Secure Folder – Secure Word & PDF Documents

Secure Folder is a newly developed lightweight app that allows users to quickly secure important files. There are two modes - Low Security and High Security. The low security mode allows users to encrypt the files so that they are not accessible over the network. While the high security mode can password protect the app so that no one is able to access the files(including other computer account holders)
Update: Secure Folder for Windows has been discontinued. However, you can check out Cryptor and Secret Data Manager to protect your files.
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EPDFViewer – Lightweight PDF Viewer For Ubuntu Linux

Most  PDF Viewers consume a lot of time  to render PDF files especially if the file has high resolution images. If you want a faster lightweight version then you can try viewing your PDF documents quickly with the help of ePDFViewer.  It has a very simple user interface,  is extremely fast, and does not consume much resource of the system.Read More

Change The Properties Of PDF Documents With PDF Info

PDF Info is a  tool which allows you to change the properties of PDF files. You may change the author, title, subject, keywords, creator, producer and PDF version information of the file with it. It is extremely easy to use this tool, simply launch it and change the value for property that you want to modify for the PDF document.Read More

XPDF – A lightweight PDF Viewing tool In Ubuntu Linux

If you have ever used any Linux based PDF readers then you might have noticed that most of them take a lot of time to render the PDF files especially if the file has high resolution images. Now, you can view your PDF documents quickly with the help of XPDF. It has a very user-friendly interface and it takes a significantly less amount of memory.

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MS Office, AutoCAD, PDF, PSD & TIFF Viewer And Printer

Ms Office AutoCad Pdf Psd Tiff Viewer is newly released tool that lets user view and print MS Office, AutoCad, PDF, PhotoShop and Tiff files without installing any of these software.  It supports all formats of MS Office, including doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xml, xmlx, and more. Sounds awesome, right?Read More

Attach Any File To An Existing PDF Document With PDF Bundle

PDF Bundle is a free portable tool which lets you attach any file to a PDF document quickly. You can also attach other documents inside PDF, such as, Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, or Publisher documents. It does not require any installation, just download it from the link mentioned in the end of the post and run the executable file.Read More

Windows 7 PDF Reader & Printer

PDF being the most popular format for sharing documents is continuing to get more and more famous. Sadly, Microsoft has not added native support for PDF documents in Windows 7. The only way for users to read or print PDF document is to find a good 3rd party tool.Read More

Edit PDF Document In Ubuntu Linux With PDFedit

PDF is currently a well known document type and you often need to edit such documents. PDFedit is an open-source and free tool used for editing PDF documents in Ubuntu. It has very useful features like editing and marking text, drawing objects, inserting pages from other documents, rotating pages, and converting into XML formats.Read More

How To Batch Convert PDF Files To Word Format

Not everyone is familiar with PDF documents, take an example of my family members who know nothing about PDF documents but know everything about MS Word document. So when I have to share a document with them, first I will have to convert it to MS Word. Another need to convert it to MS Word arises when you need to edit something from the read-only PDF documents.Last year I wrote about an online service that allows you to convert documents from PDF to Word format. The service instead of converting the file on-the-fly and showing you the download link, will actually send you an email after some time, which in my opinion is not productive. Another downside is that you cannot batch convert the files, instead you will have to repeat the process over and over again.Read More

Open Doc, Docx, RTF, HTML, And Txt Documents With Word Reader

Word Reader is an alternative to Microsoft Word 2003/2007, that can open documents of various formats. You can not edit the document, but only read it. If you are an impatient person and cannot wait for Microsoft Office to load up a simple document, then this tool does the trick. It opens the document 10 times faster than Office 2007.

The case here is almost similar to that of Adobe Reader, which has many 3rd party alternatives such as Foxit Reader, PDF XChange Reader, Free PDF Reader, and many others.

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Scan A Multi-Page Document, Convert It To PDF, And Burn It To Disk. All With A Single Click

Suppose you have a hardcopy of a document with 20 or 100 pages, you want to convert them to a PDF file and burn it to a disk, what will you do? The most common way would be to first scan the document page by page, then convert the images to PDF format one by one, join them using PDFSam, and finally burn them to a disk. Such a long method can take forever with a 100 pages or more document.
Update: Try using the new proper guide here.
If you have an ADF(Automatic Document Feed) Scanner, then there is an easier way to do it. ADF Scanner is a type of scanner where you insert pages of any document and it will scan them one after one automatically. QQScan2Disc is a free tool for Windows that uses ADF scanner to scan all pages of the document, converts them to a PDF file and finally burns it to a disk, all with a single click.Read More

Free PDF Viewer Is An Awesome Cross-Platform PDF Reader And Converter

There are so many 3rd party PDF readers that I have almost lost track of them all. One of my favorite is Foxit Reader because of it’s speed. Most PDF readers are made for a specific operating system. In some cases support for new operating systems are added over time.

