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AI Picture Explorer Is A Dual-Window Image Viewer, Editor & Manager

The native image viewer of Windows allows you to view images, set them as desktop background, rotate them and delete them, but that is where its functionality pretty much ends. Personally, I feel that the default Windows 7 Photo Viewer is not up to the mark, as it does not provide any image editing options, and even lags a bit when quickly switching between images. This can be especially annoying when you are trying to locate a particular image by browsing through an album. Previously, we have covered some great image viewing and editing applications such as Zoner Photo Studio and Fast Stone ImageViewer that serve as great alternatives to Windows 7 Photo Viewer. AI Picture Explorer is another Windows app that provides you with a two-window interface to manage and view your images. It features batch image editing, fixing and conversion, while allowing you to extract images from archives without having to use another tool. Moreover, you can create file and folder lists, and view the images in a slideshow with up to 173 transition effects. The tool also supports playing some common audio and video formats, in addition to images of resolutions exceeding 80 megapixels.When you launch the tool, two separate windows open up on your desktop – one dealing with file and folder navigation, while the other one acting as the viewer itself. Just browse for an image and left-click it once to open it instantly in the viewer window.


In addition to all the normal copy, cut, paste functions and different viewing modes like Thumbnails, Icons, List, etc. that you would expect, the app provides provides you with some extended options to create image catalogs, directory trees and unzip archives etc. from the Tools menu.

AiPICX 8.9 [Freeware] Tools

Right-clicking an image reveals the set of actions that can be performed on it including, copy, move, delete, rename, comment, view properties and start instant slideshow.

AiPICX 8.9 [Freeware] Slideshow

The other window of the application i.e. the image viewer allows you to view and edit the image using various tools. The File menu features batch conversion options to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, TGA and PCX formats, as well as batch renaming, moving and deletion.

_mg_8204.jpg - AiPICX 8.9 2 File Menu

You can trim and crop images using options available in the Edit menu, select different viewing modes from the View menu, and perform other functions such as viewing image EXIF data, adding comments, compressing the image, viewing a histogram of the image data, resizing, rotating etc. from the Image menu.

_mg_8204.jpg - AiPICX 8.9 3 Image

The Enhance menu offers several image correction tools, allowing you to perform both manual and automatic correction of image contrast, lightning, saturation, balance, gamma, color temperature and more.

_mg_8204.jpg - AiPICX 8.9 Enhance

Each correction tools provides you with a several parameters to get that perfect look for your favorite images.

FixImprove OverExposure

AI Picture Explorer works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download AI Picture Explorer

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