Nokia Releases SophieLens, Glam Me Lenses & A Plea-For-Instagram App For Lumia

Camera quality has always been a major bragging right of the Nokia Lumia series. You can point out many shortcomings in the Windows Phone platform but when it comes to hardware, Windows Phone 8 devices can certainly hold their own against most competitors. Nokia realizes this advantage, and a lot of their apps focus on image editing and photography. Once it really catches on, the whole concept of ‘lenses’ is sure to make Lumia popular among photo-freaks even more. For now, Nokia is taking steps in the right direction, and has released three photo-related, apps exclusively for Lumia devices! Glam Me, SophieLens and #2InstaWithLove all let you make changes to your photos in one way or another, and that too without spending too much time. Read More

Jazz Up Your Photos With Filters, Text & Frames Using ALSee For Windows 8

Previously, we have covered some really great photo editing and image manipulation apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT users, such as Fotor, and the Windows Store version of the popular Windows Phone 7 app Fotoroom, just to name a few. ALSee is another Modern UI photo editor that's not too different from most other apps of its kind, but its touch-friendly, customizable interface and some really fascinating photo effects make it worth a shot. Details to follow after the jump! Read More

PhotoSun 14 Is A Lightweight Photo Editor With Effects, Facebook Integration & More

Every once in a while, a new photo editor tosses its hat in the ring to grab users’ attention (and money too, at times), promising something unique or phenomenal. While the choices available in this department are apparently endless, only a few photo editors offer powerful editing options that instantly make them worthy of  a shot. Developed by Micranes Incorporated, PhotoSun 14 is a new Photo Editor for Windows that's jam-packed with features, doesn’t hog your system’s performance, and does exactly what’s it advertised for without adding a plethora of other features you might not likely need. Read More

View 500 Image Formats, Convert Between 130 & Apply 50+ Effects With ImageCool

These days, one can find a large number of free and paid image editing tools. Some of them provide you with color correction controls like changing the hue, brightness, contrast and saturation, while others let you quickly apply different preset filters to your images. Most images captured with high resolution cameras are in resolutions much higher than our display devices. Having a 2560p image to view on a 720p or 1080p screen does not offer any benefit when it comes to the picture quality, and having a lot of such images on your disk can consume significantly high amounts of storage space. Image resizing is also very important if you need to frequently upload images online, because larger images take more time to upload and consume more space on the server. However, most image resizing applications can only handle the common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. Today, we bring to you ImageCool - an image converter for Windows that can handle up to 500 image formats. You can view images in any of these formats, convert between 130 formats, apply 50 different effects and filters, and perform other functions such as cropping and applying watermarks.Read More

AI Picture Explorer Is A Dual-Window Image Viewer, Editor & Manager

The native image viewer of Windows allows you to view images, set them as desktop background, rotate them and delete them, but that is where its functionality pretty much ends. Personally, I feel that the default Windows 7 Photo Viewer is not up to the mark, as it does not provide any image editing options, and even lags a bit when quickly switching between images. This can be especially annoying when you are trying to locate a particular image by browsing through an album. Previously, we have covered some great image viewing and editing applications such as Zoner Photo Studio and Fast Stone ImageViewer that serve as great alternatives to Windows 7 Photo Viewer. AI Picture Explorer is another Windows app that provides you with a two-window interface to manage and view your images. It features batch image editing, fixing and conversion, while allowing you to extract images from archives without having to use another tool. Moreover, you can create file and folder lists, and view the images in a slideshow with up to 173 transition effects. The tool also supports playing some common audio and video formats, in addition to images of resolutions exceeding 80 megapixels. Read More

Retouch Faces In Photos With A Tap Using Beauty Box For iPhone

Instagram and many other iOS photo editors come with some fine image effects, but these filters might not be much help if you want to retouch photos of a human face. To make yourself look better in a photo, you need apps like Perfect 365 that have been designed specifically for this purpose. However, you have to choose the app wisely if you are looking for good results with minimum effort. Perfect 365 offers a lot of editing options, but it doesn’t work too well for all photos (like side-poses), and you also have to do a lot of manual work before you start seeing the fruits of your labor. Beauty Box Photo, on the other hand, requires virtually no effort at all to achieve this. It works pretty much like any ordinary photo editor available for iPhone, but the effects it offers are meant specifically to retouch faces in photos. Read More

