? MusicWidget (velox style) is a simple tweak that lets you do just that. With this tweak installed, you can control music playback right from the icon of the iOS stock Music app without having to launch it. Read More

Select Songs To Play Right From The iPhone Lock Screen With Pluck

Remember Tempus, the Cydia tweak that turns the iOS lock screen into a fully featured music player? Tweaks of this kind might appeal to some users, but others might label them pointless since you are losing the basic purpose of lock screen by adding too many controls to it. On the other hand, you have options like LSMusicGestures, which doesn’t add any visible buttons the lock screen, but lets you control playback using gestures. Pluck is a new tweak that is even simpler than LSMusicGestures, and it addresses an issue that we are sure most iOS users have faced at one time or another. Pluck adds a small button to the lock screen playback controls that can be used to access the songs and playlists present in the device’s music library. This means you can start listening to the song of your choice without even unlocking the screen. Read More

Search & Play Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud Music From One Place With TuneCrawl

Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud are some of the common services I use when I need to listen to music. Each one offers something unique based on how I want to listen to music. Pandora knows what I like and I often discover new songs there, Spotify is great for when I need a playlist to match my taste, YouTube is good for music videos, and SoundCloud is my number one source for amazing remixes and song covers. TuneCrawl is a useful little web app for music lovers who, like me, use more than a single service to listen to songs. It lets you search for songs by artist name or by song title across three services: YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud, from a single place. The songs can be played directly on TuneCrawl via the respective service’s media player. Read More

Nokia Music Comes To Windows 8 & RT; Impresses On Every Front [Review]

Nokia’s foray into the world of music started quite a while back, when the company used to sell its XpressMusic line of mobile phones that focused on music playback. Even though the series had its moments when it shined, it was quickly overshadowed with the demise of Symbian phones. Fortunately, the concept still lived on as Nokia Music and translated over to Windows Phone back in September as a music streaming service and online store. So far, this offering by the Finnish phone maker has been enjoying its success on mobile platforms only, but that changes today, as Nokia has released the Nokia Music app for Windows 8 / RT. From what we have seen so far, it seems to be an awesome addition to the Windows Store. Read More

How To Hide Current Song’s Album Art & Info From iPhone Lock Screen

Headphones were invented to let people listen to music without disturbing everyone in their vicinity. Another purpose of these little accessories is to provide you with some privacy while you are listening to songs in a crowded environment. If you own an iOS device, or any other smartphone for that matter, this privacy is violated to some extent due to the display of album art on your lock screen. We have to admit that the presence of the current song's information and album art on the lock screen is useful in most scenarios, but there are some tracks that you never want anyone to discover in your iPod. For such songs, the new Secret "Now Playing" (yes, it has quotation marks in its name) tweak is perfect. The tweak makes sure that users get to keep the control of their lock screen completely in their own hands, even when listening to a song. You can use Secret “Now Playing” to hide album art, artist name, album, and other information associated with the song from your iPhone’s lock screen. Read More

Get A Gesture-Controlled Music Widget In iPhone Notification Center

With iOS 6, Apple proved that Notification Center widgets can come in handy for things other than just viewing information at a glance. The stock Share widget can let you post updates to your favorite social networks with ease, while users of jailbroken devices have access to a whole world of NC add-ons that can be used to do some truly useful stuff. NC widgets related to almost all areas of iOS have been released in the Cydia store, and music playback is no exception. Previously we covered Now Playing for NC - a Cydia tweak that can let users control their music using a couple of buttons placed inside a widget. NCMusicGestures does something similar, but uses gesture control for the purpose. You can scrobble your music to Twitter and Facebook, while changing a song takes merely a swipe. Read More

Discover & Stream Free Music On The Go With Lively.fm For iPhone

Lively.fm has been around on the web for quite a long time, and has managed to established a decent reputation as a place where you can easily discover some good emerging artists. Much like Grooveshark, Lively.fm has a mobile-optimized website, so some of you might have been using the service on your iPhone through the browser already. Having said that, an HTML 5 website isn't always good enough to make up for the lack of a dedicated smartphone client. This is why the team behind Lively.fm has released the service’s very own iOS client. Now you can discover new music, browse through your activity feeds and listen to the best songs floating around the blogosphere, all on your iPhone. Read More

Collect & Organize Music From SoundCloud, YouTube & More With Whyd

We reviewed Songdrop as a great way to gather all the songs you listen to online. The web service is like your online music folder that allows you to save music from online streaming services. Whyd is a similar service with a much simpler interface. It’s currently invite-only, but you can sign up for an invite  and it shouldn't take too long for it to arrive. Whyd works with a bookmarklet for your browser and lets you add songs from SoundCloud, YouTube, and any service that links directly to song files. The songs you add can later be listened to directly on Whyd. The service supports playlists as well as subscribing to other users and listening to music they've saved. Whyd isn't storage space for your music; rather it’s a way to gather all the online music you listen to in a single place for easy access. Read More

