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PIP Camera Lets You Wrap Photos In A Unique Collection Of Scenes

Adding photo frames to images while editing them on a phone is something many people do, but most of the times these borders consist of random patterns that don’t really add a lot to the actual picture. Apps like the popular PhotoFunia take frames to the next level with unique photo-within-photo effects, which could be rich scenery from exotic lands, road-side billboards or any other scene that can be wrapped around an image. PIP Camera is a collection of such picture frames, and aims to act as the perfect app for taking self-shots, app screenshots and photos that are in need of some extra flair. This photo editor and camera app also offers a variety of image filters. The real distinguishing characteristic of the app though is its ability to overlay a photo frame right in the camera view so that the end result looks really unique. You also get to edit the foreground and background of the image separately, or replace the background with a new pic altogether.

PIP Camera iOS Home PIP Camera iOS Library

PIP Camera offers a variety of frames and backgrounds that can be superimposed over the camera view, but you can expand this collection even further by heading to the ‘Library’ section of the app. Fresh templates are added to the PIP Camera library quite regularly, and you can download them individually for free. Based on their looks, PIP (picture-in-picture) instances are divided into two sections: ‘PIP Classics’ and ‘PIP Frames’. If you are looking for a complete photo to add to your camera preview, go for PIP Classics; for more minimalistic effects, check out PIP Frames.

PIP Camera iOS PIP Camera iOS Effects

PIP Camera supports both rear and front cams, and you can also load a picture from the camera roll of your device if you don’t want to snap a new one. To apply a frame, simply tap it once from the bottom bar. Even if the captured image doesn’t end up exactly where you wanted it in the frame, it is quite easy to change its location later. In the editing screen, you can reposition the image by simply dragging the part that is inside the frame. Once you are satisfied with the positioning, you can move on to the effects.

PIP Camera has a lot of image effects, and you can apply them to the photo with a single touch. If you want to alter the entire picture, choose the ‘Both’ option. You can also apply filters to the foreground and background individually. Hitting the small gallery button in the editing screen brings up the choice to replace the foreground or background with an existing image from the picture library of your device. Hitting the ‘Save & Share’ button stores the photo to the camera roll automatically, while the sharing options allow you to easily share the photo with your friends on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram etc.

The app’s rather drab interface might lead you to believe otherwise, but PIP Camera is pretty good at what it does. All it needs is a more populated library of PIPs, as everything else is good enough. The editing options are absolutely awesome and even if you don’t want to use the rather funky PIP options, the app is worth a download just for the distinct foreground/background editing.

PIP Camera is a free app on both iOS and Android, and you can grab it for your device by clicking one of the two links below.

Download PIP Camera For iOS

Download PIP Camera For Android

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