Stylish Social Photo Album App Whip Comes To Android

ArcSoft – one of the leading multimedia software developers of the modern age – is famous among Windows 8 and iOS users mainly because of the much-revered photo editing app, Perfect365. Another Windows 8/RT and iOS app that has managed to gain a lot of traction in a relatively short time is Whip – a visually-rich and customizable social photo album editor and slideshow generator by ArcSoft that offers plenty of stylish templates and background music tracks. An album created with the app is referred to as a ‘Whip’ that can be viewed as a slideshow in a magazine-style interface, complete with flip-page animations and user-selected background sounds. You can create & share your own personalized albums, or enjoy Whips shared by other users of the app. After a considerably long delay, the official Android app of Whip has finally made its way to the Play Store. Let’s take a look at the features that Whip for Android has to offer.Read More

Add Image Effects To The Stock iPhone Photos App With PhotoFilters

We have covered a lot of photo editors for iOS. Some are a bit limited, providing just one or two very good features, whereas others offer a complete package, though at the cost of simplicity. As good as some of those apps are, most iPhone owners end up using the stock Camera and Photos app, owing to their easy accessibility and deep integration with the OS. Apple offers some basic editing options for photos in the camera roll of iDevices, but just the crop, read-eye removal and auto-enhancement buttons don’t make the Photos app an full image editor. There is a tweak, however, that does just that. PhotoFilters has been released in the Cydia store today, and offers some really good image effects right in your camera roll. There is also a ‘Blur’ button that can apply a sort of motion blur effect to photos.Read More

Crop iPhone Photos Using Different Shapes & Patterns With SymbolGram

Earlier this month, we covered PIP Camera that allows iOS users to put your images in photos of different objects like screens, bottles, frames of different shapes and sizes etc. The newly released SymbolGram is based upon a similar concept, but this app is much simpler and doesn't ask you to do much before you can see the final result. Sure, there aren’t as many effects available in SymbolGram as there are in PIP Camera, but you get a full-featured photo editor to go with the ready-made shapes. The shapes offered by the app include stylized text, hearts, balloons, and geometric patterns, among others. The available sharing options include Instagram and Twitter, and you can also save a picture to the camera roll and send it to anyone from there.Read More

Digitize & Combine Real-Life Notes On iOS With ‘Edit & Share’

Times might have changed, but the practice of jotting down notes during presentations still as useful as ever. Smartphones and tablets have started assisting people in this endeavor to some extent, but some still prefer written text over typing it or making audio/video recordings. You can easily snap a picture of someone else’s notes, or capture everything your teacher/boss might have written on the whiteboard, but it is always a nightmare to try and keep these random pictures organized. On a computer, you might organize photos from particulars lecture or presentation in their individual folders, but the same can’t be easily done on an iPhone or iPad. With Edit & Share however, you can create separate projects for photos that are related to each other. There are plenty of editing options in the app that let users stitch images together, crop them or add text notes to make everything searchable.Read More

AutoSnap For iOS Instantly Shoots & Uploads Photos To Cloud On Launch

While Photo Stream can be quite useful for backing up all the photos you take from your iOS devices on iCloud and keeping them synced across all your devices, many people snap photos with the intention of later uploading them to Instagram, Facebook or some other online service, and Photo Stream offers no such auto-sharing option. AutoSnap allows you to do just that, and more! In fact, you don’t even have to shoot the photo manually, as the app can take a picture after a few seconds’ delay whenever you launch it, which can come real handy to quickly capture those precious moments that you would otherwise miss. Though you can also stop the shooting and uploading processes any time you want.Read More

Decorate Photos With Typography That Stands Out With Quipo For iPhone

Images featuring typography have been rising in popularity quite steadily ever since services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram became huge. This increase in their fame is reflected in the number of iOS apps that let you adorn photos with text to elaborate on them, make a funny meme, or simply add some words of wisdom (or melodrama) over an interesting background. While apps like Overgram, Font Art and InstaWeather offer some pretty neat options, none of them is smart enough to learn from your choices and suggest more relevant designs with the passage of time. Quipio on the other hand, is not limited to Instagram and is fairly smart when it comes to offering suitable designs for any bit of text. It also offers an image search engine of its own, which is perfect for quickly creating memes without having to leave the app. There are a few basic photo filters on hand, and the app places the text on the image quite intelligently. However, you don’t have to rely solely on the app’s default choices, since Quipio offers plenty of options for each photo to suit your needs. Read More

