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#NoCrop Lets You Share Any Photo On Instagram Without Cropping It

It is not easy to upload photos to Instagram without losing some of the details in them. This is owing to the fact that Instagram only supports a fixed aspect ratio, forcing people to crop most images before they can be shared. This is particularly troublesome if you want to upload a panorama to your account, since a large portion of it will have to be left out. Even iPhone’s default aspect ratio for photos doesn’t match the one Instagram’s cropping tool supports. This can be quite an issue for many who don’t want to transfer images to their computer for the sole purpose of making their dimensions match Instagram’s requirements. Thankfully, you can now easily accomplish this task right on your iPhone with #NoCrop.

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Before you get started, it is better to gauge the app’s potential by viewing a few public images uploaded using #NoCrop. Hitting the ‘Sample’ icon will take you to the collection of photos that have been shared with the #NoCrop hashtag. These photos are shown in the official Instagram app, and not within #NoCrop.

Images in any album of the stock Photos app can be loaded in #NoCrop. Just tap anywhere on the main screen and grant the app access to your photos library. Once you have selected the image, it shows up in the app’s editor automatically. Since #NoCrop is a single-purpose app, the editor doesn’t have any unnecessary options except a button to vertically mirror photos. Next to the mirroring option, there is another button that can be used to replace the currently opened image with a new one from your device’s camera roll.

Just by opening photos in #NoCrop, their aspect ratio is automatically set to that required by Instagram. The app does this by adding white borders to the left and right of portrait images and top & bottom of landscape images, making them square so that they can be imported in Instagram without having to crop out any part of the image itself. You don’t have to do anything manually, except saving the photo or posting it to a social network of your choice. The app’s sharing menu includes options for uploading photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to email pictures to anyone, or simply save them to your iPhone.

#NoCrop provides a free solution to quite an annoying problem, and for that it certainly merits a download. The app has a neat, uncluttered interface, though the blurred background in the editor screen doesn’t seem to make much sense. #NoCrop is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and you can grab it by heading to the link provided below.

Download #NoCrop For iOS


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