See How ISO, Aperture, And Shutter Speed Settings Affect An Image

Smartphone cameras have become so good that they are often the entry device for many photography enthusiasts. With cameras becoming powerful, manufacturers are also allowing users to customize camera settings like ISO sensitivity, Aperture, and Shutter speed. If you're starting out with the basics of photography then you will experiment with these settings quite a bit. If you're having trouble understanding just what changes made to either one of these settings does when you're taking a photo, visit Exposure Tool. It's a very simple online tool that shows you the effect of these settings on a given image and lets you play with them. Read More

Add Photo Filters Inspired By Top World Photographer’s Styles

Photography apps almost all have filters as a feature. The App Store is practically saturated now with photo filter apps and any new entry in the niche will need something special to distinguish itself from the usual sepia and black & white filters. Priime is a photo filter and editing app that stands out with filters that are inspired by photography styles of the world's top photographers. The app is free and you start out with eight different styles. Other styles cost $0.99 a piece, or $9.99 for all sixty-six of them. Priime also features tools for adjusting the warmth, saturation, brightness, contrast, vignette, etc of the image, and for straightening or rotating it. Read More

Manually Adjust White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO, & More With Reuk [Paid]

Just a few days ago we showed you how you could adjust the focus and exposure in the Camera app in iOS 8. We talked about how before iOS 8 allowed users to adjust the exposure separately, people relied on third-party apps to do it. It wasn't so much a hardware limitation as it was a software one. With iOS 8, Apple gave developers more control over the camera; specifically it allowed developers to control exposure, white balance and focus. Reuk is an iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store that takes advantage of this. It gives you full control over the ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and white balance. You can also manually set the focus point, and a built-in level adjuster shows you if you're holding the camera at the correct level or not. The app comes with a great flash feature, and timer. Read More

How To Set Focus And Adjust Exposure In The iOS 8 Camera App

Apple regularly adds something new to make the camera on the iPhone better with each successive model. With the past few versions of iOS, Apple has also been making improvements to the camera app. Features like panoramic photos, a timer, time-lapse video recording, and even filters have been added. With iOS 8 the most noteworthy addition to the Camera app was the ability to set focus and exposure separately. This isn't something only newer devices can do. Long before Apple added this ability to the camera app, lots of apps in the App Store existed that allowed you to set focus and exposure separately. Now that it's a stock feature, users won't have to hunt down a good app to achieve this. Here's how you can set the focus and exposure in the Camera app in iOS 8. Read More

Camu: All-In-One Photography App Offers Live Editing, Filters And Text [iOS]

I don't look kindly on camera apps that apply filters and do little else but Camu has my attention. It has live filters that you can edit later but apart from that, it has one of the most comprehensive feature sets you will find in any photography app, that too for the amazing price of free. Camu is a free iOS app that lets you apply live filters when you take a photo. The app works with the front facing camera, comes with a timer, and lets you add text to a photo in four different fonts. It also lets you capture and arrange photos in a collage, straighten or angle a photo, add a tilt-shift effect, and share your photo over email, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wahtsapp. Read More

LenX: Take Long Exposure Shots & Adjust Exposure Level [Android]

Ever seen those amazing shots of the night sky taken with a long exposure camera? Or maybe you'd just like to take a cool looking picture of your friends playing with glow stick but without a DSLR or any other fancy camera equipment. LenX is a nice new Android app available for free in the Google Play Store that lets you take long exposure shots. It's very basic with an adjustment slider for exposure levels and a simple zoom feature. The photos turn out fairly well and all it takes is two taps to capture one long exposure photo. Read More

3 Alternatives to Google Camera App For iPhone

Google's Camera app, and the newly added blur feature, have both been a huge hit. We took the app for a spin and detailed how the app works and needless to say we too were impressed. The app has gotten a nod of approval but it's given new ammo to the internet's favorite argument; iOS vs Android. Quite a number of people who have tried the app out and found it to be amazing have pointed out that iOS doesn't offer anything similar to which iOS users have silently pointed to the very large number of photography apps in the App Store. The only thing is Google's Camera app is free and while the App Store has some truly amazing photography apps, they also carry a price tag. Even mediocre ones will ask for $0.99 and here Android users have it for free. So, for iOS users who are looking for an app (or apps) that can mimic what the new camera app does, but for free, we've compiled a short list of apps to make your search brief and painless. Read More