Apply Multiple Effects To Parts Of Images With Photo Touch For Android

Among the countless photo editing, sketching and image manipulation apps available for Android, many offer Instagram-style effects and coloring tools to give your photos a whole new look. Though if you’re not content with applying a single effect to the complete image and would prefer applying different effects and filters across different parts of the same photo, try Photo Touch. Unlike Instagram and most of its alternatives, Photo Touch for Android lets you apply the effects using a completely gesture-based photo editing environment, by simply gliding your finger over select part of the image. You can capture photos from your camera or import them from the Gallery or your Facebook account, pick the effects from a dozen different available options, and preview them on your image before applying them. That’s not all – Photo Touch also comes with several support tools that help you enjoy Photoshop-like features on your Android device.Read More

Digiback For iPhone Offers Unlimited Photo Effects Created & Shared By Its Users

Ever since Instagram got insanely popular, photography has become one of the most crowded genres in the App Store. With this level of competition, a photo editing app needs to offer something completely unique to get significant admiration. Digiback offers this uniqueness in the form of countless photo effects. Like most other photo editor and effects apps, this Digiback has a few predefined filters that can be used with a single tap. However, the real uniqueness of the app lies in its vast collection of downloadable effects. Even if that’s not enough for you, Digiback lets you combine multiple filters to create a new one of your own. Pretty neat, isn’t it? To top it all, you also get access to social media statistics for photos that you have shared from the app.Read More

Snapvoice Is Like Instagram For Photos With Attached Voice Recordings

Back in October last year, we covered Voicepic, which let you to add a voice clip & effects to your photos, and share them with others. While the app has done reasonably well in the App Store since then, some users might find its eight seconds cap on voice recordings a bit too limiting. When an app is offering you to attach a narrative with your images, you should get the chance to have your say without being rushed too much. This is exactly why the newly released Snapvoice has the potential to garner a healthy fan base of its own. Snapvoice lets you add recordings of up to 90 seconds to a single image, offers some really fantastic photo filters and effects (including tilt-shift), and features a funky, gesture-based method of discovering photos and recordings publicly shared by other Snapvoice users. Read More

Selectively Add Or Remove Colors In An Image With Color Splash Pro

Almost a year ago, we reviewed a very famous app called Color Splash Smart that allowed you to selectively color parts of a photograph. It’s a great effect to add to your photos when you want to highlight a particular subject or region in it. Unfortunately, Color Splash Smart is no longer free and if you are looking for a free alternative for it, give Color Splash Pro a shot. It's a free Mac app that does pretty much the same thing as Color Splash Smart. While it has fewer features in terms of the extra stuff like crop and resize tools, you can easily find all those in several other free apps so that shouldn't be a problem. Let's find out more about Color Splash Pro after the jump.Read More

picq For Android: Photo Collage Creator With Stylish Layouts & Effects

Photo collage creator and editor apps are available by the hundreds in both Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. As per your requirement, you can find the ideal app that merges your specific photo collections into a wonderful collage, complete with visually appealing layouts, effects, filters, frames et al. However, as is often the case with most such apps, you only get to select from a handful of collage layout templates, without enjoying much control over tweaking those images on an individual basis. This is where picq shines. This free Android app allows you to individually resize, reposition, enhance, decorate and apply effects to every single photo and then merges them into a collage layout of your choice. Using picq, you may create a highly customizable collage containing as many as nine different freshly captured or locally imported images. There are plenty of static and dynamic collage layouts to choose from, where the formation of each different template keeps changing based on the number of photos you wish to include in it.Read More

PIP Camera Lets You Wrap Photos In A Unique Collection Of Scenes

Adding photo frames to images while editing them on a phone is something many people do, but most of the times these borders consist of random patterns that don’t really add a lot to the actual picture. Apps like the popular PhotoFunia take frames to the next level with unique photo-within-photo effects, which could be rich scenery from exotic lands, road-side billboards or any other scene that can be wrapped around an image. PIP Camera is a collection of such picture frames, and aims to act as the perfect app for taking self-shots, app screenshots and photos that are in need of some extra flair. This photo editor and camera app also offers a variety of image filters. The real distinguishing characteristic of the app though is its ability to overlay a photo frame right in the camera view so that the end result looks really unique. You also get to edit the foreground and background of the image separately, or replace the background with a new pic altogether. Read More

PicsArt Brings Its Collage Maker, Photo Editor & Drawing App To iPhone

PicsArt might not be a familiar name for iOS users, but it has been among the best image editing tools for Android for a long time. The app was recently released for the iPhone with the same set of features that gained it popularity on Android. PicsArt is not a routine photo editor by any stretch of imagination. It has hundreds of image filters , allows users to sketch, make collages out of photos and drawings, and to top it all off, the app has a photo sharing service of its own. You might think such a feature-rich app would be hard to use, but PicsArt is a model of simplicity, both in terms of its usage and interface. What more can you ask of a photo editor?Read More