Get Album Art & Gesture Controls In The iPhone Volume HUD

The translucent box that shows up on your iPhone’s screen every time you change its volume might not be the most important feature of iOS, but the Cydia store already has a few tweaks that focus on this HUD to enhance it. Some tweaks let you add more information to the volume display but if you don’t want to alter it too drastically, there are options like Hud that add album art to the box whenever you are listening to music. Music HUD is a new Cydia release that can be deemed a combination of the two aforementioned tweaks. It doesn’t focus on a single particular feature, though everything it offers is related to music. Thanks to Music HUD, it is possible to control song playback by performing gestures on the HUD, add album art to it and tweak the music info that is displayed. Read More

Pokki Gets A Full-Featured Pandora App With Desktop Notifications

Many of us get tired of our daily hectic work routine, and listening to music is a great way to keep oneself going all day and replenish that relaxation meter again. Speaking of music, there are countless number of services that let you listen to your favorite tunes. Services like Spotify, Last.fm & Pandora offer fascinating solutions to stream music off the internet at zero charge. If you’re an avid Pandora listener, Pandora for Pokki is a great app to use the service without firing up its webpage. This gorgeous app enables to sign in to your Pandora account to access your profile, playlists, radio stations and then some. Read More

Quickly Queue Songs In The iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

iOS’ Music player has remained pretty much dormant since its initial release on the original iPhone back in 2007. It can be argued that it is this way because Apple did everything right the first time, but that’s just not true when you compare the stock Music app with music players available on other platforms. One of the many features lacking in iOS’ Music app is the ability to dynamically queue songs without going through the process of creating a playlist. Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has developed a new tweak that solves just this problem. Check it out after the jump.

Read More

Official 8tracks Radio App For Windows 8 Impresses With Great UI & Music Discovery Options

Being an avid music listener, I love fiddling around with different radio apps. After trying out services like Pandora, Last.fm and Spotify, I recently stumbled upon 8tracks and found it to be pretty amazing to say the least, especially with all its social networking and mood-based music exploration features. After enjoying critical acclaim on iOS and Android platforms, the app has finally landed on Windows Store. 8tracks radio allows you to listen to user-curated music playlists and follow other 8tracks users (called DJs) in order to stay updated on their music collection. Read More

Gather & Play Music From Multiple Sources Under One Roof With Songdrop

We listen to music from a lot of different sources; SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Pandora, YouTube, Last.fm, the list just goes on and one. At times, the services we use decide to play nice with each other and allow us to transfer our preferences from one to the other. At other times, we can use apps to help us connect these services and consolidate our listening experience in just one service. Songdrop is one such web service that acts as a song aggregator. It allows you to add songs to groups, which the service calls Mixes, from any website. There is a small catch though: you can drop a song (add it to the service) only from the song's own page. In addition to creating your own mixes, you can search other users’ mixes too and if you like the songs they have, you can drop them into your own collection. The service also has a dedicated Chrome extension, while users of other browsers can use the service’s bookmarklet to add songs. Read More

Import Music & Video From iOS Download Managers To Stock Media Apps

Apps and tweaks like Bridge and UV Downloader make the Cydia store really useful for anyone who wants to have access to online media files round the clock. While Bridge offers the option of exporting files to the stock Music or Videos apps without needing any intermediate computer connection, you still have to use the app’s own rather basic downloader. There are some pretty decent download managers available in the App Store, so won’t it be just perfect if they offered Bridge’s export options? Of course Apple will never allow such a thing, but that’s what the Cydia store is here for. UniversalMediaImporter is a tweak that adds the option of exporting media files from third-party downloader apps to the stock iOS app. The tweak supports popular media formats, including MP4, M4V, MP3 and M4R. Read More

Transfer Clipboard Content & Song Playback Position Between iPhone & Mac With BeamApp

We’ve covered about a dozen different apps that let you send files from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa; some free, some paid; some gorgeous, and others ugly. What they all have in common is that they work over Wi-Fi. The apps are useful if you don’t want to connect your phone to your Mac with a cable, or if you don’t have your cable at hand. BeamApp is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store with an iOS companion app that allows you to send and receive items from your clipboard to your Mac over the internet regardless of whether they are on the same Wi-Fi network or not. The content you can bean could be email addresses, navigation directions, phone numbers, or a URL. When a website URL is sent from your iPhone to a Mac, BeamApp for Mac opens it in your default browser. In addition to sending and receiving content from your clipboard, you can also send the current song playing in the iPod app on your iPhone to your Mac. Read More