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Convert Encrypted PDF Files Into DOC Format With PDF To Word Converter

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is an open standard for document exchange. It is used for sending formatted documents and have the other party receive them exactly as intended by the sender. The author of a PDF document has the option to restrict the level of control a receiver has on the document. While working with PDF files, one often comes across protected PDF documents that do not allow you to copy, modify, or even print your required pages. One choice you have is to retype the whole thing, but it wastes a lot of time precious time that can be used in doing other useful stuff. Instead of typing everything again manually, try utilities such as Free PDF Editor, a free portable app for Windows that lets you create and edit any PDF file instantly, and Quick PDF Tools, an all-in-one PDF utility that lets you perform numerous operations on PDF files, allow you to edit any PDF document. Today, we have another application for Windows called PDF To Word Converter that automatically decrypts protected PDF documents, and converts them into DOC format. You can add and convert multiple PDF documents and a time, and even define start and end pages, something that can come in very handy if you are working with a rather large document.

PDF To Word Converter allows you to convert multiple PDF files into DOC format with three simple steps. To start converting PDF Files, run the application and click Add a PDF File Now! button available at the bottom.

PDF to Word Converter

The main interface has Add A PDF File, Add PDF Files From A Folder, Remove Files From List, Start Converting and Settings buttons at the top. The Options panel and Output Folder is available at the right, while Start Converting Now button is at the bottom right corner.

You can add multiple PDF files by clicking Add a PDF File. PDF To Word Converter also allows you to add folders containing the PDF files by clicking Add PDF Files From A Folder button. The Options panel allows you to set First Page to Convert and Last Page to Convert of each individual PDF document. By default, it is set on 1 and All Pages respectively.

Once done, click Start Converting Now to start the conversion process.

Add PDF File

You can access the converted DOC files from the output folder.


PDF To Doc Converter works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download PDF To Doc Converter

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  1. Downloadable for free is trial version, which converts 50% of the file. Full version costs ca. $30

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