Install Motiongraph For Xperia On Any Android Device

Since Sony completely took over its mobile phone business that was previously a joint venture with Ericsson, the Japanese electronics giant has been reworking many of its strategies. Besides launching their new Android tablets early this year, the creator of the Xperia lineup of smartphones has been augmenting them with many engaging features to get to the top of the very competitive market. One such feature is the Motiongraph For Xperia app built in-house by Sony exclusively for their Xperia devices that allows users to create 2-second stop-motion shots consisting of dynamically moving object within a static image, similar to the Drama Shot mode found in the Galaxy S4’s camera app. XDA-Developers forum member xperiaz2 has now ported Motiongraph's APK to work on any Android device, as long as it's running Jelly Bean or KitKat. Read More

Create Your Own Street View For Google Maps Using Photo Spheres

Google Maps is one of the most stellar projects undertaken in recent times. In addition to putting a map of the entire world at our disposal, Google has gone one step ahead with Street View, letting us view different areas of the world as if we were standing right there. While Google itself has taken the trouble of recording and uploading Street View for a whole lot of locations around the world, including full cities, there’s still a long way to go till the entire planet is captured in Street View, and that’s where you come in. Now you, the user, have the ability to capture photo spheres, stitch them together into Street Views, and share them with the entire world right on Google Maps. How? Let’s get straight to it! Read More

Create & Share Perfect 360-Degree Panoramas With bubbli For iPhone

The concept of 360 degree panoramas, which was initially made popular by Microsoft’s Photosynth, was brought back to the mainstream by the rise of Photo Spheres. There are many other panorama apps as well, like YouSpin and 360, but none of them offer the level of detail that users get with some of the bigger names. bubbli for iOS, however, is one exception to this rule. The app has a finesse and professional touch that allows it to rub shoulders with Photo Spheres and Photosynth to some extent. Not only is it really easy to create panorama shots with bubbli, but you also get to explore the complete picture in a rather intuitive manner. The app comprehensively guides its users during the creation of a new panorama, and makes it almost impossible to mess a shot up. The sharing options and photo libraries are pretty decent as well. Read More

Popular iPhone Photography App VSCO Cam Comes To Android

While they still don't come anywhere near DSLRs yet, there’s no arguing the fact that smartphones are becoming a serious threat to point-and-shoot cameras. Most people no longer fancy carrying the burden of a dedicated snapper in their pocket when their mobile phone can suffice for the job. Even in the native Android camera app, you will find many advanced features like exposure control, white balance, ISO settings, panoramic images and what not, to help you get the most effective results. Back in June, we covered an iOS camera & image editing app called VSCO Cam. It was a fantastic option for those who need a feature-rich photo editor and a camera app in one small package. VSCO Cam has also now landed on Android, carrying all those awesome features we loved on its iOS counterpart, and then some. Read on for details. Read More

Turn Portraits Into Awesome Cartoons On iOS & Android With MomentCam

There are a lot of brands, companies and individuals out there struggling to get noticed. While many turn to social media and YouTube for instant 10 seconds fame, a lot of people have been creating mobile apps lately to get their share of the spotlight. Last month, a Chinese company by the name of Hightalk Software Corp. went viral with their Android and iOS apps dubbed MomentCam. Although it was only available in Chinese language at that time, its developers have now created an English variant with the same name. It’s basically a photo-taking and editing app that boasts a variety of customization options to transform your photo into cute characters that look like original works of comic cartoon art, while still looking like you! Read More

Give Your iPhone Photos That DSLR-Like Blur Effect With Tadaa SLR

Due to aggressive physical dimension constraints, smartphones are never truly going to be able to match DSLR cameras when it comes to image quality or just the sheer number of customization options available to them, at least on a hardware level. However, you can achieve some of the effects of a DSLR-quality image with software. If there's one place where smartphones are arguably better at than DSLRs, it is the software running behind the scenes. We recently came across Tadaa SLR for iOS. The app does two novel things: it allows you to achieve a shallower depth of field than you physically can with your camera, and you can 'tap to focus' on foreground vs. background after you've taken the photo - similar in concept to Lytro's light-field camera. Read More

SntapCamera Is A Completely Gesture-Based, Buttonless iOS Camera App

Everyone likes apps that are capable of accomplishing their target tasks without coming up with too many bells and whistles. One might argue that stock iOS apps aren't too heavy on features, being quite simplistic in their own way. The stock Camera app has been endowed with panorama mode only in iOS 6, but the overall look-and-feel of the app is still rather uncomplicated. There have been a few third-party camera apps around though, that clearly show that there are ways of making the process of capturing photos even simpler. The previously covered TapShot uses gestures to make photo capturing efficient, but the newly released SntapCamera takes the same concept to the n-th degree. The app has no buttons, and works completely with gestures. You can use it for capturing photos & videos, and sharing your media over Facebook, all with a few swipes. Read More