Free PDF Reader is a free, cross-platform, portable PDF Viewer that is both a reader and a converter. Since it is a Java application it requires Java Runtime Engine version 1.4 or higher to run. Unlike other readers, it includes all files inside an archive and can be launched on any operating system, no installation is required.

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How To Create And Edit PDF File Quickly With Free PDF Editor

Editor’s Notes: We have covered before a tip on editing a PDF document online, this post will concentrate on quickly creating and editing a professional PDF document on Windows desktop.

Free PDF Editor is a free portable app for Windows that lets you create and edit any PDF file instantly. You can now create a PDF document in minutes without have to learn the complex functionalities and advanced features. It is a WYSIWYG PDF builder, you can add text, insert images and shapes, resize them, customize the fonts, and much more.

To begin, simply run the executable file and it will load up instantly. Since it is a portable tool, you can run it from USB drive too. Now start adding text, images, shapes, pages, etc using the top toolbox.

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Quickly Convert Pdf Document To DjVu Format

DjVu is a format developed internally at AT&T that is both smaller and better in quality than PDF format. According to Wikipedia, this format has been designed primarily to store scanned documents, especially those containing a combination of text, line drawings, and photographs.

Pdf To Djvu GUI is a free opensource tool for both Windows and Linux that can quickly convert Pdf files to Djvu format in one go. In short, it is a Pdf To Djvu Document converter. Just load the PDF files, select the resolution and few general settings and click Generate DJVU.

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How To Extract Text From Images And PDF Files

OCR Terminal is a free online ‘Optical Character Recognition’ tool that can convert scanned images and PDF files into searchable text. In other words, it extracts text fro any image or PDF file.Just select the PDF file or an image from where you want to extract the text and click Upload. Once you have uploaded the PDF file or an image, it will show you the preview window from where you can verify the uploaded file.Read More

PDFGeni – Search PDF Books And Documents For Free

PDFGeni is a search engine for searching PDF books and documents quickly. Now the question arises, why not simply use Google for searching PDF files? Because PDFGeni itself is powered by Google. Instead of using complex search expressions to look for PDF files in Google, you can use this service that will do the job for free. All you have to do is to type the name of PDF book and it will show you the results instantly. Below the search bar you will find Hot Searches, where all latest search terms are listed by Country.Read More

2 Cool Tips: Edit PDF File Online, Convert HTML To PDF

Editor’s Notes: We have covered multiple posts on PDF in the past, some include converting any office document to PDF format and vice versa, splitting and merging PDF documents, and a powerful PDF search engine. PDF is the most popularly used document format and we aren’t surprised to find more handful PDF tools out there.

Today I am going to cover two handy PDF online tools. One is to edit a PDF document online without the need of using any desktop tool. Second is to convert any web page to PDF file, so that it can be easily edited for your own need.

Editing And ANNOTATING PDF File Online

PDFVue is a free online service that lets you edit and annotate any PDF document instantly. With it you can add, edit, and highlight text, fill forms or add your own custom form, add stamps, change colors, draw lines, add notes, and much more.

Just upload the PDF document from your computer or from a URL and it will load instantly, once you have edited the document, you can save it to your hard disk or share it directly with your friends or co-workers.

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A Complete Guide: How To Download Books From Google In PDF Format

Google Book Search has thousands of books, magazines, and documents available for free for the public. You can read them online, but what if you want to read them offline? Google should have a build-in feature to download books since most people are not always connected to the internet. What if I want to read a book while traveling and there is no internet connectivity? Google Book Downloader (link seems to be down, grab it directly here) a handy tool which you can use to download books directly from Google and save them directly in PDF format.
Update: Try out the new tools to download Google Books. For Windows, go here. For Mac, go here.
Here is how it works, you have to provide the book code in order to download it. But where exactly is the book code? It is given in the URL, the screenshot below will make it more clear to you.Read More