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Use The Hashtag Symbol To Find An Artist’s Music Only Channel On YouTube

YouTube is where you can find and listen to just about any song you want. For even the more obscure, underground, and not-so-widely distributed songs and artists, chances are you can find their work on  YouTube. What some people might not know is that for some of the most popular artists, there exists an exclusive Music channel by them. The music channels feature only audio and no videos. The quality of the sound is often better and it makes for easier streaming compared to listening/watching a Vevo video. Unfortunately, a simple search on YouTube will not lead you to the music channel. To find it, you need to add the # symbol before your search.

Visit YouTube and search for your favorite artist but do not use any spaces when entering the artist’s name. Search as though you were entering a hashtag on Twitter, for example; #systemofadown, #taylorswift, #onerepublic, etc.

The search result should not only feature a channel named the same as your search term, but it will also list available tracks and albums on the right side of the results page. Click one to start listening.

#systemofadown - YouTube

If you select an album, it will automatically start playing all tracks available from it. You can of course skip to a track of your choise. The playback doesn’t have a video of any kind so it plays better without stopping to buffer the video.

hashtag youtube search

The trick should work for the more popular artists out there. We can’t say it works for all of them since some artists may have chosen to not allow distribution of their music like this.

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