Flickr Gets New Web, Android App Design, Cover Photos & 1TB Free Space

Flickr is a treasure trove of amazing photos. Comprising of stunning collections of original shots as well as stunning digital art created by its users, the service is one of the largest online picture collections you will find, and it has just been redesigned. I for one think it’s about time too; visiting Flickr in the past always made me ask myself why it was still the year 2000 on Flickr, but Yahoo has finally given the service a much needed makeover. The interface is now image-focused and instead of the tiny (and occasionally ineligible) text, you have an infinitely scrolling stream of images from your contacts as well as your own albums. There's a new image viewer as well, and the service now offers you one terabyte of storage space, saving and viewing photos in full resolutions, and a very handy little tool that tells you just how many full resolution images you can fit into a terabyte based on their resolution. Flickr’s new design isn't exactly unique or unconventional; it’s done what most image sharing services did a while back and plastered its background with images. Though regardless, it's still a major improvement.. Read More

Capture HD Time-Lapse Videos On Android With Droid Timelapse

Time-lapse photography has become enormously popular during recent times, particularly since widespread DSLR adoption and the availability of some point-and-shoot cameras as well as smartphones that boast this feature. Even if the time-lapse option doesn't come as default on your smartphone, there are now plenty of mobile apps available on all major platforms that may turn anyone into a time-lapse photographer. Fresh in Google Play is Droid Timelapse – a new Android app that allows you to easily create time-lapse videos. The application is fairly feature-rich and powerful at what it does, letting you capture videos by specifying the total number of frames to be captured in a single second, resulting in a full fledged time-lapse sequence. Click Read More for our full review. Read More

Get Galaxy S4’s Dual Camera Photo Capture On Windows Phone 8

The importance of front-facing cameras in smartphones has increased manifolds due to apps like Tango and Skype, but there are other perks of having cameras on both sides of your phone. Front cameras make sure you don’t have to hand your device to strangers when you want to take a picture of yourself, or even use the front cam as a handy mirror every once in a while. Despite all these advantages though, there are some things that even two cameras can’t accomplish. While taking a group photo, there always has to be one person who is forced to assume the responsibilities of a photographer and is left out of the picture. iOS and Android already have a few apps that can solve this problem by simultaneously activating front and rear cams to take a photo with both views. Signature Camera is a perfect example of this, while eyeReport is based on the same principle as well. It is good to see that a similar app is now finally available for Windows Phone. With Dual Cam Photo, users can easily add a shot from the front camera every time they take a picture from the rear one. Read More

Add Stylized Weather Info To Photos With CamWeather For Android

We have seen countless weather apps with several different approaches, but CamWeather delivers on what has crossed my mind quite a few times, and I’m sure there would be others out there too who have wanted something like this. The app works on a simple yet novel idea - it fuses local weather and social elements together, enabling users to share not just the weather for their location with others, but also add a picture to it for their friends to see. In short, let's say you're out on a vacation and want to share with others how it is there; you run CamWeather, take a photo, overlay your location and weather information on it, and share away via Instagram, Facebook and more. With several weather layout presets and an interface that even a child can easily understand and use, the app gives a whole new dimension to weather info sharing. Read More

Blux Lens Gives iDevices Remote Control Of Each Other’s Cameras

WiFi Camera and ReconBot are two very useful, but different iPhone apps. One of them lets you use iDevices as remote cameras, while the other turns your iPhone into a secret recording device. Won’t it be just great if an app combined these two functionalities, and threw in a lot of extra photo editing options for good measure? That’s exactly what Blux Lens does. We previously covered Blux Camera, and this new app acts as a remote lens for that awesome app. Using Blux Lens, you can connect any two iDevices to capture images remotely. You will still be able to use all the features of Blux Camera of course, but the scene you capture will be from the place where your other device is. This means it is possible to turn your iPhone into a spy camera or baby monitor, or use it just to capture a different angle of the scene. Read More

Shoopix Is A Great WP8 500px Viewer With Dynamic Lock Screen Support

Despite having some of the best cameras, Windows Phone devices have always been plagued by the lack of good photography apps to go with the hardware. While the official Instagram or even 500px apps might not have arrived for WP8 just yet, the WP Store now has some really good third-party clients for such services. Shoopix is a 500px client that is just about perfect for casual users of the photography website. The app lets you browse through the most popular sections of 500px in a really neat interface, and even lets you download photos to your camera roll. In addition to all this, if you like the dynamic lock screen feature of Windows Phone 8, Shoopix just might prove to be the app that you have always been looking for. Read More